Hulu Student Discount: Get it Free with Spotify Premium

Who doesn’t like discounts? Be it a sale on your favorite pair of shoes or a bumper discount offer at your favorite store. Everyone loves it. Besides as a student, we always love to take advantage of some extra offers available to us. And if you too are wondering how to save more of your pocket money. Let me give you a piece of breaking news. Now, you can also go for saving money on your favorite streaming site through Hulu student discount offers.

And this guide will help you with a step by step process to avail this benefit without a loss. Hence, pick your favorite spot and start reading further to know more about these student discounts. 

About Hulu

Hulu is a video-on-demand streaming site available with a vast collection of TV shows and movies. The main focus of this streaming site is to provide its user with the best content on popular TV shows of some best channels, original films, documentaries, etc.

After the actual airing of the shows, you only have to wait for a day to watch the latest episodes. And now, Hulu has even launched its offline service for the users. Here, you can download and watch the downloaded content for 30 days. Unlike the cable operators, there are no hidden charges involved in the installation process. Hence, its the easiest and most affordable form of the streaming site available.

Hulu Student Discount

Hulu does not provide its own discount offers. However, it does have a special offer for college students in partnership with Spotify premium student discount plan. With the Spotify premium discount plan, you will get access to ad-free songs with the free download, offline songs, and many more. Besides, you will also get complete access to Hulu’s library with an extensive collection of some stunning shows.

Here you get the benefit of two with just one plan. And the Hulu subscription will cost less than the actual plan. So, you get to manage your finances better, and you get the benefit of three subscriptions at once.


So, let’s talk about the features provided with the Hulu student discount on this section. The student subscription comes with 1 month of free service with an endless entertainment package. So, what is it that you are offered when you apply for a student discount?

Hulu: It has a vast collection of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy. It, however, is ad-supported. With the subscription, you can watch Dave, Family Guys, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and many more such shows.

Spotify: You can listen to numerous songs without any interruption. You can curate your playlist and share it with your friends. It also offers some best podcasts that you can take advantage of for sure.

Showtime: Apart from the above two, you also get showtime comprising of original series like shameless, Black Monday, etc as well as documentaries. sports, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

All the students with US title IV accredited universities or colleges are eligible for the student’s discount. It involves community colleges, four-year universities, and institutions with US title IV. Besides, you must be above 18 years to be eligible to access the Hulu student discount.

How to Claim Hulu Student Discount?

Hulu offers a student discount in partnership with Spotify. If you try to get a subscription to Hulu, you will have to pay around $5.99/month. But with Student discount, this subscription charges reduce to $4.99/month. Also, you get to enjoy three services at this cost. Besides, all these services come for free for the first month.

Anyway, if you go for an individual purchase of these three packages, then it will cost you around $26.97. Hence, three services at just $4.99 is a great money saver as you save $21.98. And this comes with a great entertainment package.

So, how to claim the student discount? Continue to the next section to know about in detail.

How To Claim The Hulu Student Discount?

To claim the Hulu student discount you will need to look for Spotify premium student discount. Hulu does not have its own offers. And that is why we have explained the step-by-step process to claim the student discount hasslefree. Hence, follow these exact steps to grab the entertainment package.

  • Go to the Spotify Student page by clicking here. This link will direct you to the student discount page automatically.
  • On the homepage, click on Get 1 Month Free tab. Once done, you will be directed to the registration page.

  • Login to the site with your Spotify account. If you are a new user create your account by filling in the details. Here, you get to sign in through Google, Facebook, and Apple ID. Hence, choose the one that suits you the best.

  • Once you are done with this process. You need to go for the verification process to confirm you are a student. Here, with the help of SheerID, the site will confirm that you are a student automatically.

  • After the verification is done, your account will have the status as verified. Now, enter the billing information to complete the registration process.

And voila, you are now eligible to access the Hulu streaming site without any problem. Also, you get the benefit of two other subscriptions i.e., Spotify and Showtime. Hence, with unlimited Streaming enjoy unlimited music as well.

Final Words

We know that several queries were running through your mind. And through this entry, we have sorted all the methods and descriptions regarding the Hulu student discount. And as now you know what you need to enjoy this offer. So, just go and grab this offer and enjoy music as well as movies in one shot. That too at an affordable rate.

Have Fun!!