300+ Best Free Fire Names for 2021

In this article, we will provide you with over 300+ Free Fire names, and you will be amazed at the list that we have for you. Free Fire is a battle royale, a multiplayer, mobile-based game that is greatly addictive. The players are supposed to survive by shooting their enemies, it is basically of action and thriller genre. It was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena and is supported on both Android and iOS.

In 2019 it was the most downloaded mobile game all around the world. It is really popular among teenagers and young adults. Players of this game tend to use stylish or funny Free Fire Names to interact in different ways. So, I’m going to list down several names you could use while playing this game.

How to Change Free Fire Name?

Before giving you all the cool names, let me show you how to change your free fire name to the ones below or a different name of your preference. Follow this guide carefully for the same.

  1. Initially, you will have to copy or memorize the name of your choice.
  2. Install Free Fire on your phone.
  3. Go to the profile tab, you will find it at the top left edge of your screen.
  4. Now, click on the notebook icon to enter the name.
  5. You will see a tab on the screen asking for the new name.
  6. Paste the nickname in the box.
  7. Now you’ll have to pay 390 diamonds to use the specific nickname.

Best Free Fire Names 2021

After a lot of research and thinking, here I have brainstormed hundreds of Free Fire names for when you play it. Have a look at them and definitely use them if you like any.

1. Free Fire Names for Boys

Here is a shortlist of names for all the guy players out there. Pick a name that best suits you, and use it whenever you play.

  • Tiger
  •  Monster
  • Zeus
  • Shield
  • Dark amper
  • Dark Soul
  •  Black storm
  • Bad Ass
  • Freefire boy
  • Grave Digger
  • Cool Shooter
  • Dead Shot
  • Thunderbeast
  • Bad soldier
  •  name
  • Venom
  • Cleopatra
  • FreeFire Beast
  • I shoot
  • I have no name
  • Head Hunter
  • Stormy
  • Black Panther
  • New Player
  • Athens King
  • I don’t have a name
  • All good names are taken
  •  Joker
  •  Dark Cloud
  •  Phoenix
  • Pirates
  • Mr. Anonymous
  • Sniper Guy
  • Kill Shot
  • Fear Butchers
  • Guncap Slingbad
  • Highlander Monk
  • Left Divide
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Hog Butcher

2. Free Fire names for Girls

Since not only guys but girls as well love to play this game. I’ve come up with a combination of girly yet bold names for when you play free fire. So go ahead and find yourself your favorite.

  • Spicy Senorita
  • Girl Royale
  • Blade Woman
  • Giggle Fluff
  • Candy Cough
  • Claudia Clouds
  • Princess of Free Fire
  • Gun Digger
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • The Oracle
  • Thunderous Ambition
  • Heroic Hunks
  • Rumblecrashers
  • Finicky Power
  • Little Drunk Girl
  • Digital Goddess
  • Peanut Butter Woman
  • Sleek Assassin
  • Hapless Domination
  • Xtreme Tronners
  • Thunder Clan
  • Clutch Rifleman
  • Maverick Mongeese
  • Dexterous Queen
  • Darkside Hooker
  • Saturn Extreme
  • Battle Mistress
  • Sassy Muffin
  • Blackstock
  • Chuckles
  • Bubbles
  • Broken Unit
  • Psycho Vipers
  • Piece Makers
  • Blair Ripper
  • Canary Apple Red
  • Panda Heart
  • Princess Pickney
  • Magic Peach
  • Tiger Kitty
  • Lady Killer
  • Dangerous Damsel

3. Funny Names for Free Fire Players

Funny people are usually regarded as chill and popular. So, if you want to be like one of those, here are some extremely fun names that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Check them out!

  • Eat bullets
  • killing machine
  • Black Storm
  • Mr.hulk
  • Villan
  • Dream killer
  • King of Gunshots
  • Chicken Lover
  • Champion of seas
  • Pubg Addictive
  • BeingUnknown
  • Psychedelic Servicemen
  • Commando
  • Ninja
  • LøneWølf
  • Free Fire SHROUD
  • Dead shot
  • Sniper killer
  • Tiger On Mission
  • Kill master
  • Vegan Meat
  • Five Seconds Of Winter
  • Mid-Age Crisis
  • Snake Eye
  • Live Zombie
  • Shoot me
  • I will kill you
  • Cylie Myrus
  • Humble Flexer
  • Pre Malone
  • Shooting my shot
  • Grenade Sucker

4. Cool Names for Free Fire Players

Here is your ultimate guide to a hipster name for when you’re bored and want to play Free Fire. Scroll through these really cool Free Fire Names, for all of the cool fellows out there.

  • Homey Sharpshooters
  • Dizzy Irresistible
  • Mortal
  • Modern Combat
  • Killer
  • Silent Killer
  • Firefly
  • Fire Fury
  • Nick Fury
  • Ronin
  • Owais
  • Captain Jon
  • Dead Eye
  • Rambord
  • Warrior
  • Psychopath
  • Blizzard
  • Red Eye
  • Darksider
  • Igniter
  • Hydra
  • dynamo
  • The Knight

Final Words

After the sudden peak in the Free Fire game audience, it can be tricky to find a unique and your name. The names listed above are certainly some of the many really amazing names. Having a creative, cool, and funny name can help you attract playmates or even scare them away sometimes. So, use these names and play Free Fire for hours with your friends.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, for more such articles do check out our website frequently. Comment your favorite name out of all these and make sure to share it with your friends as well.