Fix: Google Maps Not Working Properly on Android

You are a newbie to the city and just wanted to go out and have a sip of coffee or just go for a walk. To find the directions you open your Google maps and found it not working. Being free to use and accuracy no other navigation app is as trustful as Google maps. Just enter your desired destination and get the directions is the best feature of Google maps. Be it, delivery guys, or cab drivers this application is really helpful for all sections of society.
But what to do if this app stops working all of a sudden. Recently this application got some bugs and stopped working suddenly. Most of the users have reported this issue and it has created difficulty for its regular users. We have come up with the possible reasons behind the bugs and working methods that will help you in fixing this issue of Google maps not working.

Read on this article to end to bypass this issue forever!

Why Is My Google Maps Not Working?

There might be some specific reasons behind this issue and you need to know them before taking any further step. Following are some possible reasons behind this bug:-

  • Poor WiFi Connection
  • Miscalibration
  • Outdated Application

So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss various methods to fix this Google Maps not working problem.

Let’s begin!

Different Ways To Fix Google Maps Not Working Problem

Here are the different ways to fix this issue and start using its navigation features again.

1. Check If The GPS Is On

If your location is turned off, you cannot expect your app to work properly. Even if your location is turned ON and your device is not working then you can turn it off and then turn it ON again after restarting your device. This might help you in fixing this issue.

Check if the issue is fixed if still, the Google maps not working error persists, then move to the next fix.

2. Update Your Google Maps App

Your outdated application might also be the reason behind the application not working. You can update your application using these steps.

  1. Go to play store and search for google maps.
  2. Update your google maps app if there is an update available

This should help you get back on the road and start using Google maps again.

3. Check Your Wifi And Data Connection

You cannot expect google maps to work if you have no data connection. Even slow WiFi will cause the issue of Google maps not working.  You can switch off your WiFi and use your data connection to navigate.

There is also a feature in google maps to download offline maps. So if you know that you will be going to be out of connection after some time then you can download Google Maps offline before you go out of the zone.

4. Calibrate The GPS Manually

Usually, google maps calibrate by itself but sometimes it gets disturbed due to some internal issues. You can try calibrating it manually. If a beam of your blue dot in google maps is larger and not in the right direction then you need to calibrate it manually. Here are the easy steps that will guide you in calibrating the maps manually.

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android phone.
  2. Start drawing figure 8 on your screen with a finger until your compass gets calibrated.

The beam should be narrow and should point in the right direction by now.

5. Turn On High Accuracy Mode For Location

Sometimes google maps face difficulty in detecting your locations and thus needs high accuracy enabled to detect your location. High accuracy mode uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS to know your location. You can turn it on by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the location option.
  3. Switch off the location using the toggle button at the top.
  4. Navigate to Mode and select High accuracy option.

This should help you fix Google maps not working bug on your Android device.

Some Tips Regarding Google Maps

Here are some suggestions to keep your google maps working in fine condition.

  1. Always keep your application updated.
  2. Keep your device updated and check your system updates regularly.
  3. Switch ON High Accuracy mode when you face any issue. Keeping it ON always may lead to faster draining of battery.
  4. Don’t deny any permission to google maps. Doing this may lead to misbehavior of the application. If you are afraid of giving any permissions to google maps. Don’t worry Google already has your all information. HA HA HA

It is also possible that there is some problem with your google account with which you have signed in to google maps. If all the steps go in Vain, then you are suggested to sign in with another account.

The Final Take

Being backed by GOOGLE this application has a big user base that really depends on it. Those who use this application regularly experience problems when this application stops working. Above mentioned methods are working and have fixed many navigation issues of many users earlier also.

We will also keep updating the list of methods. If you have tried all our methods and are experiencing the same issues still then you can tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. Cheers!