How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active” on Android & iOS

You were trying to send a message to your dear one and you encountered this error “Free Message- Message Blocking Is Active”. As per our regular readers, this error is mostly reported in T-Mobile. Text messaging is really an important form of communication and it really has millions of users involved daily.

Nowadays there are many applications available for sending text messages to your known ones. This issue is encountered by users of both operating systems Android and iOS. Today in this blog post we are going to list out the main reasons behind this issue and its working solutions.

Let’s begin:-

Reasons Why “Message Blocking Is Active” Might Show Up


Here are the possible reasons for this issue. You can go through them:-

  1. Block List: There may be chances that either the sender or the receiver is in the block list of each other. They should check this thoroughly by contacting each other. Also, they need to make sure that they are able to connect with each other by calling.
  2. Short Code Issue: This reason prevails in T-Mobile only and is caused by blockage of shortcodes. This cannot be fixed manually and you need to contact technicians to fix this issue.
  3. Service Outage: Service outage is also not a fault on your end. This reason is caused by a maintenance break on your service provider’s end. Messaging service might have been paused due to which you are being shown this error.
  4. Premium Message excess: In this case, the user might have not allowed sending and receiving premium messages on his mobile. Though this service is used by some messaging apps only. It should be allowed for the proper functioning of the application.
  5. Unsuitable Plan: You need to check if you have availed the proper plan for sending text messages.

How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active” On Android

This issue of “Message Blocking Is Active” is very annoying when you want to send a message to dear ones but you can’t. Here are a few of the working methods that will surely fix this.

1. Short Message Blocking

If there is a message on your screen showing Message sending failed. Then there are chances that there is short message blocking by career. This issue can be solved only with the help of customer care. Here are steps how to do it:-

  1. Call to the respected customer and he will give you a 10 digit carrier no.
  2. You have to enter the career no. in your settings.
  3. Your messaging services will get activated.

2. Block List Of Contacts

There are chances that you are in the blocklist of your receiver or you have blocked your receiver.  Here are the steps to fix this:-

  1. Go to your contacts and check your block list.
  2. Remove the contact from the block list.
  3. Also, ask the receiver by call if he/she has blocked.

3. Enable Premium Access

The ultimate solution to this issue is to enable premium access. This can be done following these simple steps:-

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Navigate to App Management.
  3. Tap on messaging App.
  4. Click on More icon on the top.
  5. Now Click on special access and then Allow premium access to enable the option.

Now let’s discuss the solutions for fixing this issue in iOS.

How To Fix Message Blocking Is Active On iOS?

In iPhones, this error usually occurs due to an update on the device. There might be other reasons also. But there is no specific reason behind this issue in iPhones. Let’s discuss the methods to fix this issue in iPhones.

1. Check iMessaging App

  1. Turn off the iMessage app and then try sending a message.
  2. If the message is gone without any issue then you need to logout your Apple ID And then sign in again to solve the issue.

2. Reset Network Settings

If the above step didn’t work for you, then you should try resetting network settings. Here are steps to reset network settings.

  1. Go to General Settings.
  2. Press Reset to reset network settings.
  3. Check if resetting network settings has fixed the issue. If the issue is still there then you need to perform a hard reset to fix this issue.

Make sure you have an active SMS plan active for your service provider. Sometimes, users, only have data plans and try sending messages and that doesn’t work. So make sure you have a suitable SMS plan activated from your service provider.


Sending messages to dear ones is an older method to communicate with nears and dears but it is still in trends. It has a large user base. We received a lot of requests for methods to fix this issue. We have written this article with the reasons behind this issue.

You can choose the methods according to your device operating system. These methods are duly tried by our team and work finely. If you have tried all these methods and are still encountering this issue then please reach us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. Cheers!