Free Brawl Stars Gems 2021: No Survey Tricks & Generator

Having a hard time getting the gems out of the Brawl Stars game? Unless of course, you have loads of money to purchase from the in-game store. Brawl Stars gems are a premium currency in the game. You can get to shop for Brawlers, Boxes, and even Brawler Passes for the game. And let’s not forget character skins and emotes. The ultimate goal lies in increasing the pace of the game and making it even more interesting.

So, let’s begin with today’s guide to get gems for brawl stars without making you wait anymore. Several workarounds can help you for sure. Also, we will give you a brief over the most attractive method of all i.e. the gem generators.

Different Ways To Get Brawl Stars Gems

The multiplayer and third-person hero shooter game named Brawl Stars has caught up a lot of attention these days. The center of attraction is the Brawlers or characters that you get to control through different game modes. However, you need to unlock the Brawlers in the game that can be done through the Brawl Pass, Boxes, trophy Roads, etc.

You can also unlock Brawlers through the Brawl Stars gems. Gems are the in-game currency that can be earned through different methods.

1. Watch Out The Social Media Of Game Developers

You might not even know this but there is a way to get gems for the Brawl Stars game. The game developers release promo codes from time to time, and these promo codes can help you earn free gems for your gameplay. Thereby, it is recommended to attentively follow the game developers for the latest update for the promo codes.

You might as well keep track of the Streamers from youtube for the latest updates for giveaways. There is always one or another giveaway going on. So, follow your luck and participate in those giveaways. If won, you’ll get gems for Brawl Stars in bulk.

2. Earn From Survey Sites

Survey sites have been my all-time favorite when it comes to earning some extra bucks. Even you can make few extra bucks and then purchase the gems in the game itself. Technically, you won’t be spending your real money as you’ll be purchasing the gems from the money earned through the survey sites.

1. Google Opinion

Google Opinion is one of the best reward sites that give you Paypal credit once you have collected enough points. You just have to complete small surveys on topics like hotel reviews, opinion polls, and much more. Google Opinion does remind you whenever there is a new survey available.

2. SwagBucks

Swagbucks is yet another best survey site to earn some bucks. You just have to collect points or Swags by completing daily tasks. Some of the tasks include watching videos, answering surveys, search on the web, online shopping. After completing the tasks you get some points which can be further converted into cash and gift cards.

3. InboxDollar

The best part about InboxDollar is that you get $5 for just signing up on the account. And after that, you have to complete some online activities like playing games, watching videos, reading emails, and taking surveys. Once you complete these tasks you get paid with real money and not points making it worth a try.

3. Purchase Brawler Pass

Brawler Passes are the best source that can help you earn loads of free gems. If you have reached level 70, you will earn around 120 gems. However, don’t get scared with the no. of levels here. The developers are making a huge effort by creating interesting tasks and giving generous rewards to increase the points.

Anyway, you can also earn through the fight passes present in the game itself. You might earn 10-20 gems for winning the game. You have to play and level up regularly. So, until you reach level 70, you can keep up with these small rewards. 

4. Complete Quest and Earn Gems

You can earn gems by completing the daily quest available in the game. Choose from the events to play that are present beside the Play button. So, by playing different events available in the game, you can collect loads of Brawl Boxes the contain gems. Another way is to choose the trophy road option.

Also, remember to unlock the quest option, you need 300 trophies. So, play more to unlock more events and get access to gems in Brawl Stars.

5. Use Real Money- But On Discount

Supercell regularly comes up with sales offer, so if you are willing to put some real cash in the game then wait for promotions and discounts. And that comes more often. In this way, you might earn some extra gems as well. Like you might end up getting 150 gems instead of 100 gems.

6. Use a Private Server

If you are fond of cheat codes and hacks then this method is for you. You can use a private server or a VPN to get free gems. Supercell is quite strict when it comes to cheating or using a hack in the game. And it might ban you from the game if you are found cheating in the game.

Hence, the best way is to hide your IP address by using VPN. Once you enable the VPN, you can use the cheat codes and hacks available on the internet to access free gems for Brawl Stars.

Free Brawl Stars Gems Generator 2021

Brawl Gem generators are everywhere on the internet. The offers are huge as you get an unlimited amount of gems by just generating them through these sites. And I know how that must be attractive to you. However, you need to know a bitter truth.

No matter how attractive it looks. All the sites claiming to generate free gems for Brawl Stars are fake. The fraudsters behind these sites are just lurking around to steal your personal information for their benefit.

The best way for them to get you is to make you complete a survey or go for human verification. These methods are the best way to steal your data by hacking your device without your knowledge. Hence, you need to be aware and stay as far as you can from these gem generators.

Final Words

The Brawl Star game makes it a little tough for the gamers to struggle with the gems. However, with immense popularity, there come several loopholes as well. And that is what this article will help you with. Here, we have mentioned some tried and tested methods to earn more Brawl Stars gems. So, do try them out. Also, as we said earlier, stay away from the gem generators as they are fake and total scammers. Hence, do not waste your time involving them and only try legit methods.