What Is Zabasearch And How To Use It?

Zabasearch is a free people search engine available for U.S peoples. Have you ever tried to know about your school or college crush or about any school friends? What will be the first step you’ll take to find them. I hope you’re thinking about finding them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google. This is a very time-consuming effort because we all know that a huge number of people on social media have the same name. If you’re from the U.S then there is a website called Zabasearch. Let’s talk about it in detail and how you can search your friend on Zabasearch.

What Is Zabasearch?

Zabasearch is a website that allows you to find information about people. Zabasearch doesn’t own the records displayed on it. All the records are collected from the Web. Zabasearch not only displayed the contact number of peoples using this you can find various pieces of information such as the date of birth, address, satellite pictures of the address.

Zabasearch is free to use the website. Most of its features can be accessed without login but to access some advanced premium features you need to log in with your Facebook account. What if you don’t want that your information is served to the public then you just email Zabasearch and they will remove your information.

Features Of Zabasearch:-

Zabasearch provides information some of these are listed below.

1. Free Search:-

You can simply find the people on Zabsearch by entering their first name and last name. All relevant results will be displayed on your screen. Also, you can use the filter option to find people from a specific location.

2. Reserve Phone Lookup:-

Reserve Phone Lookup is a very attractive feature offered by Zabasearch. Enter your U.S phone number, and all the information associated with this number will be displayed on your screen.

3. Area Code Search:-

What if you want to search all the people of a specific area then worry not you can also do this using Zabasearch.  Enter your desired U.S code and all the contact number exchanges within the location will be on your screen.

4. Zip Code Search:-

Also, you can search the information using Zip code the same as I have mentioned in the area code search.

5.  IP address Search:-

If you know the IP address of someone but don’t know who is the owner of the IP address. Then you can use Zabasearch. This will look for all the public records and if any relevant information found that will be displayed on your screen.

6. Message Search:-

Have you curious about that who is stalking you online.  Using this feature you can know about all the stalkers who are stalking you online on Zabasearch.

7. Background Check:-

Background check feature is available only for premium customers of Zabasearch. This feature enables you to check for any criminal records.

8. Zabasphere Feature:-

This feature is also available only for premium users. This use to inform you when someone is searching for you on Zabsearch. Zabsphere allows you to leave a message for a person who you’re looking for along with the description.

How To Use Zabasearch?

Searching for information on Zabasearch is quite simple. You can find people by using their name and phone number. Often people use the name to find information. Using a name you can find the address and the contact number associated with the name.

1. Search Using Name:-

Go to Zabsearch.com and write the full name of the person you’re looking for and hit enter. A list of people will appear with the same name. If you know the state or city of the searching person then use the filter option to make search results more appropriate.

2. Search Using Phone Number:-

If you’ve received a call from a random number. And want to know that who is the owner of the number before redialing the call. Then you can use Zabsearch “Search By Phone Number” feature. Simply type your phone number on Zabsearch and hit enter. All the information associated with the phone number will be on your screen.

3. Advanced Search feature:-

If you already know some information about the person and want to find relevant information then choose the advance search option. So just enter the name and city or state. All the person who has the same name and belongs to that specific state or city will be displayed on your screen.


If you’re among those persons who think that Zabasearch has its own team who gather your information. This is not like Zabseach works, all the information displayed on Zabsearch is already available in the public domain. That means your information is already public, Zabsearch is nothing more than a medium for displaying this information.

For no doubt, Zabsearch is the best online website for U.S people to gather personal information of peoples. That’s all for today. Stay with us to know more about cool and amazing tech hacks.