LitAnswers Alternatives – 10 Sites For Studying Online

Whenever you think of searching your college assignments from the internet. the first web address that comes to your mind is Litanswers. But as of now, it is very sad to know that Litanswers has been taken down due to the DMCA  strike from Chegg. Litanswers didn’t own the content it hosted and it was reportedly stolen from other premium websites like Chegg using their APIs. The taking down of Litanswers is a great loss of students as it provided answers to their college assessments totally free of cost. Now the students have started looking for alternatives for Litanswers.

Today in this blog post we have come up with the best Litanswers alternatives that would help you in finding answers for your assessments for free. You can click on the links associated with the alternatives given below.


Best Alternatives To LitAnswers

Here is the list of best Litanswer alternatives that will surely help you in homework. So read on:-

1. Slader

Slader is a relevant and very useful platform that can be considered as one of the best  Litanswer alternatives. This platform millions of students as its users. Slader can help you with textbook answers very easily. You just need to enter serial no. of your textbook or scan the barcode. The quality of content is also getting improved day by day. Slader does only provide you with answers but it also helps you in getting various textbooks easily.
Though Slader has a large section of subjects on it. Here is the detailed list of subjects and their topics:-


  1. Physics
  2. Physical Science
  3. Physiology
  4. Organic Chemistry
  5. Anatomy
  6. Chemistry
  7. Biology
  8. Earth Science


  1. Geometry
  2.  Linear Algebra
  3. Calculus
  4. Algebra
  5. Statistics
  6.  Probability
  7. College Algebra
  8. Advanced Mathematics
  9. Integrated Math
  10. Pre-Algebra
  11. Differential Equations
  12. Precalculus
  13. Trigonometry
  14. Algebra 2
  15. Middle School Math

2. Studlib

Another Litanswer alternative in our list is Studlib. Though it is not as arranged as Slader it is really relevant when we come to Litanswers alternatives. It is a good web source to find answers to your homework.

You can find solutions to almost all the assessment questions here.  The main subjects on this platform include Maths, Science, Business, Finance, History, and others. You can share notes with your friends if you want to. If you are not getting a solution to your desired question then you will get a list of related questions that will provide you solution.

3. Chegg

We all know that Chegg brought down Litanswers and due to DMCA strikes. But the truth cannot be denied that all the content was owned by Chegg itself. Chegg can also be considered as an alternative to Litanswer as Litanswers used the content of Chegg so you will find the same answers here.

Though Chegg is a premium platform but is purely worth it as it offers you quality support and quality answers within no time.  When your assessment has some questions that are not available, then you can ask their experts to solve them.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero is another good alternative that gives you access to over 30 million course-specific study resources. Most of the notes and solutions to assignments are shared by a vast community of students with various unique methods.

This platform is one stop for all assignments, study guides, videos, class notes with step by step explanations for every topic. The major subjects included in this Litanswers alternative are History, Finance, and Psychology. The course hero is not completely free. it will ask you for a premium subscription after a period of time.

5. Paper Help

Paper Help is similar to Litanswers but it has an additional feature of writing research papers. This website won’t give an answer to your queries but the resources are available as research papers that will surely help you in finding desired solutions.

Paper help also has an Android and iOS app where you can also get chat support. This lit answer alternative is a freemium service.

6. Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study is considered a backbone for students. This platform has almost 30k unique visitors daily.

This website offers you solutions to your queries in Maths, Engineering, Physics, History, and Computer Sciences. You can also find different books on this website.

7. Unacademy

Unacademy is one of the largest online learning platforms. This webmaster has trainers expertise in their respective fields. They have specialized course modules for particular courses and different competitive exams.

The courses available on this platform are available in multiple languages. Unacademy also has a Youtube channel that offers free lessons for various important topics for free. The courses offered by this website cover all the syllabus and it can’t have any errors.

8. Sparknotes

Sparknotes is quite popular among high school learners. It solves your queries very accurately. The quality of the service is maintained in every domain. Using this platform will surely ace up your academic career.

This platform has good courses for competitive exams like SAT, ACT, and GRE. You will get test prep by SparkNotes with books and online content.

10 Sites like Litanswers

Here is the complete list of websites like Litanswers to get your assignments done easily and free of cost:-

  1. Course Hero
  2. Paper Help
  3. Chegg
  4. Unacademy
  5. Crazy For Study
  6. Studlib
  7. Slader
  8. SparkNotes
  9. Humbolt
  10. BookFinder


As of now, Litanswers has got down due to copyright issues. Students were in great doubt of choosing the right platform for their assessment solutions. So we came up with a detailed list of alternatives to Litanswers, these websites have a large trusted user base which would surely help you in getting your queries solved. If you are still confused in choosing the right platform from the above list. then please tell using the comments section we will help you choose the right one for you.