Tom Hingston

Tom Hingston Studio

Design and creative direction: identity, bespoke icons and typeface, website, packaging, literature, point of sale, imagery, events design
London, UK

Thomas on Tom Hingston, Creative Director, Tom Hingston Studio

“If there ever was such thing as a humble creative director, then Tom is that person. Having designed iconic music covers for Massive Attack, Nick Cave, Grace Jones, Robbie Williams and The Rolling Stones, he is much cooler than he wants to appear. One of the hardest things about working with Tom is that he always delivers so many great options to choose from. Picking just one is as difficult as removing features from mobile phones. Always a great laugh, he manufactures his own line of unique spray-painted underwear as Christmas dinner gifts. Hopefully he will find a way of drying them before he gives them away. He is one of eight people that Sir Paul Smith admires. I admire him too.”