30 Roku Private Channels that are Hidden in 2020

Are you looking for some best private channels for Roku? If yes, then this post is dedicated to you. Here, we are going to discuss the best Roku private channels that you can add to your device to enjoy unlimited access to online streaming.

What is Roku?

Roku is an all in one digital media player manufactured by an American company Roku, Inc. This device gives access to different online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, YouTube, etc. It also provides almost +4000 channels that include private channels as well.

Roku has influenced the market with its low-cost streaming services and the number of channels it has to offer. Although private channels for Roku are easy to add but you can never get direct access to these channels it offers. This can be due to some channels being third party channels with no official consent.

Hence, to access these private channels you need to add a channel code or secret code that we have provided with the description below.

Best Roku Private Channels List

To get the private channels for Roku you need to login to its official site. Here you will find a list of private Roku channels directory and also its channel codes. However, many channels tend to come and go, it just means that the channel has been abandoned or has a new updated code.

Therefore, here we have sorted out some updated and best private channels for Roku with there secret codes.

1. Nowhere TV

Nowhere TV is the best when comes to private channels. It has a compiled library of both audio and video podcasts from various sources. This channel also enables shows like Khan Academy learning videos, John Green’s crash course, TED Talks, Nasa TV, and many more.

All these contents are available at a single place. Also, Nowhere TV has some additional apps such as Nowhere bullets, Nowhere Tweets, and Nowhere vines. These apps provide the latest music, tweets, and a lot more.

Code: H9DWC

2. Maddy Mation

Do you love watching cartoons? Then this is surely the best channel for you. MaddyGTV has a huge collection of cartoons and anime. Maddy Mation also provides a video-on-demand menu where you can find animated movies, cartoons. And all these cartoons are suitable for all aged groups and available 24/7. Also, it is ad-free so you can have a great time exploring this channel with its wide collection.


3. Wilderness Channel

The Wilderness channel offers different shows such as hunting, fishing, survival training, natures, and different other discoveries. This channel could be tagged as “TV Gone Wild” for sure. Some of the video-on-demand shows that it offers are Alone in the Wilderness, America’s Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth camping, etc. So, want to enjoy some wilderness then feel free to switch on to this channel.


4. Great Chefs

With the Great chef’s channel, you can bring out the chef in you. This channel is totally dedicated to all the cooks and good food from all around the world. There are the least cooking channels available on the Roku store so this can be the one for you. By streaming this app, you can enjoy different categories of cooking shows.

Code: greatchefs

5. Amateurlogic

If you admire DIY(Do it yourself), then this channel is especially for you. This channel offers video podcasts from different technological fields such as radio, photography, raspberry pi, space, science, etc. You can explore and learn more knowledgeable content it offers.

Code: Alogic

6. Roku Movies

This is a great channel for movie lovers, especially those who love classic cinema. This private channel has a huge vintage movie collection of different genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, and many more according to your taste.

Code: zb34ac

7. Weather Radar

Weather Radar provides the current report of local and national weather graphics from US National weather service. This feature is mostly useful for people who live in hurricane-prone areas. To know about the local radar, you need to first select the location on the radar site and then select the Display Radar option to view the time-lapse radar image.

Apart from local radar, this channel also gives information about the cyclone formation chances and the disturbance that occurs. A useful channel that can be helpful when needed.

Code: radar

8. m3u Black

This is a must-have application for all Roku users. Having m3u Black will help you surf through +1000 channels in just one m3u file. There are different streaming links for different channels available in this file. Also, this file works like a playlist, so through media player function on the Roku remote, you can switch channels whenever you want.

Code: m3ublack

9. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is one of the best known Roku private channels. With a massive collection of TV shows, movies, and cartoons. This channel is all set to bring your old school memories back.

Code: NMJS5

10. Unofficial Twitch

Twitch has gained popularity during its recent times as this app is compatible with every streaming device. Although it is unofficial, all the content that it offers can be seen on the Roku device.

Code: TwitchTV

30 Best Roku Hidden Channels With Codes

Roku private channels are the unofficial apps with codes available. All it requires is to install these apps and add the codes to your Roku device. And it is all set to give you the heightened experience on the screen.

  1. Nowhere TV
  2. Maddy Mation
  3. Wilderness Channel
  4. Great Chefs
  5. Amateurlogic
  6. Roku Movies
  7. Weather Radar
  8. m3u Black
  9. The Internet Archive
  10. Unofficial Twitch
  11. Nowhere TV- H9DWC
  12. Maddy Mation- MADDYMATION
  13. Clikia- clikialive
  14. Newswire- newswire
  15. Ace TV- acetv
  16. Weather Radar- radar
  17. Wilderness Channel- fI821095
  18. FilmOn- NMEVA
  19. Back From The Grave- BFTG
  20. Neon Party Games- H2CLHP
  21. Roku Movies- zb34ac
  22. Syntric Beta- synctricbeta
  23. The Internet Archive- NMJS5
  24. m3u Black- m3ublack
  25. Unofficial Twitch- TwitchTV
  26. Ameuteurlogic- Alogic
  27. Great chefs- greatchefs
  28. Cannabis Channel- SPTFM
  29. Super Stalker- STBEMU
  30. iTunes Podcast Channel- ITPC

Final Words

Roku has so many streaming channels that can be accessed with good internet connectivity. And it can be tough to select the best private channels from this huge list. Hence, we have listed about 30 best Roku private channels with their corresponding channel codes. These are not the official channels but you can try these private channels out to have a wonderful change into your daily streaming.