How To Detect Keylogger on Android Without Rooting?

Android is one of the emerging technologies that has never failed to impress its users. And you all are familiar with its amazing features on a smartphone such as an internet surfing, play music, share photos, etc. However, the more transparency it provides to the outer world, the more it becomes prone to hackers. And one such risk involves Keylogger on Android. Hackers try to steal your personal info, card details, and much more through the keylogger. Hence it becomes necessary to know how to detect keylogger on Android.

What Is Android Keylogger?

A keylogger is a software that records all the keystrokes made by a person without their acknowledgment. It is a significant process through which a hacker tries to steal all the personal and financial information from the users.

The keylogger resides on the device without revealing itself to the user. The hacker mostly gains access through the third-party keypad apps. And tries to record the text message, notes, call logs, passwords from your device. Also, it is hard to detect a keylogger on your Android device.

However, by being aware of the signs and taking appropriate actions against it, you can know how to detect keylogger on Android easily.

Signs That Your Device Is Hit By A Keylogger

In this modern world, though there are various ways through which one can trespass into your Android device. But even the wicked intruder can’t stop the signs regarding the spyware on your device. And there are some specific signs through which you can know if your Android device is prone to a threat.

1. Easily Drained Battery

Mostly your smartphone battery drains as per the usage of the apps. But when a keylogger hits your device, the battery power automatically reduces. It happens because the malicious app is running in the background silently. Although it may not seem fishy at first, if you see a rapid battery drain on your device, then its time to be alert.

The easily drained battery can sound a little hypothetical. But don’t worry we do have other signs to detect keylogger on Android.

2. Higher Phone Temperature

Well, a smartphone tends to produce heat. Hence, it is always suggested to keep your phone away from overheating. However, the application software working quietly on the background can make the phone to heat up. As it can be a tricky process to detect.

Just try to close all the background applications and then check again. Anyway, if you still think that your device heats up more often then before. Then there is a chance that a keylogger resides on your device.

3. Slow Performance

Smartphone, as the name says, it has been designed to run smoothly and efficiently. And Android smartphones are such gadgets that are evolving day by day. There is no way to have a performance issue on the latest versions. Even so, if the performance of your smartphone is being compromised then its time to take some action and detect the keylogger.

The keylogger runs in the background which makes the other application load slowly. And this affects the performance of your Android device.

4. Phone Restarts Randomly

One of the most irritating effects of a keylogger is the random shutdown and revival of the phone on its own. Keylogger running in the background can make the system work unexpectedly. Due to which the phone can face some uncertain and risky activities.

Although there can be other reasons for the random shutdown like system updates or issues regarding security. But it is worth a shot to check for a keylogger on the Android device. 

5. Receiving Strange Messages

Android keyloggers are generally installed by third-party apps or via text message. Here, text messages are the best way to make the user unknowingly install the apps through the given link.

Hence, if you receive any new text message from unknown numbers with such download links, then avoid using them and delete all such text messages. And try to detect such keyloggers on your Android.

How To Detect Keylogger On Android?

If you are looking for a way on how to detect keylogger on Android. Then rest assured as there are various ways to detect and remove this keylogger. Just take a look at the list below and remove those keyloggers from your Android device as soon as possible.

1. Check File Manager

Every application installed on your Android device has a file location. So is the case for malicious third-party applications residing on your smartphone. You can locate such files in the file manager. Therefore, thoroughly check for some malicious files that you are unaware of, and delete them as soon as possible.

2. Reset Your Phone

When in doubt, reset your phone. It will not only remove the keylogger from your device but also clear your phone from any suspicious files available. You should, however, backup all your crucial data from your smartphone before you proceed further to reset your phone.

3. Scan Through Antivirus

Antivirus is probably the most important solution to get rid of any suspicious files or apps that are unknown to you. Also, it can be a great help to detect spyware or malware, namely, keylogger from your Android device. Hence, choose the best antivirus program for your Android and use it as a weapon against the keyloggers or viruses.

4. Locate The Source

As you know, text messages are the most vulnerable method to transfer a keylogger to your Android device. Also, some third-party apps include spyware such as keyloggers in it. And, this may not be known to you. Hence, track the recent activities or changes done on your device and act accordingly. Once you detect the actual cause, you can get rid of the keylogger from your Android. 

Final Words

By the end of the article, I would like to give you all a word of advice. First of all, don’t be too dependent on your Android device to save your personal and financial information. It can be too risky. And the second thing is if you get any of the signs mentioned above. Then take the necessary action soon as now you know how to detect keylogger on Android. And how troublesome it can be.