22 Best Sites to Read Comics Online For Free

We all are crazy about reading comics in our childhood days. We have grown up by reading comics like Tiny Toon Adventures, TaleSpin, The Ren & Stimpy Show. But now in the era of smartphones and mobile games like PUBG and COD, the craze of reading comics is somehow getting lost. And now it’s also become hard to find a store selling comics. We are going to give you a list of a few websites that you can use to read comics online.

What if you want to relieve all those moments of reading comics? In such a case you can go online and look for different websites that provide a huge library of comics. But which website to trust, as there are lakhs of websites regarding the comics category. Worry not, as in today’s post we are going to share some of the best websites to read comics online. 


Best Websites To Read Comics Online 2021

Below-mentioned is 10 of the best websites to read comics online. We have also provided the link to all the websites so that it becomes easy for you to visit them. 

1. ComiXology

ComiXology is a perfect example of how you can use modern technology for making a website for 90s kids. We have mentioned the term “modern technology” because this website is a cloud-based digital distribution platform. On this platform, you will find more than 90000 comics, and from that 90000 only 900 comics free to read.

If you want to read the remaining comics, you will have to take this subscription. ComiXology provides you with comics from famous publishers like Image, Marvel, DC, and many more.

2. GetComics

If your choice is very specific, and you want to read comics of the publishers like Marvel and DC, then we will suggest you go with the platform, GetComics. Some famous comics that you will find on this platform are, Enternals, Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman, American Vampire 1976, and many more. You can even join their discord server for remaining updated about any new comic release.

3. Marvel Unlimited

As you can guess by the name, this platform is all about Marvel and its superheroes comics. On Marvel Unlimited, you will find more than 28,000 Marvel-related digital comics.

You can try their 7 days free trial version. And after that, if you think this platform is made for you, then you can go with their $9.99/month subscription offer. The comics present on this platform will keep you updated about all the Marvel-related events.

4. DriveThru Comics

DriveThru Comics is another famous name on our list. The comics present on this website have been categorized into different sections so that it became easy for you to choose your favorite comic.

The user interface of this platform is very simple and direct. Some of the famous comics that you can find on this platform are The Wizard Of O2, The Miracle, Immanuel, and many more. 

5. DC Kid

Is your child or small brother fond of DC characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash? Yes, then we recommend you introduce them to the platform “DC Kids”.

You will find all the latest DC-related Comics on this platform. Other than comics, DC Kids also provides different DC-related games and videos. This website has a download section that specifically shows you different things that you can download from this website. 

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the platform every comic reader will recommend if you are looking for reading Manga comics. All the comics have been arranged alphabetically so that it became easy for you to find your comic by its name.

Some of the famous comics that you will find on this platform are Attack on Titan, Genshin Impact, Sun-Ken Rock, and many. You can also download their app for your Android and IOS device

7. MangaFox

MangaFox is another Manga-related platform, and it has started to gain immense popularity recently. You can create an account on this platform for enjoying some of the exclusive features.

Some famous comics that you can find on this platform are, One Punch Man, Boruto: Naruto next generation, tales of demons and gods, and more. Now you can also download their official app by clicking this link, “MangaZone Official App”.

8. ViewComic

ViewComic is also famous by the name, “Read comic”. This platform has a very huge library of modern as well as old comics. All the comics present on this website have been alphabetically arranged.

This feature allows you to easily find the desired comic if you are aware of its name. Some of the famous comics you can find on this platform are Simpson, Star Wars, Avengers, Transformers, and more. 

9. ComicBook +

ComicBook plus is definitely a gem for readers who are looking for golden and silver-age comic books. You will find more than 39,000 on this platform, and it has been designed especially for 90s kids.

ComicBook plus has been enhanced by Google, therefore you can easily trust this platform. Some famous comics that you can find on this platform are Richie Rich, Creepy Worlds, and many more.

10. Dark Horse

The last name on our list, Dark Horse is another famous name for reading comics online. You can use the search option for finding any particular comic that you are looking for.

As you can see in the image, the user interface is also very simple and direct. Some famous comics that you can find on this platform are, Stranger Things, Unknown, Fight Club 3, and many more.

22 Free Sites To Read Comics Online

Here is a list of 22 more sites that you can try if you want to read comics. All the below-mentioned platform gives very strict attention to their security, therefore, you can completely rely on them.

  1. ComiXology
  2. GetComics
  3. Marvel Ultimated
  4. DriveThru Comics
  5. DC Kid
  6. Crunchyroll
  7. MangaFox
  8. ViewComic
  9. ComicBook+
  10. Dark Horse
  11. Amazon Kindle Store
  12. Digital Comics Museum
  13. NewsArama
  14. GoComics
  15. ElfQuest
  16. DC Comics
  17. BATA.to
  18. Archive.org
  19. Manga Freak
  20. MComicX
  21. XoXOComics
  22. ReadComicOnline

Final Words

In this modern world of online gaming and movies, the craze for reading comics is decreasing day by day. And now it has become our duty to keep this crazy alive for a long time. Make our children and small brother and sister understand what is the fun of reading comics.

Listing some of the best sites to read comics online is a small step towards saving the comic reading craze. Moreover, if you have any doubt or suggestion regarding this post please let us know in the comments section.