How To Fix Twitch Keeps Buffering In Chrome? [5 Ways]

You were just going to stream the game using this amazing platform and you encountered an error and on your screen, Twitch keeps buffering. This issue is been faced by many users of twitch recently. Although twitch is a trusted platform with a big trusted user base still it faces some issues. Most of the issues on the Twitch are from the user’s end only. i.e errors are caused due to the user’s mistake. A black screen is very common in twitch when it stops buffering.

When it comes to live streaming for gaming, Twitch is the best platform that strikes Everyone’s mind. It is very user friendly and is used widely all over the world. But from recent days most of the guys are complaining about the new issues in it naming “Twitch keeps buffering”. It also very often results in a black screen.

In this post today we have compiled some handy methods that will help you in fixing this “twitch keeps buffering ” issue. If you are one who is facing this issue then you should surely go through these methods to fix it.

When you are playing very well and unable to record it due to this nonsense issue it feels very irritating. And this blog post is exactly for those people who have started facing this issue recently.

Reasons Behind Twitch Buffering Issue

  • Incompatible Browser
  • Problem In DNS servers
  • Unnecessary browser extensions
  • Use of VPN

How Do I Fix The “Twitch Buffering” Issue?

Here are those easy methods to fix this issue. Let’s Go:-

1. Do Some Changes In Your Browser

The first thing that you must check your browser. This issue arises mainly when your browser is outdated. If your browser is outdated then try updating it to the latest version. Also, reset your browser to the default settings and clear all browsing data from it. If all this doesn’t work for you then you should try another browser. Because sometimes twitch finds something incompatible in your browser. So you can change your browser and then try.

If this step does not fix your issue then you should try the next methods mentioned below.

2. Switch To A Public DNS

Sometimes your DNS might also be creating problems in this issue of twitch keeps buffering. So you are suggested to use Google DNS. Switching is quite easy to do. You just follow these sim[le steps:-

  1. Go to your taskbar and open networks.
  2.  Choose change adapter options from the right panel.
  3. A list of your networks will appear on your screen. Right-click on your network and select properties.
  4.  Choose the internet protocol version(TCP/IPv4) and then properties.
  5.  A new window will show up on your screen and you have to select use the following DNS address. Enter as preferred and as an alternate DNS address. Click OK

3. Use a VPN

VPN uses another location that might block Twitch from buffering on your device. Also, sometimes your ISP or WiFi provided by your schools and college might have blocked Twitch as it is an entertainment site. If you have a VPN installed on your device then you should remove it and if you have no VPN installed on your device then you should try installing a VPN on your device.

This might resolve your issue. Also, if you are already using a VPN then Disable it. Maybe that is creating an issue.

4. Disable Browser Extensions

You can also try disabling your browser extensions. Extensions might interfere with various sites you are visiting and create an issue like this. Here are the easy steps to disable your browser extension:-

  1. Click on 3 dots on top of your browser and then go more tools and then press extensions.
  2. You will now get the list of all the extensions on your Browser.
  3. Click the toggle button given for turning off the extension.
  4. Try this step for all the extensions and disable them all. This will surely fix your issue.

Even if this issue does not fix your issue then you should try our final method for this issue.

5. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is basically used to accelerate your device hardware but poor design of hardware leads to malfunctioning of the device. So, hardware acceleration in the browser also sometimes leads to this issue. Try disabling hardware acceleration in order to fix the issue. Here are the simple steps to do so:-

  1. Go to the Settings and press the Advanced button to expand your settings.
  2. Search for the Use hardware acceleration when available option and disable it.
  3.  Now, Reboot your System.


Though Twitch is a trusted platform and runs very smoothly. There are very fewer chances that there might be ant issue from the developer’s side, & in most cases, the issues are from user devices.

In this article we have tried to cover the best working tricks to resolve Twitch keeps buffering problem. If you have tried all these methods and still facing this issue then please contact us in the comments section. We will surely help you there.