Free Runescape Accounts 2022: 3 Ways and Generator

Did you come to this post for Free Runescape accounts? We are glad that you did. Today, we are going to share around 70+ working Runescape premium accounts that too for free. So, you won’t have to spend a single penny on the game. In addition, we’ll be telling you a few ways to get premium Runescape accounts. Also, we’ll have a quick discussion over the Runescape account generators. Are you ready? Let’s begin!!!

How To Get Free Runescape Accounts?

Runescape is a very popular adventurous game residing in the world of Geilinor. You get to create your own Avatar in the medieval fantasy game. One of the unique things about Runescape is that you can create your own game, which means you don’t have to follow a single storyline.

Runescape works on two versions: Free-To-Play (F2P) and Pay-To-Play (P2P). P2P has quite a lot of features that the F2P dont have. And you have to pay around 8$/month or 40$/month. However, if you cannot spend that much on the P2P version, then you can take a look at the legit methods mentioned in this section.

1. Earn Through Reward Sites

Reward sites are the best way to earn free Runescape accounts. You can get gift cards, coupons, cash backs, and much more. Hence, we have mentioned a few sites that you can use to get free premium Runescape accounts. Just follow the instructions and perform the specified tasks. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem those points to get premium RuneScape accounts.

1. Swagbucks

Do you keep scrolling on your favorite social media when you are free? Why not use the free-scrolling time to earn some cashback and coupons. Swagbucks is one such site through which you can easily earn points by completing simple surveys, watching videos, and much more. These points or swags can be redeemed after some time to get free accounts.

Login to the site with the required details, and you can start taking surveys. You can even earn Runescape membership cards after redeeming the collected points.

2. InboxDollar

InboxDollar is yet another popular reward site that helps you earn several rewards for free. You can even earn 5 dollars for the sign-up. Watch videos, play games, complete surveys, and earn real cash. Moreover, it is a site that doesn’t provide points but gives you real cash. So, it is definitely worth trying.

3. GrabPoints

Similar to the above two, Grabpoint is one of the best reward sites that you should try. Simply watch videos, take surveys, or complete different offers. You will earn through PayPal cash or Giftcard. Hence, it is the best deal as well to earn cash from this site and purchase your own premium account.

4. SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie is a legit site through which you can earn a few bucks. The functioning is the same as the other sites. You have to complete the surveys, and then you are eligible to earn cash. However, it is not a fast process. You might have to wait for the next survey to come. Hence, it requires loads of patience.

Nevertheless, in the end, it pays off. So, you can go for it and learn a new way to earn some cash.

2. Runescape Free Trial

Runescape provides a 7-day free trial to its new users. Hence, you can give it a try as well. All you need to do is sign up with your email id, and you are all set to use the Runescape pay-to-play version for free. Follow a few simple steps to access the free trial.

  • Open your default browser and type Runescape. You can also visit the site through this direct link to RuneScape.
  • On the top-right corner, you will see a tab named TRY FREE. Click on it to proceed further.

  • Here, you will have to download the Runescape installer for PC.
  • Once you complete the login process, click on the Start Free Trial option.

  • Next, choose a payment method from the given list. Submit after filling in the details.

Enjoy the adventurous journey for 5-6 days for free. However, do not forget to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, it will automatically get renewed.

3. Join Free Giveaways

Giveaways are a way to increase the reach of a social media influence. And not just one, several YouTubers and streamers come up with giveaway ideas frequently to attract their viewers. Therefore, just keep checking the social media account of these people to get a chance to win a giveaway.

If you are lucky, you might be the one to get free premium Runescape accounts. So, do try this method out and keep watching these streamers.

Free Runescape Account Generators 2022

While you were searching for free Runescape accounts, did you come across loads of sites offering to generate free accounts? These sites ask you to participate in a survey or download a few apps to get premium accounts for free. However, these generators are all fake. And a big-time scam. 

Even though these sites assert to be genuine, It is nothing but a time-waster. Moreover, it may try to steal your data in the name of Human Verification. And then sell it for their profit. Besides, you won’t even get a working account after putting up all your data on their site. Hence, it is best to stay away from such scams and stick to the working methods mentioned by us. 

Free Working Runescape Account And Password 2022

Here are 70+ free and working Runescape accounts with their passwords for you. These accounts are all over the internet. Hence, we have tried to compile all the premium accounts on our blog post.

And we would recommend you to use it as soon as possible. If any account doesn’t work, it might be because the user must have changed the password for it.

  1. inflames531: 531531531
  2. nightm4re: johnnydeep4
  3. silentdeath464: 686432153542
  4. crescent745: 05354412536
  5. moonbear98:regitllij
  6. worsinksteeg:logisung35
  7. eaglepaw84: 84eagle84
  8. thorodd: zgergo
  9. sidjehc: headhunterz
  10. kingescape22: 7dejulio
  11. x_gril8: timmed1
  12. ligarova59: dabgs852m
  13. maximus_ivo: 1210729
  14. frylok_lol: baseballftw
  15. haddon70: jamaican13
  16. uberman5: 5459423845
  17. magicpinga12: freminik
  18. kingescape22:7dejulio
  19. sanka181:campbell
  20. chikn_kikkr:dinkdink
  21. zachdamaniak:godzilla
  22. runspace12:cappoacaa
  23. hieveryone21:snakesnakeoitsas
  24. neo34rd:yl2bfbml
  25. tobi5q:fredzio0
  26. qwerty2k3_n2:allister3
  27. james13975:movingon
  28. im_adored:99str
  29. 900_monster: tealcrowd8
  30. upgrade54: danielbrown5
  31. sonicboom367: wreckem
  32. north1085: jjn2008
  33. maximus_ivo: 1210729
  34. robzicles: sk8ordie
  35. semanttinen: koipallo
  36. valor226:empire2
  37. elliott9900:meggie26
  38. chirinako: miraculousmuppet
  39. evil 3412: samyerhot
  40. kyrzani:wsl63069
  41. 0nly_4t_he4d:marcao18
  42. kernivore:born2bewild
  43. kittehgod:familyguy5
  44. airman521:qwerty52
  45. bestblade4: blade123
  46. changell82: pilhcahnk
  47. celsius91: jonkka123
  48. anika123
  49. actualglory: hello123
  50. semanttinen: koipallo
  51. neo34rd: yl2bfbml
  52. runripo14: rınaca1425s
  53. bazookaman2: jack952145
  54. draskiller:123579jf
  55. good_guy2222:jsl1983
  56. amberjack67: 123456789
  57. kratos241: kra24152
  58. semanttinen: koipallo
  59. Glacxor: goha4905
  60. zaitsev2020: sniperm4n
  61. zink22100: toshiba1
  62. macauqe:kabbible
  63. the_magius:steven86
  64. a007lex1:shadow581000
  65. edparks10: firemonkey4
  66. andreiterns0253: 09499535568
  67. neo34rd: yl2bfbml
  68. pl0x____die: c1tyw1ns
  69. rob1tooby1: awesomeman2
  70. rsrownage: welcome01
  71. frylok_lol: baseballftw
  72. flux_wolf: glowx111
  73. gurabinn: sanfilysk59
  74. badbunny911: 6843546816
  75. worsinksteeg: logisung35

Final Words

With so many free Runescape accounts in hand, I think you must be as excited as us to try out these accounts. So, do try these accounts before it is taken by someone else. Also, now that you know about the scam behind the Runescape account generators. Stay away from them. And do try different methods mentioned above to earn more premium accounts without having to pay much. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out through the comment section.