Win Free iTunes Gift Cards Easily [Working List]

If you are an iPhone user, then iTunes must not be new to you. The iTunes App store can get you that new music video or apps you have been looking to purchase. However, iTunes purchase can get expensive, and surely you must be wondering how to get free iTunes gift cards.

Well, iTunes lover, here is some good news for you. Now, you can discover how to get iTunes gift cards for free through this guide. Also, you will know about the reality behind the gift card generators with no human verification.

How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

You can purchase iTunes gift cards through Apple’s iTunes store. The iTunes store comprises the latest movies, apps, music, etc. So, make purchases and then download them on your iPhone.

Free iTunes gift cards are not tough to earn. Besides, it will require a consistent effort and lots of patience. So, if you have these two, then go through the legal ways that we have compiled for you.

1. SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie is a leading survey site that gives you credit for all the surveys you take. It is most probably looking for an honest opinion so that the brand can improve and deliver better to the customers. And it is the easiest form to earn iTunes gift cards for free.

So, don’t wait and go to this site, and get yourself registered. Give your opinion and rack up points to get free iTunes gift codes.

2. Mistplay

Mistplay is an interesting gaming app, why so? Because it lets you earn rewards to make money and even receive free iTunes. Install the app and get new games daily on your mixlist, select the game you want to play, and start earning points. When you have collected enough points, redeem it to purchase your favorite gift cards or even Paypal cash rewards.

3. Qmee

Qmee is a site that pays you Paypal cash. It gives out the pay for the survey you take. The other tasks also involve shopping and searching. After being their regular Paypal recipient, you can even get a the chance to earn gift cards such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

4. AppKarma

Well, the karma is here…ohh not the real one but the appKarma. It is a popular site full of tasks that involve watching videos, joining surveys, and trying free apps. The moment you complete the tasks, you get reward points, namely, karma. So, just earn achievement badges and get bonus rewards.

Also, when you install the app you get an 300 points bonus. And through karma play, you can play on the installed apps and earn more points to get iTunes gift cards for free.

5. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts is yet another survey-taking app. So, basically, the main focus is on the opinions you give to improve the products. If you have a spare time or just waiting for a bus, login to the app and start earning rewards. Just share your thoughts by joining quick surveys and get free iTunes gift codes worth $10.

It also involves local store surveys as well. So, you can go through the local store and click pictures and get rewarded. You can earn up to $3 by completing one survey and local surveys will pay $5.

6. Social Media And GiveAways

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the best open platform for users as well as providers. There are various profiles on these sites that offer iTunes gift cards giveaways. Mostly these influencers provide contests at some time interval, and the lucky winner gets the prizes. While this has a luck factor, and not everyone wins the reward. 

However, there is no loss in trying this method out for once. If you win the prize, you will earn iTunes gift card codes for free. Also, you can follow tech gurus on YouTube to get regular updates on the giveaways.

7. Newsletter Subscription

Subscribing to the Newsletters can also let you earn iTunes gift codes for free. Some companies provide such gift cards. And in turn, they ask for the subscription of their Newsletters. They also try promoting their products through this method.

Although this may seem an awesome way to get gift cards, you can get yourself into the hand of email scams and frauds. Hence, always go for trustable companies and perform brief research before getting into it.

iTunes Gift Card Code Generator- No Surveys

When you search for the keywords free iTunes gift cards on your bing search, you will find numerous sites that declare to be an iTunes gift card code generator. These generator sites claim to generate unlimited free iTunes codes for the users.

Well, time to stay vigilant, as you should know that there are no such valid code generator sites on the Internet. Even though these sites may act as legit sites for the users, don’t go wasting your time on such sites.

You cannot trust it and lose your precious time over it. The scammers behind these sites can try stealing your account info or bank details. They may even lure you to go for human verification that can be risky for you. Hence, it is better to stay away from such sites and scammers.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes List 2021

The methods given above works at its best to get iTunes gift card codes for free. Anyway, do enjoy these free iTunes codes given especially for you.

  8. XXB2376JN72WLFS2
  11. XZQ4VCBS3D587ZGJ
  13. X659XLN6NP4KLHQZ

Final Words

iTunes gift cards can not only be used in the iTunes store but, you can use these cards on the App Store and iBook store as well. Hence, the more gift cards you have, the more benefit you can make out of it. And that’s why we have mentioned enough legal methods to get a free iTunes gift card. Also, stay away from iTunes gift card generators if you don’t want to get scammed.