uTorrent Not Downloading Files? Check these Solutions

When it comes to BitTorrent downloads, Utorrent is the best application to download large files easily. But then things get messed up when you want to download something urgently and your uTorrent is not downloading the files. Though these types of issues are very rare but they are annoying. In this blog post today we are going to list out solutions to this issue of Utorrent not downloading files. We are also going to list out some possible reasons behind this issue.

Reasons Behind Utorrent Not Downloading Error

Here are the reasons that might cause this issue of Utorrent not downloading.

  1. Dead Torrent
  2. ISP blocking
  3. Incompatible VPN or proxy
  4. Internet connection issues
  5. Firewall / Antivirus Blocking the Internet Access

How To Fix The Issue Of Utorrent Not Downloading Problem?

Using these methods step by step you can fix this issue very easily. We have added screenshots for your convenience.

 1.Update [DHT] Tracker

  1. First of all, make sure you run the program as admin and you can do that with the right click of the mouse and there will be an option of “Run as administrator”.
  2. After the above step click the Torrents.
  3. Go to the trackers and right-click on the [DHT] in trackers and there will be an option of update-Tracker click on that.

Sometimes most of the problems get resolved by running software by  “run as administrator”.By doing this the software gets some important access due to which it becomes able to run successfully.

2.Randomize port

  1. Open the run interface by pressing Windows key+ R key
  2. After opening the run interface type %appdata%.
  3. Then a folder will be open in which you have to search for the Utorrent folder and click on it.
  4. After that select resume.dat and resume.dat.old file and delete them.
  5. And after that open, the Utorrent folder and double click the software of Utorrent(e.g iso file) And you will then see when you start to download it will resume where it left off.

And if still not able to connect the Utorrent then there can be a problem with your internet connection or computer. And it can be done by downloading the reliable torrent.

3.Firewall Setting

  1. Search for “firewall & network protection” and click on it.
  2. Then click “Allow an app through the firewall”.

Sometimes the firewall does not allow some of the software to run on a computer as it is a concern with a  danger of data breaching and some other important security issues due to which it does not allow some software to install. Firewall actually follows some of the important rules so to prevent the device from unauthorized access and some other important privacy issues.


If the service provider is blocking torrent services. So to overcome the problem a compatible virtual private network(VPN) can be used or just bypass the restriction. VPN is one of the best and secure way to use those apps/websites which are blocked by some means and it will not show the correct IP address so it is a secure way to overcome this problem. A VPN hides the IP address and thus helps to bypass the firewall that means it allows the software to run which are not allowed by the firewall. It basically uses the encryption method that is super helpful for protecting your data from different hackers.

5. Alternate maximum download speed

  1. Open the Utorrent and go to Options
  2. Then select  Preferences and then click on Bandwidth.
  3. And set the maximum downloading speed as relevant and similar to your downloading speed.
  4. By alternating the maximum download speed it can achieve a stable connection which will be helpful to overcome the problems of Utorrent.

6. Maintaining Antivirus

Antivirus is one of the main reasons for the problem of downloading Utorrent. If the antivirus is strong then it will take control over the firewall and will block the Utorrent. So to unblock the Utorrent one should follow the official guidelines given on the website of Antiviruses.
If people using Norton antivirus then go to the official website of Norton and takes the guidelines to unblock the Utorrent. Similarly, if you have another antivirus eg Bitdefender, F-Secure Antivirus SAFE, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Webroot SecureAnywhere, ESET NOD32, G-Data, Avast or any other then go to their respective official website and follow their guidelines to unblock the Utorrent.

7. Port mapping

For the increasing transfer rate, we can use port mapping.

Go to option–>Preferences–>Connection.Then there will be four checkboxes

  1. Enable UPnP port mapping.
  2. Enable NAT-PMP port mapping.
  3. Randomize port each start.
  4. Add Windows Firewall exception

Just check the “Enable UPnP port mapping” and “Enable NAT-PMP mapping”.With the help of this port mapping, a strong connection gets established due to to which the transfer rate increases and thus helping to overcome the problem of downloading the Utorrent.

8. Automatically Adjust

Open Utorrent then click on Options–>Setup Guide and then click Run tests then Utorrent automatically adjust your setting and will try to fix these problems.


Though Utorrent has a lot of alternatives available. But we will suggest you use the same application as it downloads the files more efficiently. You can try all these methods to bypass the issue encountered while using this application. If you have applied all these methods and are still facing the issue then you can contact us in the comments section. We will help you for sure. Cheers!