UICC Unlock: How to Unlock on Samsung Sprint Devices?

While using your Samsung device, you might have come up with the term UICC Unlock. So, what is it? Basically, it is a process where you unlock your smartphone from the restriction of using a SIM card from a specific carrier provider. Now, to make it more understandable to you, we have come up with today’s guide where you will learn all about UICC and its features. Also, we will discuss in detail how to unlock UICC on your Sprint phone.

So, are you guys read? Let’s get started.

What Is UICC?

Before we get further, let’s take a brief look at what is UICC exactly. The Universal Integrated Circuit Card or UICC is another name for SIM cards. It supports devices on different terminals like GSM and UMTS networks. The main purpose of it is to connect your smartphone with the wireless carrier services through the preconfigured instructions given on the SIM cards.

In simple words, you can say that UICC helps in establishing a connection and identifying your device on the network. It is highly encrypted and hence it stores data and contacts to provide safe and reliable data connections. Other than that, all the network and value-added services are monitored by UICC.

The moment you activate your device the UICC starts its functioning by sending a wireless signal to the carrier to cross-check the identity of the phone. At times, smartphones are bounded to use a specific carrier provider by locking UICC. It means to use other SIM cards on your device, you will have to unlock your UICC.

Difference Between UICC And SIM Card

As of now, we know that UICC is Universal Integrated Circuit Card and SIM is a Subscriber Identification Modules. Apart from that, there is no such difference between them.

UICC is a high-tech SIM often extended to work for desktops or laptops whereas SIMs are mostly compatible with mobile devices that include tablets and smartphones. UICC is used in Volte wireless GSM and UMTC networks for best results.

Further UICC integrates the customer’s device having UICC to various wireless operators to learn about the customer’s several plans and services. Thus it takes and stores various data of customers and maintains a high-security multimedia data connection. This way, you can easily switch from an old phone to a new phone(assuming you are using the same UICC SIM card).

Besides, UICC is termed as the best as it is a universal delivery provider for the fastest network distribution that offers services with any CDMA, GSM, and UMTC networks, i.e. for any 3G or 4G devices.

What Is UICC Unlock?

By default, most of the devices are UICC locked so that you cannot use SIM cards from other carriers. It is a way to retain the customer to their network.

And UICC unlock is a process of removing the Sim lock imposed with restrictions by the device, especially, a smartphone that has a specific carrier provider like Sprint or Boost. So, once you remove the lock, you are free to use other sim cards of your choice.

Mostly, Samsung smartphones are restricted to use the Sprint network only.

The next thing to note is that even after unlocking the UICC, you won’t be allowed to use a carrier of different network types as there are many. However, you will get a chance to choose from a handful of other carriers.

Types of SIM Unlock

Basically, there are two ways of SIM unlock- UICC unlock and MSL unlock. SIM unlock has become one of the most common things to do these days. All the SIMs manufactured after 2015 can be unlocked by limiting the programming limitations from your device to make other carrier’s SIM cards work.

MSL unlock is an older method of unlocking a SIM card. It disables the Firmware that is installed by the carriers on the smartphone. The process is only possible through MSL codes. The other one i.e. UICC unlock is a simple process that requires the help of a third party. Let’s get to the next section to check the steps involved in performing the unlock on your Sprint device.

How To Perform UICC Unlock?

Assuming that your smartphone is bound to Sprint carrier, we are going to discuss few steps that you can undertake to unlock UICC. The best and legit way is to directly contact the Sprint carrier and ask for the unlock code. This process generally takes few days to proceed. So, have a little patience.

Contact Sprint Customer care support through email or call. Explain the situation that you want to UICC unlock the device from their network. Here, you will have to prove your ownership of the account. Once done, the unlocking process will proceed and be completed in 48 hours.

If you are an Android user, keep the SIM card intact to complete the process without a halt. Also, once completing the process go to Settings > System > System Updates and update the profile to confirm the removal of the lock.

Final Words

Alright, folks!! That’s all from our side. Here, we have tried to help you with the UICC unlock issue and how to deal with it. So, now you easily unlock your phone whenever you want to use other SIM cards on your device. We hope that you find this guide helpful. If you face any further issues while trying to unlock your Sprint phone, feel free to drop us a comment.