Keypad hand assembly 04

Preparing the edge keys for mounting, by assembling the specially designed hinge and pivot mechanism (patent pending) to each key

The Æ+Y’s edge-to-edge keys are a first in handset design.

Designers and engineers generally prefer to conceal key edges. This is because the keys can fall out of alignment with wear and tear, or can even fall off when a phone is pulled from a pocket. For this reason, the Æ+Y’s edge-to-edge keys required its engineers to create an entirely new way of mounting the keys, to ensure long-term stability and perfect alignment.

Edge-to-edge alignment is achieved in two ways: by mounting the keys with a specially designed hinge and pivot mechanism, and securing them with 20 miniature screws of the type customarily used in complicated watch movements. The keypad is assembled with a bespoke robotic assembly method, and completed by hand-setting each of the keys to make them align perfectly.