How To View Full Size Instagram Photos or Profile Pictures?

Instagram is one of the best social media applications right now. It helps you in connecting your nears and dears in a very smart way. Though Instagram does not give the feature of viewing the full-size photos of any user profile picture. Wanna know “How to view Instagram full Size photos?” This feature of Instagram is good for keeping the privacy of the profile but it really irritates when you cannot even see the profile picture of the person follow.

Most of the users want to have this feature of Instagram full-size photos but sadly Instagram has not given any update regarding this. You need not worry now as we have come up with a solution that will guide you in viewing full Instagram photos. Read this article to fix this issue.

How To View Full-Size Instagram Photos?

So there are some tricks to resolve this problem and you can even download the profile picture if you want.

1. Zerostagram

  1. First of all, open your Instagram account and search the profile that you want to see the profile pic in full size, it may be your close friends, your family members or any Bollywood or Hollywood stars, etc. Let’s take the example of Bollywood celebrity Disha Patani here:-
  2. So just click on that profile account, you want to watch the picture in full size and when it opens then there will be three dots in the above right corner of the Instagram page.
  3. Then click on that three dots and there will be a pop-up option which includes:
  4. So when the above options will pop-up then select the second last option i.e. Copy Profile URL and it will load and the link of the profile will be copied.
  5. And when the URL is copied successfully then close your Instagram and open your Google Search engine or any other search engine that you use usually and paste that URL on that search engine.
  6. And then you need to put “0” before the “Instagram” in the given link for example if the link is … like this then you need to put 0 before Instagram like…
  7. And then search it with “0” before “Instagram” and it will bring you to the page and there will be “Zerostagram” mention on it. This page gives you the features to view the full-size image of the Instagram profile picture whether it is a private or public account it doesn’t bother.
  8. When you successfully opened that “Zerostagram” page then that particular profile account will be there on that page whose link you have searched for.
  9. And in that page, you need to click on the profile picture and it will load and give you the full-size picture of that profile.
  10. And there is an option for HD Profile Picture and if you click on that then the picture gets somewhat clearer. But it is a premium feature and you need to pay for that.

2. Mobile Apps to view full size Insta DPs

This is the second way with the help of which you can view the full-size profile picture of any Instagram account whether it is a private or public account. There are some apps you can search on the play store and it will give you a lot of them that provide you the same service of viewing full-size Instagram photos.

But for this option, you have to download it on your mobile and have to install it by agreeing on some of the instructions that it will give you. So to choose the suitable application on the play store you can check the review or rating and based on that rating, select the app then download it and then install it.

Some apps will give you the features of downloading and some may not and they can ask you to buy premium as well so choose the app wisely and enjoy it.

Here are the links to some of these applications:

You can use these links to download the Instagram full-size photos.


We are sure that you might be download Instagram full-size photos of your crush secretly taking the help of this guide. This guide has been posted with screenshots with each step. If you feeling any difficulty in downloading or viewing Instagram full-size photos then please contact us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. Cheers!