iMovie for Windows – 10 Best Alternatives You Can Try

iMovie, one of the leading software in the iOS industry photo editing videos. Those days are gone when we were only able to just record a video and save it to our device, now we can do things like, add filters to it, add an external sound, background, music crop it, and much more exciting stuff. 

iMovie is very popular among bloggers, and people who keep regularly posting videos on different social media websites. The only downline of this software is that it is only available for iOS. Makers have not made it compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. But there’s nothing to worry about as we are going to look at the best alternative for iMovie for Windows.

How to Download iMovie For Windows?

As mentioned in the introduction itself, the makers of iMovie have not made this software compatible with Windows yet. It is only available for all iOS users. If it is not compatible with windows, then the point of downloading it for Windows devices is out of the competition. 

You will come across many websites that will claim that you can download iMovie for Windows. But never believe in such claims because on the name of iMovie, they will make you download Malware on your Windows. 

Don’t worry, we will update this article as soon as the developers launch an official iMovie for Windows. Till then, let’s look at the best iMovie alternative for Windows. 

Best iMovie Alternatives For Windows 2021 

Here’s a list of the best alternatives of iMovie for windows that work exactly the same as iMovie. You can try every name mentioned in the list and stick with the one that satisfies your needs. 

1. Movavi

The first name on our list and the best alternative for iMovie is famous by the name Movavi. This platform lets you take a particular color scheme from a movie or a video and add it to your video. You can also synchronize audio and video together if you have recorded them separately.

Movavi also allows you to add different logos to your video to make it more eye-catching. The only downside of this platform is that you can’t download edited videos being offline.

2. Shortcut Video Editor

Shortcut Video Editor is open-source software that works absolutely fine with Windows, Linux, as well as Mac. The majority of its features are similar to another video editing app called Filmora. The interface of this platform is very simple and easy to understand.

Shortcut Video Editor allows you to add different filters to your video to make it look more good. Moreover, you can directly upload edited videos on different social media platforms. The only downside of this platform is that you can’t preview filters before adding them to your videos.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is definitely a considerable iMovie alternative. Using this platform you can do many exciting things with your audio and video tracks. You can add different motion graphics to them.

The best feature of this platform is that you can use at most 4 videos and 3 audio at the same time. This platform is compatible with PC, smartphones, as well as tablets. The only downside we noticed with this platform is that it doesn’t provide any transition effects. 

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Another name from the family of Adobe. Adobe Premiere Pro is best known for its unique way of trimming videos. You can even trim the videos while it’s playing. 90% of the features of this platform are similar to iMovie.

But some exclusive features that you only get with Adobe Premiere Pro are colorizing option, transforming effect, and chroma-key. The only downside of this platform is that there are very few animated templates. 

5. EasyUS Video Editor

If you are not able to edit your videos because of their file format then we have the perfect video editor name for you, i.e EasyUS Video Editor. It allows you to edit more videos in more than 30 formats.

Some exclusive features that you get only on this editor are, add subtitles to the video, add beautiful effects and convert the video. Its huge pricing can be considered as its main downside. 

6. Corel Video Studio

Looking for the most advanced tools like multi-camera editing, video masking, and motion tracking, then go with the name Corel Video Studio.

The best features about this platform are that we can edit 360-degree videos and edit videos in 4K quality. The only downside of this platform is that it doesn’t come with any tagging options.

7. Cyberlink Power Director

Use this platform if you want to edit a video with options like transition effect and titles. Cyberlink Power Director comes with many pre-installed features so that you don’t have to install them separately.

You can also add animated objects to the video. Moreover, just like Corel Video Studio it also supports 360° editing. 

8. VideoPad Video Editor

Most of the features that you will find on VideoPad Video Editor come pre-installed so that you don’t have to install them separately.

It also offers more than 50 visual effects so that you can give a very beautiful look to your videos. The only downside we noticed on this platform is that it doesn’t come with any audio editor.

9. Lightworks

Lightworks is best for trimming your videos without losing their actual quality. This platform has been made for the easy rendering of high-quality videos.

You can edit videos of up to 5K quality and add various effects and tracks to them. The user interface can be hard to understand for some users other than this it can be considered the best alternative for iMovie. 

10. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is the final name on our list. It comes with hundreds of built-in options and features. Using this platform you can add filters, special effects, and transitions to your videos. And the best part about this platform is that it’s completely free, i.e you don’t need to buy any subscription for using this platform. 

Top 10 iMovie Alternatives to Make Movies on Your PC

Here’s a list of top iMovie alternatives. This software works exactly the same as iMovie.

  1. Movavi
  2. Shortcut Video Editor
  3. Adobe Premiere Rush
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. EasyUS Video Editor
  6. Corel Video Studio
  7. Cyberlink Power Director
  8. VideoPad Video Editor
  9. Lightworks
  10. VSDC Video Editor

Final Words

Nobody can match the level of iMovie, but as there is no official version of iMovie for Windows the only option left with us is to use its best alternative. And this post was all about that. We hope you will find this post helpful. In case you have any doubt or feedback regarding this post please let us know in the comments section.