How To Jailbreak iPhone 7?

If you are thinking of the question “How to Jailbreak iPhone 7” then this article is surely going to help you. I am going to provide you every knowledge about jailbreak and also going to share with you the step to follow. I am also going to solve the questions which are asked by users recently.

Apple is so much reputed company and they always focus on customer data privacy. But due to Apple’s so much protection, we always face problems of not using a third-party application. Apple always increases their limitation due to privacy or protection purpose.

So that’s why we need to jailbreak our iPhone. And today world iOS users always raise the question of how to Jailbreak iPhone. This article will guide you on “how to jailbreak iPhone 7”.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is like it is going to give you freedom from iOS restriction and give access to the iOS file system. After you jailbreak you can use the restricted application which iOS doesn’t go to allow you. Some freedom after jailbreaking access to install application, tweaks, and theme which you can customize by yourself to take a feel of iPhone 7.

During your jailbreak, an official application is provided by Apple which makes it easy to jailbreak the applications and themes. For Example- the Cydia application helps you to jailbreak iPhone.

1. Types Of Jailbreaking

There 4 types of Jailbreaking that you can perform at your convenience.

  1. Tethered:- You can use this method only once by the single boot only at that time. But if you restart the phone then you have to jailbreak your phone again by using a PC. And you to use again boot tethered feature if you don’t do it again then your phone will get stuck in recovery mode.
  2. Untethered Jailbreak:- Untethered Jailbreak is permitted you to restart your phone but does not also you to patch the kernel, it will stay patched. Even after that you can still able to access jailbroken version after restarting your device.
  3. Semi-Tethered Jailbreak:– In semi-tethered jailbreak iPhone will get boot without patched kernel, and the patched kernel can not be able to run the modified code. But after this, your iPhone does not work in jailbreaking apps. You have to use jailbreak software to use a patched kernel.
  4. Semi-Untethered Jailbreak:- semi-untethered Jailbreak is almost similar to the semi-untethered jailbreak process, but if you jailbroke your iPhone with this then it does not remain jail-broken after you do reboot it. Semi-untethered only allows you to jailbreak your phone and give access to use the application on your iPhone but you also no need for any computer to do the jailbreak.

The benefits of jailbreak Include installing jailbreak apps, and themes to decorate/customize the look of the phone.

How To JailBreak iPhone 7?

If you want the Uncover method to do your Jailbreaking of iPhone, then first you have to update your iPhone. If you want to check the version of your iPhone then you can check it from the website after that you have to follow the further steps by using Macbook.

Now you aim to carefully follow the steps to Jailbreak your iPhone 7:

  1. First, you have to download and install this software on your Mac by following this link
  2. Now open the AltStore application from your Desktop
  3. When you open the AltStore application then click on the AltServer which is shown on your screen after the opening of AltStore and after that select their Install Mail Plugin. 
  4. After you complete the last step now enable the AltPlugin from your Mail app application.
  5. Now you have to attach your iPhone with Mac by using a USB.
  6. After you have to open the AltStore and pick your iPhone which is the iPhone 7.
  7. Now sign in there with your Apple ID after that click to install.
  8. Here you have to go through the Device management from the general setting, then click on Apple ID, and after that click on trust twice here you will get Unc0ver installed in your iPhone.
  9. After getting installed Unc0ver open it on your iPhone and then click on the button given to you as Blue Jailbreak.
  10. After the process once done then, your device will get a reboot.
  11. After your device will get reboots then run the Jailbreak tool one more time in Unc0ver.

Now click on the button which shows you Jailbreak and that’s it you have done it.

Uncover Also Supports Other Devices. Here is the list:-

Here is the list of devices that support Uncover.

  1. iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus is supporting with iOS 11 and the version is iOS 12.4.1
  2. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE is supporting with iOS 11 and the version is iOS 13.5
  3. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is supporting with iOS 11 and the version is iOS 13.5
  4. iPhone X and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus is supporting iOS 11 and the version is iOS 13.5
  5. iPhone XS, XS Max, XR is supporting with iOS 13.5.1, 13.6, 13.6.1
  6. iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE with 2020 model is supporting with iOS 13.5.1, 13.6, 13.6.1

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that come to mind while jailbreaking for the first time.

1. Will Jailbreaking Void My iPhone’s Warranty?

If you go through Apple’s support document their they write that they can deny the required services of iPhone who has installed any jailbreak services or unauthorized software. So if you ever jailbreak your iPhone then you will not get a warranty from Apple or any kind of support from customer care. If you still want to warranty alive then you can restore the iPhone to its factory settings which you changed and you will get rid of the traces of jailbreaks. So from this method, you can save your warranty.

2. Is iPhone Jailbreaking Legal?

iPhone jailbreaking is legal if you see the U.S. library which withdrawing Digital Millennium Copyright Act from iPhone, Tablet Etc. 

Therefore, you can change your software without trying to breach the copyright. Still, if you take advantage of jailbreaking by streaming torrents and movies illegally, you will break the law and be charged for copyright issues.

3. Can We Download The App From The App Store After Jailbreaking?

Definitely Yes, you can use the App Store and can download the Application without any issue.


In this article, we discussed how to jailbreak iPhone 7. And I also discussed What is jailbreaking, the types of jailbreak, benefits of jailbreak. I also share some frequently asked queries. After that, if you still face some issues then you can discuss them with us in the chatbox.