Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam? Find Out Everything

Did you receive a missed call from an Unknown Number recently? And when you tried to call back, you heard a voice message saying the text mail subscriber is not available. In other cases, you may get no answer but a voice tone. So, what is it and what is its actual role.

A text mail subscriber is someone who subscribes themselves to make phone calls through the internet. Mostly, they use the internet rather than their own personal phone.


What is Text mail Subscriber?

As we quoted earlier, a text mail subscriber is a person who requests to receive text emails. These emails go through different ESP clients and MIME or even in a multi-part format that supports various contents. Also, it takes care of which type of format to be displayed to the recipient.

For instance, the Apple Watch can display text emails. However, some viewers tend to only receive text emails. Or you might see a trend of sending text email broadcasts to the recipients or subscribers.

To subscribe to one of the text mail services, you just need to go to the service provider. Give them all your basic details along with the date and time for the service to begin. And wait until you get the number that shows unavailable or unknown. When you get a text mail, you also get the provision to check who it is through Google assistance.

However, you must totally avoid looking up for such unknown numbers. It can be a scam, so treat them as one.

Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam?

Although there are many scams out there on the Internet, not in every case, you can say that Text mail subscriber is a scam. Mostly, these people use internet voice services to make a contact. However, several scammers use the same voice mail services.

Hence, you need to verify the company you subscribe to get text messages. For that, you can read several reviews available on the Internet. Also, check if there are any scam alerts mentioned regarding the company.

These days, you can get easily trapped into the text email scams by opening up the mail. Your device will get infected by the Trojan horse, and you won’t even know. So, you mustn’t open such emails until you are sure of them.

What Are Some Apps Used For Text Mails?

Several businesses use a voicemail facility that allows the user to read the emails sent to them in plain text. This process is also known as Text mail subscriber voicemail. Since you cannot text or get calls from that person, you will be sending a voice mail. It will then convert into plain text and notify the person that you tried to contact them.

You will find many apps on the Internet that helps you call and text for free. Also, some apps provide voicemail services that state the text mail subscriber is not available. Some of such apps that you can use are

  1. Text now
  2. Google Voice
  3. 2nd Line

Google Voice is one of the most-used apps among the above that offers advanced voice mail transcription service.

How To Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

You can never be sure who is texting you or calling you through a text mail subscription. The safe side for you would be to not open any spam emails that you are not sure of. However, you can try these methods once.

  • You can directly text them and ask.
  • Google the number and check if it is linked to any social media accounts, forums, or online accounts.
  • Try online reverse phone lookup. This method is only helpful if the person has kept the number public.

  • Use the mobile number tracking apps. The apps store thousands of numbers in their database. Therefore, it can help you identify the person behind the text mails.
  • At extreme, you can get a court order to track the person. And the text mail service provider will have no other option than to reveal the true identity of the person.

There is a low chance that these methods will actually work. Thereby, we would suggest you ignore such calls and texts in the first place.

Signs That The Text Received Is a Scam?

As we discussed earlier, not all the text you receive is from scammers. However, you should learn how to identify the text you received as a scam. You mostly receive two types of messages. Firstly, the branded messages- that show the brand name instead of the number. These are authentic as it is registered companies.

The next one is the non-branded messages where you receive a text or call from a number. These messages are mostly fake and scams. And the messages are basically related to discounts, offers, or even lottery winning texts. Sometimes you even get a text stating that we want to refund your money if you pass on your personal details.

Thus, it is always advisable to not open such messages and block the numbers the moment you get them.

Final Words

Text mail is a great way for an organization to get in touch with new customers. It allows reaching out to customers with new features. However, you need to be careful as many scammers are misusing this method. Hence, do not waste your time finding out who’s behind these text mails. All you can do is avoid them by blocking them and marking them as spam.