50+ Free Clash Of Clans Accounts And Passwords 2023

In today’s post, we are going to list a whole bunch of free Clash of Clans accounts and passwords. Additionally, you will also talk about free Clash of Clans account generators, and find out whether they are legitimate or not. 

There’s no doubt that Clash of Clans (COC) was everyone’s favorite mobile game before the launch of Battle Royale games like PUBG and CODM. Since the launch of this Battle Royale game, Clash of clans has seen a sudden downfall in its popularity and downloads. But there are still lakhs of users or we can say the loyal fans who play this beautiful game day and night without getting bored. And this post is especially for all those loyal fans of Clash of Clans. 

Free Clash Of Clans Accounts And Passwords

Here’s a list of all the free Clash of Clans accounts that are still working in 2021. We request you to start using these accounts as soon as possible because the Clash of Clans server keeps deactivating accounts permanently that haven’t been used for a long time. 

  1. nur.rahman12@gmail.com Password: rahmannur12
  2. rahsansinta@gmail.com Password: sansinta878
  3. aizkusman732@gmail.com Password: kuskusman732
  4. david.jut873@gmail.com Password: david873
  5. riniwijay989@gmail.com Password: wijaya098
  6. rahkasit.han821@gmail.com Password: rahkosusi123
  7. ayatfara62@gmail.com Password: myclanfar4
  8. m.wakhidasrofi@gmail.com Password: juragancl4n
  9. andikaa2205@gmail.com Password : mas.and1k4h
  10. martinstuard@gmail.com Password: stuardfam7
  11. syahrulmutafifin@gmail.com Password: 1234fatimah
  12. ankitji.sahu@gmail.com Password: sahuankit
  13. ashishad9015@gmail.com Password: ashisad12345
  14. andykhamaiwa@gmail.com Password: fapetrik46
  15. rafighifari17@gmail.com Password: rafidarsal18
  16. ncep69@gmail.com Password: margamulya21
  17. manganang990@gmail.com Password: mangana56
  18. donaterzwe@gmail.com Password: donh3r0ld
  19. gadingyanghilang@gmail.com Password: kalimantan55
  20. wendy.gilang@gmail.com Password: 669wendygilang
  21. maulana.coblen34@gmail.com Password : cob.clan18
  22. mamanabclan@gmail.com Password: clanjkt
  23. maneyis@gmail.com Password: maneyist
  24. gfhyhruddhy@gmail.com Password: interview0929
  25. arindamraj4o@gmail.com Password: mandagug1
  26. gadingyanghilang@gmail.com Password: kalimantan55
  27. Laddy_gomdaly@gmail.com Password: Storgellse352
  28. nazrienaz84@gmail.com Password: nazrie86
  29. grounds@gmail.com Password: Epicdream3953
  30. andikaa2205@gmail.com Password: and1k4h
  31. forshee@gmail.com Password: forshee1234
  32. jut873@gmail.com Password: david873
  33. Email :andykhamaiwa@gmail.com Password: fapetrik46
  34. paru62@gmail.com Password: paruparu666
  35. jismathdewin87@gmail.com Password: girkwehh
  36. syahrulmutafifin@gmail.com Password: 1234fatimah
  37. ncep69@gmail.com Password: margamulya21
  38. ayatfara62@gmail.com Password: hui11man
  39. ahmadgozgoz@gmail.com Password: nuri6789
  40. tfitrihandayani@gmail.com Password: carij4l4n
  41. alyunus06@gmail.com Password: @0607199022
  42. durmusmuslu09@gmail.com Password: clanhubb678
  43. mando@gmail.com Password: xploceidangs
  44. hanigalanrou@gmail.com Password: gal3ss
  45. medi8761@gmail.com Password: mediac0cku
  46. rahman12@gmail.com Password: rahmannur12
  47. wakhidasrofi@gmail.com Password: juragancl4n
  48. ayatfara62@gmail.com Password: myclanfar4
  49. riniwijay989@gmail.com Password: wijaya098
  50. han821@gmail.com Password: rahkosusi123
  51. toppix37@gmail.com Password: tarakan5578
  52. vandan208@gmail.com Password: shahrukh
  53. muhammadfauzzi@gmail.com Password: fauzziresty4

Use Of Free Clash Of Clans Account?

If you have been playing Clash of Clans for a long time, then you must be aware of the use of free Clash of Clan accounts, but new players might not know about its usability.

So for all new users, Clash of Clans is a free game but it’s almost next to impossible to make quick progress in the game without spending gems, and buying gems cost real money. Not everyone’s budget or their parents allow them to spend money on buying in-game items. 

We think you have guessed it by now the use of a free Clash of Clans account. Yes, these free accounts help all these users to experience the high-level benefits of Clash of Clans without spending any money.

There are hundreds of Clash of Clans users who have reached a very high level in this game and after that left their account or stopped playing the game. On these accounts, you will find unlimited gems, simple elixir, gold elixir, and many other exclusive in-game items. 

Clash Of Clans Generators 2023

Is our Clash of Clans generators legitimate? This is one of the hottest questions among all the Clash of Clan players. And the direct and the most straightforward answer to this question is “No”.

All the account generators, not only for Clash of Clans but for any game are mostly fake. Their only job is to steal your personal information and sell it to some hackers. 

How To Find Out Which Account Is Fake?

It’s very easy to find out if a fake account generator, as 90% of them follows the same strategy, i.e., fill in surveys, install apps, modded accounts. 

  • Fill-in Survey: This is the most common way used by these fake websites to steal your information. They will ask you to fill in a survey form by claiming that you will earn lots of money and in-game items by filling up the form. But all these claims are fake, as in the end, even after filling up the form, you are left with nothing.
  • Install App: “Install this app if you want to earn free gems and other in-game prices”, we are pretty sure that you must have seen this statement many times. The only motive of these apps is to spread viruses and malware into your device. Therefore, it is never recommended to install any app on your device that doesn’t come from a trusted source. 
  • Modded Account: Modded Account is one of the newest ways of stealing your information. In this, the claimer will ask you to install a modded app if you want unlimited in-game money and exclusive items. And once you have installed that app, it will start slowing down your device and stealing information from it. 

What Is Clash Of Clans?

Developed by Supercell, Clash of Clan is a strategy-based mobile game that you can enjoy for free. It has been available for both IOS and Android since October 7, 2013. The game is set up in a very beautiful world where you as a player are the chief of that world.

All the clan members have to build their own village by using the items and resources obtained by defeating other clans. These items and resources mainly include gold, and 2 types of elixir, i.e gold elixir, and simple elixir. You can take a maximum of 50 participants into the Clan war. 

Being an online game, the best feature about Clash of Clan is that you can chat with your friends, i.e clan members during the war to make strategies and easily defeat your enemies. Gold and simple elixir are used for building and upgrading the power of the clan defense.

Dark elixir is used for training and upgrading the troops. Moreover, the premium or you can say the main currency of this game is called “Gem”.

Final Words

We hope these free accounts will work for you. Make them yours, before the Clash of Clans server deactivates it permanently for not being used for a long time. Moreover, don’t forget to see your feedback or doubt regarding this post in the comment section. Happy gaming!!