Longevity 01 Materials: Ceramic


With its ultra-gloss finish, ceramic provides the definition that Yves Béhar required. It is also highly scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

Longevity 02 Materials: Gold


Solid gold was used for the gold version of the phone. By using solid gold, rather than gold plate, nicks and scratches can be polished out, and the phone will acquire a beautiful patina over the years.

Longevity 03 Materials: Stainless steel


Medical and aeronautical-grade stainless steel is highly durable and is resistant to staining, corrosion and rust. Its high-lustre finish has excellent wear and tarnish properties.

Longevity 04 Materials:

Sapphire crystal


Sapphire crystal was used for the lens on top of the screen. It is an ultra-scratch-resistant material used by the watch industry for its clarity and longevity. An ARdur™ coating has been applied. This reduces reflection across the lens and provides the ultimate visual optical quality, plus the clarity of the best camera lenses.

Longevity 05 Construction:

Built to be serviced


The Æ+Y has been built so that it can be serviced and maintained without damaging its components.

Longevity 06 Construction:

Keypad stability


Fine screws have been used to secure the keys rather than typical adhesion methods. These ensure alignment and the stability of the keypad for years to come.

Longevity 07 Construction:

Keypad characters


The characters on the keypad are laser-micro-engraved through the metal and filled using an optically clear compound. This allows light to pass through and prevents dirt from filling the character cut-outs. Each key is visually checked by a robot, before it is assembled by hand.

Longevity 08 Construction:

Keypad lighting


Eleven LEDs pass light through a silicone sheet with blacked-out areas that prevent light leakage from the keypad.