Æsir collaborates with a carefully selected group of specialists. These individuals and experts share its vision to create something new and different with integrity and precision. Æsir takes the role of curator, identifying and assembling diverse talents in bespoke teams to design, build and launch each Æsir edition.


Program management and engineering
Oxford, UK

Thomas on George Hines, Engineering Director, PDT

“George is a dream come true – a designer who turned into a mechanical engineer to ensure he could make what he designs. He has an exceptional passion and drive for making things smaller and better – and going the extra mile it takes to deliver a truly breathtaking product. George was tasked with the inhuman task of finding all the specialist suppliers required to bring Yves’s vision to life.”

Thomas on Jeff Lee, Global Sourcing VP, PDT

“Jeff is a proud grandfather who travels the world working with the most advanced technologies and suppliers to set up manufacturing. He then retreats to his home, far, far away in lovely Devon, to relax with old tractors, his pond and his animals. Jeff embodies the best of high and low tech, youth and experience. His homemade bacon is spectacular too.”

Dr Peter Ashall

Business development
Berkshire, UK

Thomas on Peter Ashall

“Our technical nestor, Peter is the voice of sanity when our young-hearted entrepreneurial spirits run too high. As the wise, guitar-playing man that he is, he has devoted his post-corporate life to consultancy for high-end telecommunications and charities. He is equally at home with philosophy, classical British humour and micro-mechanics, and we always seem to turn to him when clarity is needed. I have relied on that clarity, both for the development of the Æ+Y and for growing as a person. Thank you, Peter.”

Alliance MIM

Metal injection molding and assembly of decorative components (stainless steel keypad components, rear case and end cap)
Saint-Vit, France

Thomas on Jean-Claude Bihr, Président Directeur Général

“Any man who collects 200 handmade Japanese knives at the risk of his marriage, adds a few parts from old French nuclear power plants, and tries to buy a dismantled Concorde at auction is my kind of collaborator. Jean-Claude Bihr, with his PhD in metallurgy, is such a man. He is responsible for delivering the incredible stainless steel parts for the Æ+Y. He is also amazingly handy when sourcing the best food and wine from his native Lorraine region.”

Jean-Louis Burdet

Manufacturing and high-quality polishing of the gold components
Damprichard, France

Thomas on Jean-Louis Burdet, President

“I met this perfect example of a proper French gentleman in the French Jura mountains, over a good glass of wine and local cheese. Jean-Louis has made it his lifelong mission to manufacture the world’s finest watch bracelets. He is preparing to retire and has handed over the reins of the company to his son, with the foresight that they need to look at other industries. It made me realise that Æsir and JLB were a match made in heaven. That he was impressed by my knowledge of local cheese only added to the good feeling.”

Keep Agency

Brand development, marketing strategy, creative oversight and partner selection
London, UK

Thomas on Suki Larson, MD, Keep Agency

“Before I met Suki for the first time I was sent her very impressive CV. I assumed she was in her mid-forties, having achieved more than most people do in a lifetime. My surprise was huge when I met this mind-blowing young woman, who has been my mentor in the behind-the-scenes worlds of the international art and luxury businesses – and in martinis at Dukes Hotel. We owe her everything.”

Thomas on Mary Zantiris, Senior Project Leader, Keep Agency

“If you ever visit the Æsir head office, I hope you will be able to see one of Mary’s stunning paintings. And once you see those paintings, it may be hard to believe that the artist who painted them is the same person who drove the brand and creative development of this project for the past two years. You will not find anyone more devoted to getting things just right. Add her passion for all things design and architecture, plus the healthiest appetite I have ever seen in such a petite girl, and you know you have a winner on your hands.”

Tom Hingston Studio

Design and creative direction: identity, bespoke icons and typeface, website, packaging, literature, point of sale, imagery, events design
London, UK

Thomas on Tom Hingston, Creative Director, Tom Hingston Studio

“If there ever was such thing as a humble creative director, then Tom is that person. Having designed iconic music covers for Massive Attack, Nick Cave, Grace Jones, Robbie Williams and The Rolling Stones, he is much cooler than he wants to appear. One of the hardest things about working with Tom is that he always delivers so many great options to choose from. Picking just one is as difficult as removing features from mobile phones. Always a great laugh, he manufactures his own line of unique spray-painted underwear as Christmas dinner gifts. Hopefully he will find a way of drying them before he gives them away. He is one of eight people that Sir Paul Smith admires. I admire him too.”

Chris Minh Doky

Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, USA

Thomas on Chris Minh Doky

“I never doubted for a second who to choose to compose our ringtones and sounds. Master of the upright bass, Chris is the perfect blend of Danish and Vietnamese DNA, influenced by many years in New York. He has this natural, crisp and contemporary sound that I just knew would fit Yves’s design and the Æsir brand. Getting access to him was pleasant, too, as I briefly worked with his lovely wife in a previous life.”


Electrical and software engineering
Oulu, Finland

Thomas on Navicron

“While we were screening more than 60 companies in search of the right hardware provider, we came across a small and nimble Finnish set-up, consisting of brainy ex-Nokia people who decided to start up on their own. Working relentlessly to deliver what we required, they still maintained their Sauna Fridays and found time to supply me with the local Presidentti Coffee, the only thing fit for a CEO. I love the Finnish humour!”


Decorative screws
Allschwil, Switzerland

Thomas on ERAM

“When I first met with the ERAM people I was thrilled to see that the founder hired a local artist to paint several pictures with screws and other turned objects into a Dali’esque surreality. The fact that someone could link art and making the world’s finest screws was in itself interesting, but also the fact that these guys knew how to make turned objects cool. Just what we needed to create the unique screw heads that Yves designed.

As a tennis buff I didn’t mind that Roger Federer trains next door when he is in Basel.”


Ceramic production
Goirle, the Netherlands

Thomas on Formatec

“For the Æ+Y’s state-of-art ceramics, only two companies were considered and our choice Formatec works with several leading haute horology (luxury watch) brands. This meant that they understood our requirements, and their materials experts could suggest innovative solutions to our, many, specific challenges. They are a small company, driven by innovation and of new materials. An obvious fit with Æsir.”

Sony Centre de Technologie Alsace

Technical and final hand assembly and quality assurance
Alsace, France

Thomas on Sony Centre de Technologie Alsace

“In our world of collaboration, what more to wish for than the perfect marriage of Japanese perfection, French passion and the immense micro-mechanical knowledge centered in the middle of Europe.

With a Project Director, Guillaume being a passionate racing driver, the support of super experienced Managing Director Miyagawa-san and an assembly facility that comes with its own vineyard, we share the love for the same things – including Æsir.”

Stettler Sapphire

Manufacturing of the sapphire crystal lens
Lyss, Switzerland

Thomas on Stettler Sapphire

“We knew that we required the most skilled company available to manufacture the square lens on the Æ+Y. Stettler Sapphire was recommended to us by our good friend Max Büsser from MB&F watches. They had worked their magic on his HM2 transparent watch and his latest masterpiece, the HM4 Thunderbolt. Stettler has been able to contribute significantly to Yves’s design and we look forward to engaging in new challenges with them.”