20 Unblocked Music Sites To Enjoy Free Music At School

Do you love listening to music but the restrictions at your workplace ruined your mood? The restrictions on some music sites are maintained due to their inappropriate content. And that’s why schools, colleges, and workplaces abandon such music sites. But, this reason should not stop you from listening to your favourite music. Nevertheless, some unblocked music sites can rescue you from your boring work-life.

After all, what’s life without Music? Right!

Free Unblocked Music Sites For Students

In this guide, we have curated about 8 best-unblocked music players for streaming free pieces of music. You can go through the link to get direct access to the websites.

1. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is a simple and unfussy website that offers you a wide range of music to choose from. From classic old to new buzz this site is a great collection of different genres. And the best part of this site is, you don’t need to create an account to access free music. That sounds great, doesn’t it? There are different office-specific playlists of some famous and most loved artists available. Hence, if you want to listen to some familiar artists while working then feel free to look upon this site.

Another amazing feature of AccuRadio is that there are different radio stations available here. So, enjoy your free and favourite music by selecting the best channels among 1000 radio stations available.

2. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is one of the most trusted and popular free music streaming sites on the Internet. With various customizations and filters for personalized music albums and playlists, this has become the most popular unblocked music sites in schools, colleges, and workplace.

To access this site, just create a Grooveshark account and you are all set to have fun with their huge collection of music. You can also create your customized playlists with different artists and genres. Also, this site plays all types of music at a high quality that makes you groove to it even more.

3. LiveXLive

Streaming music has never been so easy as it is now. One other music streaming site is LiveXLive powered by Slaker. A decade-old music website will give you chills with their global and huge collection of music. This music streaming site is quite different from others, how?

Well, first of all, you get a real radio feel, sometimes a DJ gives an insight into the artist and its genre. While other times you get to listen to some interesting facts and gossips related to the music. Also, you get unique and interactive news and sports programs, on-demand access to millions of songs, and offline music with subscriptions.

With its $3.99, you can enjoy ad-free music, maximum audio quality, unlimited skips, and many more. Not a bad deal… right?

4. BlueBeat

BlueBeat is an unblocked music website that makes sure your access to music is still there for you. This site makes a community where you can join and share your taste of music with other people.

You can also create your selected playlist with different genres and albums to make make sure all your songs are present at a single place. However, you may need to create an account first to enjoy different features this music offers.

5. Google Play Music

Well, we are all familiar with different Google apps and its security features. And that is why this app is not blocked in schools or workplaces. Google Play Music is the best music site to offer you a massive collection of songs and genres. Also, this site offers some best podcasts services and online music lockers worked by Google.

Google Play Music paid subscription enables the user with on-demand music streaming as well as access to YouTube music premium. You can also purchase several tracks from their music store too. Although having a Google account can help you access to some basic features of Google Play Music to enjoy your favourite songs.

6. Jio Saavn

Jio Saavn is an Indian online music streaming site that consists of music from Bollywood, English to regional songs across the world. Also, you get podcasts and radio available on this music site.

The best thing about Jio Saavn is you can search with artists or genre and you’ll receive a playlist of that artist with all their songs available. Jio Saavn is easy to use and very popular among youth at schools and colleges.

7. Jamendo

Jamendo is a famous unblocked music website available. With different categorized playlists and filters, this site gives you a huge option to choose from. In this site, you can not only listen to your favourite music but also download it free of cost. Jamendo also allows the user to share their playlists.

8. SoundzAbound

SoundzAbound is yet another music site available that is unblocked in schools, colleges, and offices. This website offers high-quality music with a different genre that can be helpful for students in PowerPoint presentations, visual media projects, and web designing.

This site also has a community where you share your favourite audio files. Also, this site has a user-friendly interface and various filters to enhance the music experience of the individuals using it.

20 Unblocked Music Websites For School

Well, this is an extended list of some other music websites that are unblocked and can be used in schools, colleges, and workplaces.

  1. Amazon Music
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Songarea
  4. Google Play Music
  5. SoundzAbound
  6. TuneIn
  7. BlueBeat
  8. LiveXLive
  9. Hulkshare Music
  10. FreePlay Music
  11. PureVolume
  12. Grooveshark
  13. AccuRadio
  14. Jio Saavn
  15. Playlists Sound
  16. Jamendo
  17. Hungama
  18. iHeart
  19. CBHits
  20. Spotify

Final Words

As of now, we have given you a brief description of various unblocked music sites. In addition to that, there is also a list of some other music sites that are unblocked and easy to use. We understand that with blocked music sites, you may feel stressful but not to worry as the above-listed music sites will be a great help to you. So, tune-in to your favourite unblocked music website and enjoy some alone time.