How To Get Netflix Student Discount in 2022?

If you are a movie freak, then Netflix can be your favorite destination. However, being a student, it can really be annoying to pay the subscription fee every month. And that’s why Netflix introduces different discount vouchers. Anyway, the actual question arises, is there a Netflix student discount available for college students.

While this article will target the actual query, other than that you will come to know about some great alternatives available for Netflix as well.

Does Netflix Student Discount Exist?

No, Netflix does not offer any student discounts to ease your budget. And even if its price ranges are not too high, students with tight budgets still suffer.

Netflix has the best content from movies, series, documentaries, etc. One could never get enough of its content. Hence, the enthusiasm to access its content is high. Although Netflix doesn’t offer student discount plans, other big platforms do offer discounts, especially for college students. These platforms have a vast collection of movies and TV series that can save you money.

How Can You Reduce The Cost?

Netflix comes with three different plans i.e., Basic, Standard, and Premium. Hence, you can take whichever plan you want to. However, if you think that you cannot afford the subscription charges. Then there are several ways through which you can reduce its cost. And here we are going to explore some of the methods.

1. Split Netflix Subscription With Friends

Netflix subscription requires payment of bills every month. And if you are sharing the account among your friends then it becomes mandatory to split the bills. As you do know, you cannot take the responsibility of paying the bills alone.

Hence, it is the best option to split the Netflix subscription bill with friends. This way it won’t be a burden to you and your friends.

2. Use Gift Cards To Pay

Did you know that you can pay your subscription bills through gift cards? As a matter of fact, yes you can. You can pay through the AMEX gift card vouchers or google play cards as well. Do the required payment by using the coupon number given on the card. You can also purchase the Netflix gift cards that too at a low cost.

3. Change Subscription Plan To Basic

Even though changing the subscription plan may look cringy, but it is worth it. Netflix offers a standard plan of $13.99. Here, you get two screens. While the Basic plan comes for $8.99 with one screen.

Even if you share 2 screens at a time, it is better to still go for the Basic plan. This way you can save some amount of money. And here you can still access the Netflix library, but only at 720p quality. Moreover, you get subtitles for all the content available. However, you won’t be able to watch the movies at the same time on different devices.

How To Redeem Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix used to offer 30 days of free trial for its user. As of now, Netflix has officially canceled the free trial offer. You can enjoy the free trial by creating a new account. And it could be done by signing up again and again with different IDs. However, Netflix has stopped its free trial service for its user. So, here we going to show you the steps to get a Netflix Subscription.

  • Click here to get to Netflix’s official page.
  • On the screen, enter the email address and click on Get Started. By entering your email ID, you can either create your account or even redeem your subscription.

  • Select a suitable plan for yourself from the subscription list. And you can change the plan anytime while using the service.

  • Users with new accounts are required to enter the credentials. You need to choose a safe password. Otherwise, you would lose your Netflix account to hackers.

  • Also, you need to add the Paypal or credit card details. These both are probably the best mode of subscription available.

Once you complete the process, you can start using Netflix with your account. So, just log in with your ID and start enjoying the original Netflix content.

Best Netflix Alternatives

Netflix streams its own original content. These contents are created by Netflix itself. You cannot access these contents anywhere else. Apart from that, Netflix also hosts other popular content by purchasing its rights.

Alternatives for Netflix will not actually provide you Netflix Original content and library. However, you can opt for some other platform with its content for yourself. These platforms offer you entertainment at a cheap rate and even a student discount. Unlike the Netflix student discount that does not exist. Hence, take a glance below to know about these platforms available.

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon comes up with a Prime videos service. It is a streaming site where you can enjoy the latest collection of movies and series. Besides, you also get access to music streaming, free delivery, etc. College students can also get a student discount offer. It will give you premium streaming for free.

The service also comes with a free trial period. After that, you have to pay half the subscription amount. It means you can get all the benefits at such a low cost. It has exclusive content available for its different audiences. Hence, it is the best alternative for Netflix at a low cost.

2. Hulu

Hulu is also a streaming site that works in partnership with Spotify and Showtime. The Spotify student discount comes with all three packages at just $4.99. Hulu is a mixture of both old movies as well as new content. You can enjoy shows like Brookline Nine-Nine, Bob’s Burgers, etc. However, Hulu comes with ad support.

Spotify uses SheerID to access student verification. After which you can access Hulu without having to verify again.

Final Words

Although Netflix does not offer any student discount. You don’t need to worry, as there are various methods through which you can access Netflix at a reduced cost. Also, several alternatives can help you relax with the vast contents of movies and TV shows. In short, even if you cannot get a Netflix student discount. There are ample ways through which you can get access to movies and TV shows whenever you want.