How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Social media is a funny place!! You may never know what may impact your friendship here. Even the sudden disappearance of your friend can raise loads of questions in your mind. Have they blocked you? Maybe they took a break from social media. However, how can someone be sure of the situation? We know that you are concerned about it and seeking an explanation. So, how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat? Can you know? And even if the person blocked you. How can you know it for sure?

Well, we are going to deal with every query in this write-up. Hence, take a look at the different sections mentioned here and learn various ways to check whether your friend actually blocked you on Snapchat or not.


How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Mostly, everyone these days is using Snapchat. And maintaining their streaks is all these youngsters can think about right now. However, if suddenly your Snapchat streaks got broken and you can’t find your friend anywhere around. Maybe he/she has blocked you or may be deleted their Snapchat account.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned about this situation and want to be sure about it, then follow this section thoroughly. We assure you that all the queries will be solved by the end of this article.

1. Search Through Username

This is the most effective method of all to know if someone has blocked you. Just get to your Snapchat contact list and search for the person you have been suspecting to have blocked you. If you can still view the person in your contact then you are not blocked. However, if you cannot view the person on that list, then it is highly likely that the person has blocked you. Or maybe they removed you from their friend’s list.

It is necessary to understand the difference between being blocked and being deleted from the friend’s list. When a person deletes you from their friend list, you can still send them snaps.

To search, go to the search bar and type the username of the person. If you find the person in My friends, then you are still friends. If you see the username in Add Friend, they have deleted you from their friend’s list. Apart from that, if you can’t find the person at all, it means they have blocked you.

2. Check Your Snap Streaks

If you have an ongoing snap streak with the person then it is good news. So, check your streak count with the person. The broken streak can be an indication that you are blocked. However, we cannot say this for sure. The same situation can occur several other times as well. One of such situations can be that the person was unable to send snaps.

3. Search Them From Other Account

Searching them through your own account can probably tell you that they have blocked you. However, it does not confirm the fact. So, you can still confirm by searching them from another account. And to do so, you can either ask your friend to search for them or just make a new account and check yourself.

Anyway, creating a whole new account can be troublesome for you as it will involve loads of work. So, just go to a friend, colleague, co-worker, or anyone who can help you. And ask them to search for the username. If they find the person on Snapchat, then it clearly means they have blocked you.

Note: If you are willing to make a new account and check for the user on Snapchat. Try it out. However, if the person has decided to cut contact with you then it is better to keep it way.

4. Check Your Recent Conversations

The biggest clue on how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat is by checking your chat history and trying to find the person in it. This method can only work if you have had any previous conversations with them.


So, open your Snapchat app and navigate through the conversation thread and check if you can find the user or not. Despite the recent conversation you had with them, the user is missing from the chat list. Then this is a clear sign that the user has blocked you.

5. Verify By Sending Them a Text

Don’t you think it would be great to just ask them directly? It is, right!! No one can clarify your doubt better than the person themselves.

Firstly, you can try sending them a text message on Snapchat itself. Open the previous conversation, now just open the chatbox and drop them a text. If the message gets delivered then you will be prompted with a Delivered sign, otherwise, it will just say Pending. However, sometimes internet issues can also give you a pending message sign.

Secondly, if you have some other contact info of the user then just talk to them through that source. It could be Whatsapp or Messenger. So, just try it out.

Final Words

Snapchat never notifies you if someone has blocked you. Hence, it is necessary to learn it on your own. If you think you have been blocked, first be sure of it. The methods that we have mentioned here will give you a brief idea if someone actually blocked you or not. So, read thoroughly and analyze your situation with it.

Also, if you are facing trouble with someone, indeed they need to be blocked. So, do not hesitate and just deny to get along with it anymore. You can also temporarily mute them on your Snapchat account.