How to Remove Devices from Google Account? [Full Steps]

Google is the backbone of the internet today. And you cannot access Google services without a google account. Be it Gmail Or Adsense you will always require a google account to access the services. Only one Google account provides you access to all the services. Sometimes you want to access your google account from your friend’s laptop in school or college. There your google account comes into play. Whenever you log into your account from a new device and you forget to logout or remove your account from a device, then that device gets added to the list of devices that has access to your account.

This issue really needs to be fixed as it attracts access to your account to an unauthorized person. In this article today we are going to tell you the methods to remove devices from google account.

How To Remove Devices From Google Account?

Here are the methods that will help you in removing devices from google account.  Let’s begin:-

1. Go To Your Google Account Page

First of all search for “Google Account” on google and it will give you many links as results in which there is a link with the label as “Google Account” then click on that link. There will be two cases that are :

  1. If you haven’t login your email.
  2. If you have logged in.

Case 1: In the first case when you haven’t log in then after clicking the link of “Google Account” a page will be open in which there is an option of “Go to Google Account” then simply click on that and it will ask your email id and password so that you can access your information.

After giving your credentials it will open a new page in which there is a message as “Welcome,<Your Name>”.

Case 2: In the second case when you have already logged in then after clicking the link of “Google Account” it will directly open the page in which a message will be there as “Welcome,<Your Name>”.

2. Remove Device From Google Account

  1. When you are successfully open your welcome page then there will be six options:
  2. In the above-given options, you have to select the fourth option i.e Security.
  3. After clicking on the Security option there will be a new page open in which “Security ” and ”Settings and recommendations to help you keep your account secure” will be written on top of the page.
  4. So scroll down the page and you will see “Your Devices”  it will show all your devices that are connected to your google account. And there will be an option of “Manage devices”, then click on that option.
  5. After clicking “Manage devices” a new page will be open in which all the devices which are connected to your account will available there. And in each device, there will be three dots in the upper-right corner just click on that then it will show you three options:
  6. Then click on the first option “Sign Out”.Then a pop-up message will come in which a message: “This will remove access to your Google account from the device” will be shown. And with this message two options will be there:
  • Cancel
  • Sign Out

So if you don’t want to remove that particular device from your Google account then click on the “Cancel” button it will not remove that device from your account.

But if you want to remove that device from your Google account then click on the “Sign Out”

It will remove that particular device from your Google account. And next time when that device trying to access your account then it will unable to access and have to Sign In again to access the information.

Similarly, you can remove as many devices as you want from your google account just follows the above steps carefully and it will remove the devices from your account.

3.Secure Your Google Account

So to make Google account more secure.

  1. Click on the three-dots present on that device that you want to remove and it will give you three options.
  2. So click on the third option i.e Don’t recognize this device then it will pop-up a message.
  3. “Let’s secure your account and If there’s a device that you don’t recognize, someone else may have your password.
  4. Change your password to protect your Google Account
  5. You’ll be signed out of all devices except the one that you’re using now”
  6. And along with this pop-up message, two options will be shown
  • Cancel
  • Change password

So if you want to make sure that the remove device will not be able to sign in again with your Google account then just simply change the password and your account will be secure and nobody except you can add devices or remove devices from your Google Account.

But if you don’t want to change the password then just simply click on the first option i.e Cancel and it will not change your password but the remove device can add again if your password is known to the person who is the owner of that removed device.


So there is no need to worry because this guide will surely help you in removing the device from your Google account. Also, you can change your account password following this guide. If you are still facing any difficulty in removing devices from google account then please tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. Cheers!