How to Fix Snapchat Filter Not Working Problem?

The main reason behind the popularity of Snapchat is its features. They have lots of amazing features like lenses, cameo, filters, and more to make a good user interface. But when they start acting weird or stop working, then people get frustrated from it. Snapchat lenses are a good level of entertainment to being crazy with your friends. Sometimes we use bunny ears or cute dog filters and more to duplicate ourselves to make a duplicate. Snapchat filter not working issue be easily fixed. Some users raise the issue that their Snapchat filters are not working in the way that they used to do before. Some users are also facing the issue of time loading and updating their lenses. So these types of situations can mess up our minds. There are several reasons and we will head to all those frustrating reasons.

So, if you have any issue with your Snapchat filters then we are going to fix it in this article. Let’s take a look to fix your Snapchat filters so you can get back to your comfort zone again.


How To Fix Snapchat Filter Not Working Issue?

Since this issue is not so big but still annoying while using Snapchat. You can try these fixes to get rid of this issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

When your internet connection or wifi connection is not properly connected then your Snapchat filters do not get loaded. So you need a good and stable network connection to use its filter work.

So here you can do these things-

  • You can reset your mobile network.
  • You can restart your router.
  • You can also turn off wifi then you get rid of the bug. 

2. Turn On Your Location 

Snapchat filters depend on your location. So not all the filters are available everywhere. Some of the filters work only in specific locations because creators allow it only in that area. Some creators also focus on events, weather nearby. So you have to change the location to use that filters. Because they don’t give you permission or it will not show that in your location. So you can enable your location for access to the filters.

3. Enable Filters and Lenses

One of the most important reasons we are not able to use all of the filters is technical requirements. In some cases like an old device or your system not fulfilling the terms and conditions then it might be not supporting your requirements for Snapchat Filters.

In another case, If you are not able to see the filters then you should enable the feature through your Snapchat settings. You have to go to your setting then click on the Under Additional Services, tap Manage. Now you have to toggle the filters feature on. Now you are able to use it. Now you can go back to Snapchat and use those filters.

4. Upgrade Your Device

If your operating system is not up to date then you have to fix it first after that you will be able to get the solution. Because most of the old devices were released in the past and they also keep Snapchat but it is an older version and you have not updated it so that’s why you are facing the problem with the Snapchat filters feature.

So you need a new device to use new features. For android users, Snapchat only works on 4.3 and above. For iOS users, you need higher than the version of 4s. 

Also if your device version is too old and you are using the new version of Snapchat then it will not work. The older version of the device and the new version of Snapchat never work together.

5. Update Snapchat

When you use an older version of Snapchat then you will face the problem of using the Snapchat filter. In the above issue, we update the OS or application also then fix the issue. So again you can update your device or update the app.

Usually, you can check the update after 15 days because Snapchat fixes their bugs and other security flaws after some time. So if you are not up to date then you are facing the issue. So first update your Snapchat then you get your bugs to fix.

6. Check Your Device Memory

If your device is not working properly then you can also check your device storage. Is it enough to run apps properly? If your device has not enough storage then you definitely find malfunction in your apps. And most of it has those apps which consume more space.

Some apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp are more vulnerable to this kind of problem. Because in these apps there are so many heavy features. So they can easily indulge in your fun. So if you want to keep Snapchat then you can follow a few guidelines.

  1. Check your storage in your device if it is getting full then free some space.
  2. Do not use heavy apps at the same time.
  3. You can also use the external memory card for your app’s storage.
  4. Remove unnecessary apps which consume a lot of space.

7. Use Snapchat in a Well-Lit Place

If Snapchat filter not working is a more common issue then it may not detect your face. It happens when you are not in proper light or in dark light. You need sufficient light to detect your face in the Snapchat filter. If the filter is not loading then it is not applicable in your location.

So you can enable your location. Because the app has a special feature known as geo-filters which is applicable in some locations. Sometimes you also face issues due to the outage of the filter. So you can wait until Snapchat restores its services.

8. Restart Your Mobile

If you do not find any solution from the above-given methods then it’s a good time to restart your device. Because when you restart your device then your system will get refresh including Snapchat. It will definitely help you to fix some bugs in which are causing trouble for you in Snapchat. It also not erase any data or any personal information.


Whenever you get bored in your life then Snapchat filters greatly to use and show your creativity. So, if your Snapchat filter not working then definitely follow the above steps to debug the issue. Also, update your device after some time and you can check the update for your apps so you can easily use your device or Snapchat. Moreover, if your get hang or apps do not get working properly then you can remove unwanted apps or reset your device.