Spotify Premium APK: Download and Enjoy MOD for Free

Being an avid music lover myself I know how important is to search for the best music player. And when finally I got my hands on the Spotify player, I was interrupted by the ads. Did this happen to you too? Well, we have a solution for you. You can download Spotify premium Mod apk file to access ad-free music, unlimited skips, and offline music as well.

So, read this article to know more about Spotify premium accounts and apk files. And get yourself engaged in unlimited music without having to spend any money.

About Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service provider that no doubt supports the best algorithm. Whenever you play a piece of music, this streaming site automatically compiles similar songs playlists for you. Its music library is assembled with a great collection of music from different genres, albums, artists, and playlists. Also, it takes good care of your taste by giving you suggestions according to your mood.

Spotify has gained huge popularity in very little time. Although some of its features come for free, but mostly with the interruption of ads and limited skips. So, if you are looking for limitless fun. Choose the best-suited plans for yourself on the Spotify app.

Spotify Plans

Spotify comes up with different plans to choose from. And all of these are some best-offered features.

Spotify Premium Features

Spotify premium subscription plan costs around $9.99 for individual and $4.99 for students. It can be used for free but with limited access. And to gain all the advanced features you need to go for a premium subscription. Also, it is compatible with several devices such as phones, PC, Tablets, etc.

Some of the best features of Spotify are

  • Ad-free Music– Music without any interruption is what everyone wants. And by switching to the Premium subscription, you can access music without any break.
  • High Music Quality- You can access high-quality songs on 320 kbps.
  • Unlimited Song Downloads- Songs download on a free version is not possible. However, you can download and save your favorite songs on the premium version so that you can enjoy songs offline as well.
  • Unlimited Skips- This feature is most important as it gives you the freedom to escape from the songs you don’t want to listen to.

How To Get Spotify Premium for Free?

While Spotify premium can cost you some money, Spotify premium Free APK  can give you the same experience at free of cost. Several sites offer mod files for free with all the premium features available to give you uninterrupted music and much more.

Download the Spotify Premium Apk Mod file through the direct link.

The Mod file features include

  • Size- 26.1 MB
  • Version-
  • Type- Spotify Premium Apk
  • Access High-Quality Music
  • Ad-free Music
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • No root Required
  • Download unlimited Songs

With all these great features, Spotify premium free apk can help you enjoy music wherever you are. And you can get all these features for free. But still, there must be questions on how to install this premium apk on your device. Read the next section to know about it.

How To Install Spotify Mod Apk On Android?

To use Spotify premium without paying for the subscription. The best option is to download Spotify premium free Apk and install it on your device. The modified version of the Spotify app comprises of all the unlocked premium features. It can help you play unlimited music without any ad break and also enhance your experience with HD quality songs.

So, to install the Spotify premium apk file on Android, follow the steps mentioned here.

  • Click Here to download the Spotify premium mod file.
  • The downloaded file will be a .zip file. So, go to File Manager →Downloads and extract the file on your device.
  • Look for the Spotify premium apk file and click the install tab.

  • Go to Settings→ Security and enable the download from other source options.

  • After enabling the download from other sources, go back to the file manager and install the mod file.

  • Open the app after completing the installation process.


However, you need to stay aware while using these mod apk files. The usage of such files can lead to a permanent ban on your account. And Spotify has become conscious of such modded files being used. And they have even banned users using mod files, pirated versions, etc. Anyway, you can try using a second account to get the Spotify premium apk mod file on your device.

How To Fix ‘Incorrect Username And Passwords’ Problem?

While trying to log in to the Spotify premium free apk app, you can encounter an ‘Incorrect Username and Password’ problem. And this problem comes because Spotify has increased its security feature and you cannot log in through email and passwords anymore.

However, you can log in through your Facebook accounts on Spotify premium apk. To do so, first, log out from your Facebook ID and uninstall it. Once done, go to Spotify and click on Continue with Facebook option.

Now, log in through your Facebook account on Spotify and permit all the required access. After which you are ready to use Spotify premium services for free. Also, for a safe side, try to use secondary accounts for the login purpose.

Final Words

So, now can easily get Spotify premium free apk file. Also, you can go through the steps involved to get it installed on your device. However, be aware while using mod apk files as the Spotify authority has started banning accounts of the premium apk users. Hence, take the necessary steps to avoid getting banned. And enjoy music wherever you are.