How To Make PS4 Download Faster? [Ways to Increase Speed]

We have become so used to this fast-paced lifestyle that we have lost the patience to wait for even a minute. And the high-speed Internet connectivity has too joined this race. Be it downloading a movie or your favorite game- no one likes to wait. Just similar to the PS4 gaming console. Even with high internet connectivity, it takes an exceptionally long time to download a single game on this console. And we know how annoying that may get. So, how to make PS4 download faster?

If you are here to know about it then we are glad to present this guide filled with different methods to increase the PS4 download speed. Hence, go on and read through this guide to boost the speed of PS4 downloads.

How To Make PS4 Download Faster?

With time, Sony PlayStation 4 has indeed received criticism over the years for its slow downloading speed. And to resolve this issue you can follow these methods.

1. Terminate All Background Application

Well, you must be familiar with multitasking. While some find it amazing, some are totally against it. However, if you rather focus on one task than several tasks at a time. Then this can give you a positive result.

Similarly, if you are looking for a way to download the games much faster. You better terminate all the background applications that are running. As for playing games in the background while downloading a game or downloading several games at a time can result in slow download speed. Hence, let go of all other activities on the PS4 to boost up the PS4 downloads.

To do so, press the PS button and open the menu on the controller. Now, select Close Applications. On the screen, there will be a list of running applications, choose the apps you want to close and confirm.

2. Use Alternate DNS Settings

Domain Name System (DNS) server consists of several IP addresses from the network. And this works as a mediator between domain names and IP addresses available. Although the default DNS server translates the domain names to IP addresses to provide the actual data entered by the user.

There are, however, some ways to improve the PS4 download speed by using alternate DNS settings. And the best one on the list is Google DNS servers(88.88 and 88.44). Change the DNS settings manually to get access to this DNS server on the PS4 console.

  • Go to Settings→ Click on Network.

  • Go for the option Set Up Internet Connections as shown in the figure.

  • Make the choice between the network connections i.e., Use LAN or Use Wi-Fi.

  • Once done, go to custom settings and enter the given details as it is.

Finally, restart your PS4 console and wait for it to reload the content. The PS4 downloads will definitely gain some speed after you follow the exact process.

3. Rest Mode

Enabling your system to rest mode can also be a solution on how to make PS4 download faster. In the PS4 console, the rest mode is a low-powered button that enables the system to sleep. And with some alterations in the settings, you can even start downloading your games with rest mode.

To enable the Rest mode with Internet access will help you improve the speed of PS4 downloads.

  • Go to Settings→ Power Saving Settings.

  • Choose the second option Set Features Available In Rest Mode.

  • After this, enable the Stay Connected To The Internet setting.

  • Now, select the power button on the menu and select Enter Rest Mode.

Once you perform all these operations, you can increase the download speed. To see the progress, you can turn on the system again.

4. Follow Pause And Resume Method While Downloading

If you are trying to boost the speed of pS4 downloads then this method should be tried once. Just go to downloads and pause the download process for a while and resume it. It will take a while to resume back the process of downloading the game. And when it does, it will surely show the least time required to complete the download.

Go to the quick menu option on the screen and select notification. Then click on downloads and pause the game. After some time, resume the game to start downloading again. You can try the methods anytime you see the PS4 downloads stalling again.

5. Change Your Internet Connectivity

While you may be wandering around to look for different methods on how to make PS4 downloads faster. But have you stopped by and checked your internet connectivity. Well, it could be a vital cause for the slow download speed. Hence, it is most prominent to check for the best service provider that claims to give more Mbps required to boost up the speed.

6. Update Your PS4 Console

Keeping the gaming console up to date is the most important task. So, do check for regular updates on all the related firmware. This will improve the overall functionalities of the console and enhance the speed of PS4 downloads.

To check for updates go to Settings and choose System Software Update. And the best part is if there is an update, it gets automatically installed.

Final Words

The PS4 console does have some download related problems. And some of the reasons behind it are hardware or software related problems, low wifi connections, or other network problems. And these problems can be solved with the above-mentioned methods. So, go through this article and learn how to make PS4 download faster. The methods mentioned here are all safe. Hence, it can be tried whenever needed.