Kiddions Mod Menu: Download Latest Version For Free

If you enjoy playing video games, you’ve likely heard about mod menus, which are tools for modding games so that you can access extra features, items, and skills. One such mod menu that has been making waves in the gaming world is the Kiddions Mod Menu. With the use of this tool, players can change Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) to make it more engaging and fun.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the Kiddions Mod Menu universe and examine its features, advantages, and practical use for improving GTA V gameplay. Now fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an exciting adventure of game customization!


What Is the Kiddions Mod Menu?

The Kiddions Mod Menu is a game modification tool designed for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). It is a mod menu that allows players to modify various aspects of their gameplay, including adding money, unlocking vehicles and weapons, modifying player attributes, and more.

The Kiddions Mod Menu is also user-friendly, allowing players to easily navigate through its menu and select the options they want to modify. It is very popular among GTA V players due to its ease of use, extensive range of features, and the fact that it is free to download and use.

However, it is important to note that using mod menus like Kiddions in online gameplay can result in a ban or suspension from the game.

Features of Kiddions Mod Menu?

Kiddions Mod Menu is a popular mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V that offers a range of features that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some of the key features of Kiddions Mod Menu:

1. Money Drop

The “Money Drop” function of the Kiddions Mod Menu is one of its most popular features. With this function, Grand Theft Auto V gamers can instantly add money to their accounts. Gamers can choose how much money to add, and the mod menu will automatically add that amount to their account.

For players who wish to swiftly acquire money and purchase expensive in-game stuff like homes, cars, and guns, the money drop option is especially helpful. Players can add millions of cash to their accounts instantly with Kiddions Mod Menu.

It’s important to keep in mind that using the money drop tool carries some risks. The risk of getting banned or suspended from the game increases if you add a lot of money to your account. Hence, players are advised to utilize the money drop tool responsibly and at their own risk.

Players should also refrain from using the money drop option when playing online because it may be viewed as cheating and lead to a ban or suspension from the game. Use the function only in single-player mode to get the advantages without jeopardizing the security of your account.

2. Vehicle Spawner

The car spawner is one of Kiddions Mod Menu’s most popular features. Players can instantly spawn any vehicle in the game thanks to this functionality. Players can easily spawn rare and difficult-to-find cars with this function. For gamers that like driving and customizing cars, this feature proves to be very exciting.

To spawn a car, players need to visit the mod menu and choose the desired vehicle. There are many other types of vehicles available in the mod menu, such as bikes, trucks, motorcycles, planes, and even boats. Once a vehicle has been chosen, the player will see it in front of them, ready to drive.

Gamers can also modify the paint, wheels, engine, and other features of their vehicles, as well as how they look and operate. By doing this, users can design their personalized cars that aren’t included in the game.

3. Player Options

One of the key features of Kiddions Mod Menu for Grand Theft Auto V is its player options. This feature allows players to modify various attributes of their character to enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some of the player options available in Kiddions Mod Menu:

  1. Health and Armor: With this option, players can modify their character’s health and armor levels, making them more durable in combat situations.
  2. Stats: The mod menu allows players to modify various character stats, including shooting, driving, flying, and stamina, among others. Players can increase their stats to become more proficient in these areas.
  3. Appearance: The player options also allow players to modify their character’s appearance. This includes changing their clothing, accessories, and even their gender.
  4. Wanted level: Players can use the mod menu to modify their wanted level in the game. They can clear their wanted level, set it to a specific level, or even increase it for a more challenging gameplay experience.
  5. Special abilities: The mod menu allows players to unlock and modify special abilities for their character, such as super speed and invincibility.
  6. Teleportation: Players can use the mod menu to teleport their character to any location in the game world. This allows for quick and easy travel between different areas.

4. Weapons Options

One of the exciting features of Kiddions Mod Menu for Grand Theft Auto V is its Weapons Options. This feature allows players to unlock and customize weapons in the game to enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some of the key aspects of the Weapons Options feature:

  1. Weapon unlocks: With Kiddions Mod Menu, players can unlock special weapons that are not normally available in the game. This includes rare and unique weapons that can give players an edge in battles and missions.
  2. Weapon customization: The mod menu allows players to modify the attributes of their weapons, including damage, range, accuracy, and more. Players can create customized weapons that suit their play style and help them achieve their goals in the game.
  3. Weapon drops: The mod menu also offers the option to drop weapons into the game. This means that players can instantly acquire any weapon they want without having to search for it or complete missions to unlock it.
  4. Ammo modifications: The mod menu also allows players to modify the amount of ammo they have for each weapon. This means that players can have unlimited ammo, making it easier to take down enemies and complete missions.

5. Recovery Options

One of the Kiddions Mod Menu’s main features is the recovery options. The game’s anti-cheat system may have suspended or banned a player’s account. But this feature enables them to regain control of it. A player’s account can be reset using the recovery options. 

