15 Best Sites Like Slader: Free Alternatives in 2023

Homework troubles are worst. And to complete it within the due date is yet another fear among students because if you delay for even a day, you are screwed. Hence, it is always better to take the help of the experts. Several sites try to help you with your Homework and Assignments. And Slader has been one of the best Homework helper sites available on the Internet. It is free and you get all your queries solved. However, the number of ads on this site can make you think twice to use it. So, are their other sites like Slader?

Well, yes there are other homework helping sites that you can refer to. And in today’s guide, we are going to list out some best alternatives for Slader. So, let’s get started.


Best Homework Helping Sites Like Slader

Slader has been the best companion for a long time. It also works as a student’s social networking site. So, students can clear all their queries in no time. However, there is no harm in getting more options for your homework help. So, let’s begin with the list and then you can refer to one you like the most.

1. Chegg

The list should always start with the topmost recommendation. And that’s why we have mentioned Chegg first. It is a freelancing site that has countless tutors available 24/7. So, you can ask for help anytime you want. It comprises the subject list that ranges from all school boards, grades, and countries. They assist you with technical as well as non-technical subjects from certified experts.

Enroll in the platform and you are all set to access the services provided by Chegg. It also provides an additional feature like the Maths Solver section where students can post their mathematics-related doubts. Moreover, through Chegg, you can even get internships after your studies. So, all in all, it is the best investment that you can get for yourself.

2. WebMath

WebMath is another site like Slader that helps students with their homework and assignments. The portal is mainly designed to help students who are weak in Maths. So, you can learn almost every topic including numbers, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc. Also, you can ask your queries on the site.

You also get access to a digital Textbook that you can use to practice numbers. Besides, it is free of cost. Hence, the best option for students, parents, and teachers as well. So, if you need help in maths, visit this site.

3. RefDesk

Next on the list is RefDesk, which is also known to be one of the best fact-checker sites available on the internet. The portal is mostly loaded with collections of information, blogs, facts from around the world. So, if you are looking for a topic to research, you will definitely find it on RefDesk.

In addition, the site also provides you to ask questions or post your own answers. The answers posted are checked by the experts themselves. Hence, it is the most relevant site to get help with your homework. You can even subscribe to their newsletters for regular fact checks.

4. Jiskha

Have a problem with subjects like chemistry or maths? Now, you won’t as Jiskha can help you with those complex problems regardless of the subjects. School teens can opt for a subject expert or even post their doubts on the group. There are around 200 writers and experts who can provide you with good online content.

However, sometimes you may face a lagged response time. Hence, you might have to wait for a couple of days to get access to the answers. Subject help includes English, Foreign Languages, Social Studies, and much more.

5. Homework Market

Just as other sites like Slader, Homework Market is a site that helps you with your written assignment tasks. You get a compiled list of blogs and articles that are plagiarism-free. All you are required to do is register yourself on their site and then you are good to start. You can even upload your articles and essays to get them to proofread by the experts.

Here, you get to ask your questions anytime you want and the experts will help you with the answers.


SparkNotes has a compilation of the subject that ranges from health, maths, economics, biology, chemistry, and much more. So, if are in search of study materials, you can definitely refer to this site. Sparknotes also provide you guides to solve previous year’s question papers. And the Sparknotes Test prep can get you transcriptions for literature as well.

You can easily access all the services on their app that too for free. Hence, it is the best option to take up as homework help.

7. Quizlet

As the name suggests, Quizlet is an interactive site that helps students to attempt or create their own puzzles and quizzes. Even the subject experts can set the puzzles as a daily challenge for students. Once you attempt the quiz, you get your assessment report that you can even download and keep for future performance analysis.

Quizlet is a popular portal among students for its compelling way of learning.

8. Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a site that will make you love your homework and complete it within the time limit. You get loads of quizzes and games that will help you gain more interest in your studies. Moreover, the sites contain encyclopedias, atlas, dictionaries, and much more. Also, you get access to different projects and assignments of students.

15 Free Slader Alternatives in 2023

Below, we have provided you with some more options for sites likes Sader, you can have a look at them as well. and we have provided an insight to a few of the best above:

  1. Chegg
  2. WebMath
  3. RefDesk
  4. Jiskha
  5. Homework Market
  6. SparkNotes
  7. Quizlet
  8. Fact Monster
  9. Lumen Learning
  10. ExamsCollection
  11. Shmoop
  12. eNotes
  13. Study.com
  14. Exams4Sure
  15. Symbolab

Final Words

Learning should always be the priority of a student. And there are loads of sites available to help you out. However, choosing the one that will actually help you is important. And we can assure you all the sites like Slader mentioned above can be a great help for you. So, do check out the list and choose the one that suits you the most. And get that boring assignment done in a most fun and innovative way.

All the best!!