Rise Of Kingdoms Codes For 2022 [Updated List]

The gift codes for the Rise of Kingdoms are always a profitable source to get a boost in the gameplay. And hence, everyone keeps looking for it over the Internet. However, are you still wondering where to get the latest and active Rise of Kingdoms codes? Look no further as it is right here in this blog post itself. We have compiled a list of active RoK codes for you. So stay with us till the end to grab those codes and get some free summons, resources, gifts, and much more!! 

We have also included the list of expired codes. So, you can even give these codes a try as they might work for you. In addition, we have also added the steps involved in redeeming these codes. Stay tuned!!

About the Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdom or ones referred to as “Rise of Civilization” is a popular game among gamers. It is a game in an adventurous and fantasy world where the players have to choose from 11 different civilizations. And lead the game further by choosing their playing style. For instance, some may like to explore the fantasy world while others might be interested in the war.

Although the game is somewhat similar to Clash of Clan, it is unique in its own way. The Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade has different elements like a real-time battle, endless world maps, alliance systems, 11 civilizations to explore from, and much more. Also, you can get some added benefits from the RoK codes as well.

1. What Are RoK Codes and Where To Find Them?

The codes are launched from time to time from the developer’s side. And mainly made available for its gamers. The gift codes will give you an extra boost up in the gameplay and enable you for extra loots. Some of the gift code rewards include

  • Golden keys
  • Silver Keys
  • Speed Boosters
  • Gems

Rok codes don’t come frequently. You have to search for different sources on the Internet. So, you can search on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Discord, or Instagram.

These are a few sites where you can easily search for free RoK codes. The active members and users of these communities mostly help each other. Hence, you have a huge chance of getting the codes.

How To Redeem These Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

The process of activating or redeeming the RoK codes is quite easy. And as we are about to mention step by step process, you won’t face any problems at all. So, do follow all the steps to activate the Rise of Kingdoms codes.

  • Open your default browser and launch the Rise of Kingdoms game.
  • On the top corner of the screen, click on your avatar.

  • Here, click on Settings.

  • Next, select the Redeem Box.

  • Enter the active RoK code in the Redeem Box and click on Exchange.

Once you have entered the code in the box, it will activate all the gifts and resources associated with it.

Active Rise of Kingdoms Codes

Active codes for the Rise of Kingdoms are not many. It frequently gets updated by the developers. Thereby, you need to keep an eye on the online communities for updates. However, we have searched the internet and got a few working codes for you. So, do try them out before it gets expired.

  • brem4k69u2 (2 Golden Keys, 5 Level 6 Tomes of Knowledge, 2 Intermediate Action Point Recovery Potions, 2x 3-Hour Speedups)

There is no other active code available at the moment. We will update the list the moment we come across new codes. So, you can come back later.

Expired List of Codes

You must be aware of the expired list of codes as well. Therefore, we have made a list of expired codes too. Although these codes do not work, you can still give them a try.

  1. Happynew21- 1 Golden Key, 3 Silver Keys, 2 3-ho Speedups, 10 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge)
  2. 21HappyYOX- Redeem this code and get x1 Golden Key, x3 Silver Keys, x2 3-hour Universal Speedups, x10 Lvl. 5 Tome of Knowledge. 
  3. STANDBYYOU- Redeem this code and get x2 Golden Key, x2 3h Speedup, x2 60m Speedup, x18 Lvl.5 Tome of Knowledge.
  4. TnxGiving- Redeem this code and get x3 60m Building Speedup, x3 60m Traini Research Speedup, x10 Lvl.5 Tome of Knowledge Speedup, x3 60m.
  5. RMerryXmas- 3x 60-minute Building Speedups, 3x 60-minute Training Speedups, 3x 60-minute Research Speedups, 10 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge, Golden Key.
  6. Tricktreat- Redeem this code and get X3 60m Building Speedup, x3 60m Training Speedup, x3 60m Research Speedup, x10 Lv1.5 Tome of Knowledge.
  7. MidoAutumn- Redeem this code and get Golden Key, 3h Speedup, 3h Healing Speedup, 3h Training Speedup, Lvl. 5 Tome of Knowledge.
  8. nyprp7zp7q- Redeem this code and get Gems, Silver Key, Food, Wood (This code is only for new accounts that are less than 20 days old).
  9. tz4gusiwka- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  10. nxhg7p95gd- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  11. jxewhr8rgw- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  12. lq9ybsajz2- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  13. Discord100- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  14. Ipyxvn28mq- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  15. gmdz63tpvf- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  16. mwmjwzetgc- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  17. sb96x3baik- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  18. mpqs3sf4ch- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  19. CILGINTURK- Redeem this code and get the reward.
  20. z2ikx6ig6e- Redeem this code and get the reward.

Final Words

Rise of Kingdoms is a fun and adventurous game that will keep you occupied for a long time. Even so, it is much more fun when you get some added benefits in the gameplay. And that you can access through the Rise of Kingdoms codes available in this guide. You can go through the methods made available above. Also, keep looking for more active codes. If you find some, you can even post them in the comment sections.

Happy gaming!!