Nintendo Switch Not Charging: 7 Ways to FIX it

Are you a Nintendo Switch user? Well, then you must also be familiar with its short battery life. Some users claim that the charging doesn’t even last up to 6 hours, as mentioned. While the Nintendo switch not-charging issue can not be ignored as well.

And that’s why, in today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the Nintendo switch and the not charging issue related to it. Also, we will be covering all the necessary fixes along with it.


How To Fix Nintendo Switch Not-Charging Issue?

According to gamers, the Nintendo Switch gaming console is a must-have. However, its short battery life makes the gamers sad as they have to take frequent breaks in between their gaming sessions.

But if suddenly, the console is not charging then you don’t need to panic at once. Maybe the console has been totally drained out, or maybe there is a problem with the dock. Even so, what can be the effective methods to fix this issue. Let’s check out this section for more information.

1. Leave The Switch For Sometime To Charger

So, you were having a heavy gaming session, and you must’ve forgotten that you need to charge your console. Well, it can be one of the reasons for the Nintendo switch not-charging issue. You need to give it some rest. Yes, you heard it right.

Just for once, plug in the switch to the charger and wait for a minimum of 2 hours, while at max you can leave it overnight. Also, check if the connection has been established or not. You’ll know if you are using a USB cable.

After that, you can try to on the switch and check if it’s working. If it does, next time do not drain the battery to that level again. Also, if the method doesn’t seem to work then let’s get to the next one.

2. Check The Charging Port

Maybe you should try changing your charging outlet once. It is possible that the problem is not related to the Nintendo hardware at all. But the charging port itself. So, try using a different charging outlet and see if this makes any improvement in the charging of the Nintendo Switch.

If not then let’s check the adapter as mentioned in the next point.

3. Clean The USB C Port And The Charger

This method is for someone using the USB adapter that you get with the console. Sometimes a layer of dirt might be preventing the Nintendo switch from charging. So, it would be better if you get along cleaning the USB C port of the Switch and charger both.

However, be a little careful while doing it. You should never use sharp objects like safety pins or knives in the USB C port. It can destroy tiny contact points and permanently damage your device.

4. Check The Dock

Now, if you are someone who prefers to charge their Nintendo Switch through the dock, check if all the cables are placed safely. 

However, if that isn’t the case, maybe the dock itself is not working. So, check once whether it needs replacement. 

5. Force Reset The Nintendo Switch

Even if all the above methods do not work, you don’t have to stress much. Maybe the Switch is frozen, or there are chances that you need to send the Switch to repair. However, before getting to any conclusion, try to check what’s wrong. You can follow the few steps mentioned here.  

  • First, try to power off the Switch. To do so, long-press the power button for few seconds.

  • Now, choose the ‘turn off‘ option available in Power.

  • Remove the charger from both the Switch and the outlet and wait for a while.
  • Next, plug in the adapter back and connect it with the charger.

  • Check if the battery indicator available at the top right corner turns green.

It is one of the methods to ensure that the Nintendo is charging properly. If you still facing any issue then you check out the next troubleshooting method.

6. Purchase A New Adapter

Maybe the root cause of your problem is the Adapter. You can check the USB C plugs carefully for any bent pin, or wear out of cables. If you see any damage then we would suggest you change it immediately.

We recommend you go for the official Nintendo Switch adapter. Even though there are third-party adapters available in the market as well. However, these adapters can damage your Nintendo Switch in the future.

7. Send The Switch To Repair

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and none has worked for you, it’s time to reach customer support. You will get the repairing done at no cost if the warranty period is still on. If the warranty isn’t valid then you can also go for local experts to validate the problem with the Nintendo switch.

So, do it as fast as can so that you get to enjoy your gaming marathon again. And get rid of the Nintendo switch not-charging problem.

Final Words

Nintendo has always made their users satisfied with their services. However, the Nintendo switch having less battery durability is something that they need to work on more. Also, if you are facing the Nintendo Switch not-charging issue then we suggest you look at the above-mentioned methods.

Reasons can be many, as we have mentioned above. Therefore, you need to go through all the fixes one by one. If you know some other fixes regarding this issue then you can mention them in the comment section.