16 Best Snapchat Story Games Ideas in 2022

Snapchat is one of the most happening social networking apps in today’s times. It lets you connect with your friends in a very fun way. And Snapchat story games are a great way to do that. So if you want to get some ideas of Snapchat story games to play with your other Snapchat friends, we are going to help you with the 16 best Snapchat story game ideas to play. In this way, you can find a lot about your friends and have fun. So stick with this article and get some fun new game ideas to play with them.

Best Snapchat Story Games To Play For Fun

With more than 24 million downloads on the play store, Snapchat is famous for its great connectivity among users which makes streaks with each other and chit-chat. So below are mentioned awesome Snapchat fun games to play with your friends. And you can expect some awesome replies in hours once you send them to your friends.

1. Personal Poll Game

The personal poll is one of the best 16 Snapchat story games to play. It is a fun way to know what the other person actually thinks about you and in a fun way. So at these fun questions, no one minds to answer and you can know about the feelings of another person. You can also add your own questions like ‘do you love me or hate me’, etc.

2. Habits Questions

It is another Snapchat game that helps you to know more about your friends, crush or girlfriend, etc. So in this game, you can post certain questions about their habits and they have to answer them. You can change questions and add your own questions in the image given above.

3. I May Seem But I Am Actually…

The game, ‘I may seem but I am actually is a great way to know what is your perception among your friends or peers and what you are actually are. And you can add other options to this game too such as ‘I may seem loud but I am actually is’, etc. And your friends will reply to what they think about you.

4. 15 Things About Me

You can put this game to know what your friends think about you. And be ready you are going to get some amazingly funny responses. And your friends may also post this and you are also going to answer your friends, and this will be a good friend.

5. I am

I am is another fun game among the 16 best Snapchat story games to play. It is a game to know who your real friends are and who know better about you. You have to post this story on Snapchat and the viewers will reply with their answers. This will help you know who knows the most about you.

6. My Opinion On

‘My opinion on’ is a great way to know about people and what they think actually about certain topics. For this game, you can post different topics on your story. And your friends will reply with their views on the topics. And you can also add some other questions to it according to your choice.

7. 15 Questions About You

15 Questions about you is another interesting game and you can play it on any app such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You just have to simply put the story and wait for the awesome replies.

8. My Crush

My Crush is a fun story game that will let you know the choices of your friends. You will post the picture above on Snapchat story and your friends will reply with the choices.

9. Facts About Me

The fact about me game is a fun game to know what people know about you. You can put different questions related to you and expect people to answer them.

10. Ask Any Three

In this game, you will post a story about 10-20 questions. But the trick is that your friends can ask only 3 questions. So this will confuse them about what they can ask you and you and your friends can have fun with it.

11. I Am Not Allowed To

‘I am not allowed to’ is a very fun game to know about your friends as to how independent they are. And by knowing this you can get closer to them as you will understand what kind of lifestyle they lead.

12. ABC Challenge

In this challenge, you have to post this image as the story. And your friend will have to reply to all the questions. So this will lead to you and your friend having a great time chatting with each other.

13. Emoji Tattoo

It’s a fun title game. Whoever’s friend sees this has to send the last image used by them to you and whether they would want to make a tattoo of that.

14. Best Friend V/S Boyfriend or Girlfriend

It’s a fun game for you as well as your friends also. As you will get to know what does your friend want and to which place he want to go with kind of person.

15. Yes, No, Maybe…

This Snapchat story game is really exciting as it will tell you what does your friends, your best friend, or your crush thinks about you.

16. Post

This is really a fun challenging game. All the friends who have viewed your story have to put the pictures with the thing mentioned above. And whoever fails to do so will owe you something. So it is a very fun Snapchat story game to play with your friends.

Final Words

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps among youngsters these days. These are some awesome Snapchat story games to play with your friends. The best of this game is that you can make new friends as well as make your bond stronger with the earlier existing friends. So, if you know about some more you can suggest here in the comment section below.