How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number? [Guide]

You texted someone..but didn’t get a response. You tried to call..and yet somehow, your call just got disconnected!! Is it a coincidence or something’s fishy? Maybe their phone is out of reach, or they blocked your number. And that could be purely an accident. However, knowing if someone actually blocked your number is a tricky business. And the main question that comes to our mind is how to know if someone blocked your number.

Well, the best way would be to clarify your doubts with the person itself. But if you don’t want to go for this method then the best option is to perhaps learn through some clues mentioned by us. These clues will help you determine the proximity of being blocked by the other person.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

There are chances that the cell tower may not be working, or they just put their phone on ‘Do Not Disturb‘ mode. And that way, we can say there are numerous ways of not being in contact with the other person. 

However, we know how anxious this might be making you. And if you still want to reassure, then the context of this article is to give you hints and that we will be providing you one by one. And we assure you that your query will be solved.

1. Clues To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Android Device

Depending on the scenario there are several ways through which you can know if your number has been blocked or not. And that process might differ with the devices too. Hence, take a look at the different ways given below and we are sure that the evidence would be enough to clarify your doubts.

1. Number of Rings

Sometimes this method can prove beneficial to you. When you call a person, and there is only one ring, or the call gets disconnected immediately, it is a true sign that your number has been blocked. It is a feature available on Android devices through which you can directly block the person through the contact list. So if you try calling the person 4-5 times and get the same response, your number is blocked.

However, there is an exception. If the person keeps their phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode, all their calls get transferred to voicemail. Besides, if the phone is “switched off!” then you will still get the same response. Hence, be patient and wait for some time before getting to any conclusion.

2. You Will Receive Busy Signals

While you are trying to contact the person, if you always receive a busy signal then there are chances that your number has been blocked through a wireless carrier. You can try checking this method for a few days and if you receive the same result then consider this as a piece of evidence. However, the carrier can sometimes give you such results because of technical issues. So, do try to contact someone else if you face the same problem.

3. You Get Unusual Messages When Blocked

When your number has been blocked through a wireless carrier then sometimes you could be receiving some unusual messages. Although it is not an actual or accurate method, it can help you be certain. Some messages that you may receive are:

  • The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
  • The number you are trying to reach is out of service.

So, now if you get the same unusual messages every time you call then it can be a clear sign that your number has been blocked.

4. Unread Text Messages

Android device does not let you know if the message sent has been delivered or not. So, whenever you send a message and think that the person involved must have received it. However, if you are blocked by them then they will not receive any text message sent by them. Hence, the only way to know is to directly call and check.

2. Steps To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp

Whatsapp officially does not confirm any ways on how to know if someone blocked you. However, there are certain ways that can validate this action. So, let us know more about it in this part.

  • You won’t be able to view the other person’s online status and last seen.
  • All the status activity and even their profile picture will not be seen by you.
  • When you call through Whatsapp, the call gets disconnected instantly.
  • The person won’t receive any text sent by you i.e. the single tick will not turn into a double tick.

3. How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On An iOS Device

The above-mentioned clues work well for an iOS device as well. And you can check through these methods if someone actually blocked your number. However, we have one more technique that you should try on an iOS device.

1. Through iMessage

You can try to send a message through the iMessage app on your device. If the message gets delivered, you can view it beneath the message sent. Do you see the “Delivered” sign? If yes, then you are not blocked, and if not, then you know the answer. 

However, this method is not exactly a perfect way to know if someone blocked your number. Because the other person might have their phone “turned off!!” or maybe their battery got drained. Apart from that, if the person has stopped using iMessage, you may still not see the delivered sign.

Final Words

So, these were the very signs on how to know if someone blocked your number. Here we have mentioned all the reasonable clues available to make sure you figure out the scenario well. And if these clues match, you know the reason now. Anyway, it is still a recommendation to contact them directly to learn the truth or you could even consult a mutual friend.

A word of advice, if someone has decided to cut all the contact with you, it’s better to respect their decision and move on with it. You should know the difference between trying to contact them and annoying them regularly. And this could even lead to accusations or legal consequences.