A player’s rank can be reset, any negative points can be taken away, and the player’s report history can also be cleared. This means that if a person has been accused of cheating or other wrongdoing by other players, they can use the recovery options to clear their record and start over.

6. Free Mode Event

Free mode events are one of the many features that the Kiddions Mod Menu offers. These events are designed to provide players with additional challenges and rewards in the game, and they are normally only available at certain times. However, with the Kiddions Mod Menu, players can trigger these events at any time, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to their gameplay experience.

There are several different free-mode events that players can activate using the Kiddions Mod Menu. Some of these events include races, challenges, and missions. For example, players can trigger a race event and compete against other players in a high-speed race through the streets of Los Santos.

Or, they can trigger a challenge event and compete against other players in various challenges, such as shooting competitions or vehicle stunts. By triggering free mode events using the Kiddions Mod Menu, players can earn rewards and enhance their gameplay experience.

How to Download and Install Kiddions Mod Menu?

Here’s how to download and install Kiddions Mod Menu:

  1. Firstly, you will need to disable Windows Defender. To do this, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Manage Settings and then switch off Real-time Protection.
  2. After that, simply download the latest version of Kiddions Mod Menu from here and then extract the zip using WinRar or 7-Zip.
  3. Once this is done, double-click on the file to open it. Now type in 1 and press the Enter key on your keyboard to update the required packages and install the mod menu.
  4. Once the installation process is completed, simply close the window and fire up GTA 5. From here, press F12 to bring up Kiddions Mod Menu, and you’re all set.

Kiddions mod menu brings a dozen of cheats that can help simplify your gameplay. It’s free, as previously mentioned, and works perfectly fine. So go ahead and enable the cheats you want, and game on.

Why Choose Kiddions Mod Menu?

Kiddions Mod Menu has become a popular choice among Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) players who are looking to enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some of the reasons why players may choose the Kiddions Mod Menu:

  1. It’s free: One of the biggest advantages of Kiddions Mod Menu is that it is completely free to download and use. Unlike other mod menus, which may require payment or a subscription, Kiddions Mod Menu is available to all players without any cost.
  2. User-friendly interface: Kiddions Mod Menu is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The menu is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for players to select the options they want to modify.
  3. Wide range of features: The mod menu offers a wide range of features, including money drops, vehicle spawner, player and weapon options, recovery options, and more. This means that players can customize their gameplay experience to suit their preferences and play styles.
  4. Anti-ban protection: Kiddions Mod Menu includes anti-ban protection, which helps to prevent players from being detected by the game’s anti-cheat system and getting banned. This is a crucial feature for players who want to use mod menus without risking their account being banned or suspended.
  5. Community Support: Kiddions Mod Menu has a strong community of users who provide support and advice on how to use the mod menu effectively. Players can access forums and online communities to get help with any issues they may encounter while using the mod menu.

Is Kiddions Mod Menu Safe to Use?

Yes, Kiddions Mod Menu is 100% safe to use. It is risk-free for all GTA 5 players. Also, since the mod menu is free, you won’t have to pay anything to access it. Moreover, the mod menu functions well with GTA 5. The mod menu’s creators also make sure that the tool is updated regularly and stays up with the most recent changes to the game. If you use the Kiddions Mod Meny, you can improve your gaming abilities in GTA 5. 

However, many players are unaware of the numerous risks associated with these mod menus. And certainly, a lot of people do get themselves into trouble when their accounts get blocked, costing them lots of money and effort.

And that’s where GTA 5’s Kiddions mod menu comes into play. The mod itself is one of the most popular and secure tools on the market, unlike the vast majority of mod menus. If you use the Kiddions mod menu for GTA 5, you won’t have to be concerned about using unethical cheats that could get your account banned.


1. Can I get banned in GTA V by using Kiddions Mod Menu?

Kiddion’s mod menu has the advantage of being an external menu, which Rockstar Games cannot detect. While getting banned is always a possibility, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll get banned if you use the most recent version. However, if you still are afraid of using the Mod Menu, we suggest that you use

2. Why does my antivirus warn me about the file?

Antiviruses warn you about the Kiddions Mod Menu because they detect it as a virus and show false positives. This means that even when a file is not a virus, antivirus software may falsely flag it as such. Almost all game trainers inject into the game and alter files, which is similar to how true viruses might function.

As a result, certain antivirus programs will provide a false warning about the file. By temporarily turning off your antivirus while using the mod menu, you can get around this.


Players of Grand Theft Auto 5 can improve their game experience with the help of the Kiddions Mod Menu. Users can alter the scenario in-game, gain new weaponry, and change the appearance of their characters, among other features that let them personalize their experience.

Although the use of mod menus is debatable among gamers, Kiddions Mod Menu stands out as a reliable and safe choice, with no reports of players being banned or otherwise penalized for using it.