Roblox Password Guessing [2021] – Tricks and Tips

We can all agree with the fact that Roblox has been a great companion for people during this pandemic period. And the usage has even surged to millions now. However, this huge crowd has also simplified the work for the hackers lurking around. Nowadays, Roblox password guessing has been creating quite a problem among the users.

Password guessing on Roblox is a process where the third party user will try to access your password data using different techniques. Thereby, you need to stay protected from such attacks and know-how this password guessing works.

About Roblox Password Guessing

Roblox password guessing or PG-ing is a form of security hack. In this process, the third-party user tries to steal passwords from the saved or transmitted data on the computer. The usual procedure is to keep guessing the passwords and try them against the cryptographic hash, also known as Brute forcing.

The intention regarding the password guessing on Roblox is to attain unauthorized access to other accounts. It then can be used to steal Robux or limited edition items from the hijacked account.

However, the act of password guessing is prohibited under the guidelines of the Roblox community. Therefore, the moment you try PG-ing on some inactive account, it may get banned forever unless you verify your original identity. Nevertheless, there are different ways to guess a password on Roblox. And you must be aware of such a method.

Different Ways To Guess Passwords On Roblox

Roblox has been famous for its free access to items, characters, elements, etc. Some items can be exchanged for real currency as well. Hence, password guessers are always looking for a way to get unauthorized access to Roblox accounts. And this involves different methods to guess a password. So, this section will give you a detailed analysis of these methods.

1. Keylogger or Malware

Malware or keylogger is one of the most used attacks used by hackers. Here, the hacker just has to access your PC by installing malware into your device. This malware generally enters your system when you click on a pop-up link that appears with the websites. Once, it enters your device- it will extract all your data with passwords.

Besides, this process is unrecognizable. Hence, you won’t know about it until the damage is done.

2. Phishing Emails

If you want to know about the easiest way for password guessing, then phishing emails are one of them. This method does not require any professional skills. In this method, the hacker will send a link through email i.e. phishing email. It can also be a replica of the official Roblox homepage.

Once you click on the link, it will direct you to a page where you need to fill in some necessary data. And this will give them access to the passwords entered by you. 

3. Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a standard process yet time taking. Here, the attackers try to retrieve your sensitive data through your social media account. And then, they try to combine this data to predict a password. However, this method is fading away with people getting more conscious of their sensitive data.

Random Passwords On Roblox 2021

Here, we are providing you a list of some most random Roblox passwords used. So, make sure to not choose such easy passwords for your account. Besides, if your password matches our list then it is crucial to change them right away.

  1. president
  2. thunderstorm
  3. Austine
  4. 1234e
  5. 12345e
  6. californiagamer
  7. mustange
  8. whatisgame
  9. letmeinow
  10. qwertyuioep
  11. supermean
  12. jordane
  13. mcdonald
  14. password1
  15. Ashley
  16. 121212e
  17. jennifere
  18. trustneo1
  19. 123456789
  20. 987654321
  21. justpassword
  22. password
  23. footballrolbox
  24. usacountry
  25. qwertye

How To Protect Your Account From Password Guessing?

The Roblox password guessing has become a vital problem in the gaming community. That is why it is essential to protect your account from such attacks. And hence, we have a curated this section with different ways to protect your account.

1. Set up 2-Step Verification On Your Roblox Account

Roblox gives you an option to enable 2-step verification to protect your account. The moment you log in to your account from a new location, it will send a security code on your registered email ID. Hence, making it difficult for the PG-ers to predict the password of email as well. And thereby protecting your account from getting hacked.

Follow these steps to enable the 2 step verification on your Roblox account.

  • Log in through your account on Roblox.

  • Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the site to visit the Account Settings. For the mobile app, click on the three dots.
  • Select the Security tab.

  • Now, enable the 2 step verification.

2. Prevent Yourself From Phished Emails

We talked earlier about how the attackers can use a phishing email to lure you into giving your sensitive data. While you may think you are a responsible user and won’t fall for such traps.

Sometimes, the hackers can even bring you several offers like “in-game cheats” or “free Robux available just a click away”  and then ask you to enter your data on their site.

And these methods have been effective as the desperate gamers do fall for such traps. And the next time they try to log in to their account, it may have been banned. So, what can you do to protect your account from such attackers?

  • Do not use your username and password on any unofficial site.
  • Do not enter your email on any social media account.
  • The moderator or the developer has nothing to do with the password of your account. Hence, never share your password if asked to.

3. Do Not Go For A Predictable Roblox Password

The password used for your account should be unique and not predictable. Some users think it is not that necessary to keep a strong password for a gaming site. However, this can make your account more vulnerable to hackers.

Therefore, choose a unique password. The password should have special characters (@,*,&,%) or numbers (1,2,4,5), it must contain upper case and lower case both. We can understand that it can be difficult to remember such passwords but with this safety measure you can save your account from hackers.

4. Change Your Password Regularly

This is the easiest way to save to your account from Roblox password guessing. Hackers are active participants when it comes to disclosing someone’s sensitive data.

Hence, if you keep changing your passwords regularly, you’ll save your account from a data breach. Also, do not use passwords related to the previous one as the hackers can detect the pattern and guess your password.

Final Words

Roblox password guessing has become quite common these days. The main idea of this article is to make you aware of this concept. And to safeguard your account from these attackers.

Henceforth, use the methods given above to protect your account from the PG-ers. Also, be selective with the passwords you choose. With these small and regular practices, you can keep your Roblox account safe from attackers.