Grand Chase Tier List 2022 – Complete List

Having a great gaming skill decides the winner of a game, but at the same time, a powerful character can also change the result of the game. In short, a powerful character and good gaming skills go hand in hand. And one of the most popular games, Grand Chase works on the same concept. 

Grand Chase is divided into different tires, each tire has its own powerful character. If you are new to this game, it will be difficult for you to find out which is the most powerful character in a respective tire. Therefore, this article has been written as your problem. We have provided the complete Grand Chase tier list so that it becomes easy for you to choose a character based on their skills and power. 

What Is The Grand Chase Tier List?

With more than 200K downloads on Play Store, Grand Chase is a very popular game available for smartphones. It is a two-dimensional game that can be played by anyone for free. It can also be considered an MMORPG, i.e Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

The concept of this game is very simple and straightforward, players will have to build their own army so strong that they can’t be defeated by anyone. You get the option of choosing your favorite hero from a total of hundred heroes.

But as we mentioned, it might be confusing and hard for a new player to choose the right heroes for the battle. So in such a situation, you can completely depend on a tier list.

In layman’s terms, the Grand Chase tier list will help you to choose the best superhero based on their rankings. There are many 6 tires in the game, and each tier has its own respective most powerful Hero. They have been categorized based on their skills, power, and usability. 

1. About Different Grand Chase Tiers

As you must have known by far, you can build an undefeatable army by using different heroes that have unique abilities and fighting power. Assaulters, Mages, Tanks, Healers, are some of the most used characters of Grand Chase. And all these characters have been divided based on their skills and unique power. Let’s take a brief look at the different tires present in the game. 

  • S-Tier – Heroes present in the tire can be considered the best in the game. Choose any character from this tier if you want to give any small chance to your enemy. 
  • A-Tier – Heroes present in this category are full of skills and unique powers. They are definitely better than the downline tires, and she can give a tough competition to S-Tier heroes.
  • B-Tier Include the heroes from this tier, if you want to build a strong army. They will act as a great support to both S and A-tier heroes.
  • C-Tier Heroes Of this tire are particularly skilled in any one specific category. They can give a tough competition to heroes of the D and E category.
  • D-Tier – Heroes of this category are only used for increasing the number of armies, for giving a huge outer look to your force. 
  • E-Tier – Just like D-Tier heroes, E-Tier heroes are also used for just giving a huge outer look to your army force. Heroes present in this category can be easily defeated by anyone. 

Grand Chase Tier List 2022

So here comes the part for which you are all waiting, the Grand Chase tier list. This list will help you to build an army that can easily defeat enemy enemies without any struggle. So let’s straight to listing the best heroes of respective tiers. 

1. S-Tier Heroes

Here’s the list of all the S-tier heroes. They are the most powerful heroes in the game.

  • Ley: Ley or also known as Ley Von Crimson River is one of the most powerful heroes, she has received his powers from the demon world. She survived a life-taking disease and after that grew stronger. 

  • Amy: Losing isn’t any word in the dictionary of Amy. She is an egoist hero, and she is proud of her bright and charming personality.

  • Serdin: Serdin, or also famous for the title “First Queen of Serdin Kingdom” is a powerful character that can easily defeat a huge army without any struggle. “Serdin” is also the name of her kingdom.

  • Jin: Jin is an adventurous superhero who is passionate and generous about winning every battle of which he is a part. 

  • Lass: Lass is a very down-to-earth person who generally avoids getting involved in a fight. But when the fight happens, he is always ready to provide support to his friends. 

  • Dio

  • Ronan

2. A-Tier Heroes

It’s time for listing all the A-Tier Heroes.

  • Veigas: Veigas, this character has gained immense power and skills by traveling different parts of the world. He is also famous by the name, “Dimension twisting Demon King”.

  • Elesis: Elesis belongs to the famous Sieghart family. She has sacrificed many things and gone through body-exhausting training to reach the position where she is now.

  • Lime: Go with Lime, if you are looking for a passionate Hero. She always believes that justice is the biggest factor. And for her justice is the biggest reason to live.

  • Kyle: Full of confidence and determination, Kyle is a guy who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of using a battle. 
  • Cindy: Full of positive energy, Cindy is the type of guy who is respected by everyone.
  • Rufus

  • Rin
  • Sieghart

  • Hanout

  • Poseidon

3. B-Tier Heroes

Here’s a list of top B-tier heroes that you can choose.

  • Ryan

  • Arme

  • Rasel

  • Lire

  • Mari

  • Olivia

  • Dark Nephilim

  • Assemble
  • Sage

4. C-Tier Heroes

Let’s take a look at the top C-Tier heroes.

  • Captain Boar
  • Cleo

  • Sachi

  • Charon

5. D-Tier Heroes

The name of top D-Tier heroes are:

  • Tarragon

  • Turmeric

  • Charon
  • Dullahan

6. E-Tier Heroes

So it is quite obvious that all the names that we haven’t mentioned till now on the list belong to E-Tier. The only job of Heroes belonging to this category is to provide support to your army.

Final Words

With that, we have come to the end of this article. The Grand Chase tier list can be helpful for the new player to choose his favorite character based on his power and skills. The best part is the game keeps adding new characters to the game, so we will update this article as soon as a new character is added to the game. Moreover, don’t forget to leave your feedback and doubt regarding this post in the comment section.