GTA 5 Mobile Download – Is it Possible to Play on Android?

You can find many action-adventure games online but none matches the Rockstar’s most famous GTA franchise. And you must be familiar with the popularity of GTA 5. As it holds a record of $1 billion profit after its release on the gaming platform. Now, this is what the trend looks like. And since its release, the most popular query has been GTA 5 Mobile versions for Android. Though is it available? For real!!!

Various sites claim to provide the GTA 5 game for mobile. Although GTA 5 game for mobile has not been officially released yet. However, until then read this article where we are going to unveil the reality of the sites offering GTA 5 for Android on the internet.

About GTA 5 PC

Rockstar Games had launched GTA 5 in 2013 based on action and adventure. This gaming console supports first-person as well as third-person perspective during the gameplay. Also, this is perfect gameplay for a heist series that involves shooting and driving. Rockstar Games launched this game on PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox One, etc. This stunning game is also available on your favourite Steam platforms (Go grab it!!).

In Grand Theft Auto, you get to play with three character criminals named Michel De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. Here, you need to complete the missions of all three character at a time. By using the directional compass on HUD, you can change characters in the game.

The heist is the centre of attraction of this game. All these characters are required to do is commit heist under the nose of the corrupt government and criminal agencies. These challenging missions and a huge amount of money makes the gameplay even more interesting among the players.

Due to the huge system requirement, this game is not yet published officially on Mobile by Rockstar Games. However, there are millions of people searching for GTA 5 mobile games online. And some fan-made sites even offer this game stating it to be official. But is it safe to use these site games? This could probably be a scam.

Is GTA 5 Available for Mobile or Android?

With GTA franchise being so vast, Rockstar Games has previously launched some of its series on Mobile. These games involve GTA 3, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA Liberty Cities. Anyway, you will not find GTA 4 and GTA 5 for mobile on Google Play Store or App Store. As it is not released officially by Rockstar Games.

Though there was a flash of news on GTA 5 for mobile once before. But it has been a long while since these statements were made. Numerous sites are claiming to provide GTA 5 game for mobile. But the question arises if this game is safe or even compatible with your mobile.

Requirements For Android Version of GTA 5

GTA 5 requires some higher configuration to run smoothly on mobile phones. Today, Android works on the latest version i.e., Android pie. And the recent phones available has in-built 8 GB RAM. But still, it is not possible to match the configuration requirements of GTA 5.

As GTA 5 PC game file is almost 72 GB in size. And it needs a video card memory of 2 GB. Besides the graphics it provides is too powerful for Android to handle. All of these features make it impossible to enjoy the gameplay on mobile.

Third-party GTA 5 Mobile App Download

Some third-party apps like Vortex, LiquidSky and Moonlight are some cloud gaming services. These apps provide a high-end gaming experience for Fortnite, GTA 5, PUBG and many more such games. So, subscribe to these services to get full access.

To run GTA 5 on these third-party apps you need to sign up to their account. And have access to GTA 5 on Steam. Only then you can enjoy the game on these sites.

Due to its bad configuration, there are various complains from its user. Although these apps work just fine, you won’t be satisfied with the gameplay. Also, you may experience the lagging and blurry effects in the gameplay which is enough to ruin your gaming moment. Also, the subscription fees of these games will only make you pockets heavier. As most of us prefer free services more.

Truth Behind Mobile Apps For GTA 5

There are gamers desperately looking for GTA 5 mobile on the internet. Even so, there are sites online that claim to provide the APK and OBB download link file. And several YouTube channels also guarantees you to run GTA 5 on mobile.

As you may have experienced, there are millions of such websites ready to offer the apk file for GTA 5. But the truth cannot be changed. The sites offering APK and OBB files are all fake. As there is no authentic source of such files.

Moreover, downloading GTA 5 Mobile from such links could be risky for your device. These files may contain malware, spyware, or viruses. And it can damage or steal your personal information. Hence, beware while downloading such links and files. In fact, don’t even consider downloading these files on your device.

Final Words

Here is a brief insight into GTA 5 mobile sites available online. GTA 5 is one of the most happening games with never-ending heists. This game will surely blow off your mind. But GTA 5 has not yet released officially by Rockstar Games. But still, some sites offer mobile app files claiming it to be real. As now you know that these sites are a scam. Hence, you need to stay aware of such sites and avoid downloading them.

Have a Safe and Happy Gaming!!!