50+ Fun Things To Do In Minecraft When You Are Bored

Has Minecraft kept you consumed for a long time? And now have you got bored and exhausted? Well, first of all, don’t do it as you may miss out on the exciting things to do in Minecraft that we are going to discuss in this article.

Discover new and exciting things to do in Minecraft to make your time worthwhile. So how can you make things to do in Minecraft interesting? Stick to this article to know about it.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is an action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Mojang studios. In Minecraft, players can explore their 3D object world and extract raw materials, craft tools to build their own world of imagination. Players can also fight ‘mobs’ (Computer-controlled) and compete or befriend with other players in the same world.

“The world is yours for the making”-Minecraft

With this fantastic quote, Minecraft has made people think, imagine, and craft their own world with endless possibilities. So, it is time to gear up and learn unique things to do in Minecraft.

Unique Things To Build In Minecraft

  • Select a new and complex architecture or monument. Rebuild it by your own imagination and unique style.
  • Build your own Blue Ice Highway. Stack some blue ice and lay it on the ground. Also, with the help of stone bricks cover it around your Blue Ice roadway. Now get a boat and enjoy your speedy ride.

  • Get your own Roller coaster ride. To make a track, Place the blocks wherever you want to go and then place powered rails on the blocks.
  • Fascinate historical castles, make one for yourself. Also, make multiple levels to store your essentials. And create some villagers too, to guard your castle.

  • Build a Pyramid and give your world an Egyptian touch.
  • Build your own water kingdom and rule over it.
  • Make a restaurant and pretend to be a head chef of a busy restaurant.
  • Our historical temples and monuments have a huge place in our life. Why not try and make one. Build an artistic Temple and or even Taj Mahal.

  • Build a secret underground Base. Only kinda secret that is secured with you, I bet.
  • Build a cute Dog house.
  • Build a museum.

Some Other New Ideas In Minecraft

  • Try out building a Sky city.
  • Want to stay somewhere far away. Well, make an island just for yourself somewhere far. But wait, do not get lost buddy.
  • Make your own personalized library with long tables and chairs, some people sitting and reading, and also an “Shhhh Keep Silence” Board.
  • Build a maze.
  • Construct your own Cliff hanging house.

  • Make an amuzement park with different rides, candy shops, gift shops, etc.
  • Build a mansion in the largest area possible.
  • Remember a happy moment from your childhood. Won first prize playing cricket or fun memory of your visit to a zoo. Find a place in your world. Build it with as much clear memory you have and relive it all over again.
  • Build your own Zombie world with Zombies all over the place. And villagers trying to protect themselves. You can also build an officer trying to kill the zombie and saving everyone.

  • Dug an underwater tunnel. Sounds absurd. Who cares? Its fun to do it.
  • This game is all about arranging different blocks to look good. Build a different styled house with different blocking color combinations.
  • Make an animal farm and keep all the collected sheep in it.
  • Collect all the TNT you can. Then place it all over your world and explode. After that, start afresh and have fun making things again. Warning: Extreme one. Do it at your own risk.

Explore New Challenges To Do In Minecraft

  • As you know this game is full of mobs. Go kill each mob and markdown your killing list.
  • Find wolfs as many as you can. Then attach one and check your survival time.
  • Paint all your sheep in different colors. Brown and Pink sheep are found naturally in the game. So, get them all and show-off to all of your friends.

  • Try defeating the Ender Dragon on hard mode.
  • Start a tournament or participate in one, show your fighting spirit, and compete.
  • Fancy some detour, go lurking around to find the end of the infinite Minecraft world.
  • As they say, practice makes a man perfect. Select a hardcore level and try to survive as much as possible.
  • Survive in the world for 100 days without dying(I bet you can’t).
  • Try killing a mob from 100 blocks away and test your archery skills.
  • As you love collecting resources, you may have plenty of them now. So, go on categorize all the resources and label them.
  • Start a brand new world with all the new features arriving every week. Let’s see until what time you survive.
  • Protect a village for as long as you possibly can and get some reward in return.
  • Go to survival mode and battle 200 creepers.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft

  • Collect at least one of every block in the game.
  • Give your pets interesting nametags. You can also form a sentence with it.
  • Invite your friends and start practicing your red stone.
  • Build your treehouse and guard it against your jealous enemy.

  • Earn all the achievements available. It may not be as easy as it seems.
  • Start collecting pets and these pets can also be used in combats or just get a dancing parrot.
  • Build some interesting designs with your friends.
  • Select the survival world, go underwater, come across an ocean monument, and kill the Ender Guardian to win the reward.
  • Build a Spleef arena and challenge your friends.

  • Expand your house, change its scenery, and look. Make it brand new. You can also create a new base.
  • Download and try different mods.
  • Record your own gameplay and enjoy your short story videos with friends.
  • Install shaders and enjoy the different vibrant lighting effects.
  • Install older versions of the games and explore more about Minecraft.
  • Explore some casual adventure maps.
  • Explore the harry potter map version of Minecraft by the Floo Network.

  • Prank your friend with setting up TNT. Let’s see if they fall for the trap
  • Build an army of mobs.

Final Words

Here are some unique and fresh ideas to make your Minecraft journey interesting. So, go and get yourself started with these suggestions and increase your building as well as survival skills. Also, save yourself from getting bored as this game has infinite possibilities. All you need to do is go and explore.