50+ Fortnite Creative Codes: Maze, Deathrun, Parkour

Whether you are looking for new maps to relish your battle royal gameplay even more or you want to practice more to become a perfect player. You must always opt for a new and adventurous ride. And we have decided to assist you guys through this blog post by providing some amazing options for Fortnite creative codes.

We have compiled around 50+ working creative codes for Fortnite. These codes will help you explore several custom maps. And you can use these maps to enjoy the gameplay the way you want. Also, keep reading further to know the simple method of using these codes in the game.

So, now you have a way to refresh yourself from your regular battle royale game.

About Fortnite Creative Codes

Fortnite has always been the best Battle Royale game for over a decade now. And the reason behind it is quite clear i.e., the frequent enhancements available in the game. Moreover, the Fortnite creative mode is one of the best parts of Fortnite.

The creative mode helps you create your own content and customize your creative Islands. You can share this island with your friends and communities. So, the creative codes are 12 digit unique codes that you can use to play different custom maps through the creative mode. These codes help you use the custom maps created by other users.

What Is Custom Maps?

If you are a creator with unrealistic imagination then you must know about these Custom Maps. These maps are created by the players themselves in the Creative Mode. It is accessible to every user for free. And there are thousands of custom maps available on the internet.

You will find different versions of custom maps in the game. For instance, Deathrun, 1v1, Minigames, etc are some stunning custom maps available for the players. So, now let us get directly to the next section with some working creative codes for Fortnite.

Active Fortnite Creative Codes For 2021

Here, we have listed some working and active Fortnite creative codes. These custom map codes will definitely make your gameplay more adventurous.

We listed creative codes for parkour, 1v1, deathrun, maze and a lot more.

  • Snipers vs. Runners – 7352-4203-8482
  • Minas Tirith – 1048-3487-4391
  • X-Run by X-Labo – 8660-5683-2097
  • Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley – 7666-3772-4703
  • Fall Guys Fortnite – 3958-4575-1075
  • Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map – 9908-4675-7557
  • Carnival Escape Code: 2385-3342-5568
  • Slide Nation Deathrun Code: 7901-8789-8064
  • Fortnitemare on Addison Street – 7078-9716-9274

  • Sniper NoScope Map – 8277-9788-8731
  • Reaper’s Revenge – 9536-6598-1769
  • Paranoia Tantrum 2 Code: 1520-4763-6403
  • Taxi Cab Prop Hunt Code: 1662-3121-3063
  • Dojo Domination – 6691-1303-6550
  • Nostalgia Slide – 7386-0045-0838
  • Color Dive – 0237-4476-7608
  • Zone wars with Storm Surge – 8458-4412-0815
  • Prop Hunt – 5717-9259-0171
  • Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796

  • Chronicles of Zaneth: Phoenix Awakening – 6311-3256-8515
  • Old Town Infection – 7795-4401-7704
  • First-Person Gun Swap – 4048-7707-5260
  • The Visit – Biohazard – 6496-9997-4696
  • 100 Level Default Deathrun – 6829-1378-2440
  • Gun game – Crazy Carnevil – 5763-3850-2682
  • RTX – Survive the Night Challenge – 5511-7018-2692
  • 2x Zone Wars – 5531-4217-2727
  • Durrr Burger Delivery – 9147-6543-4219
  • Minas Tirith From The Lord of the Rings – 1048-3487-4391
  • X-Run by X-Labo – 8660-5683-2097

This list mainly had a lot of 1v1 Fortnite creative codes.

Let us now see some Deathrun Creative codes.

Some Other Popular Creative Codes For Fortnite

There are loads of creative codes available on the Internet. However, take a look at this section for some more interesting map codes and then you won’t have to go anywhere else. Select the codes as per your desire.

  • Game Box: Ball Master – 1139-8029-0726
  • Tilted Tower – 0402-5611-8327
  • Wild West Deathrun – 9526-9405-5282
  • Sniper One-Shot – 6103-8566-5742
  • FFA- Box Fight & Zone War – 3515-0375-5877
  • Lost in the Unknown (1 – 2 Players) – 5312-0287-8262
  • The Story of Oliver Whitlock – 3896-7727-6824
  • Summer Splash Deathrun Race – 7024-4001-0960
  • Geerzy’s Combat Training Course – 2889-5729-6480

  • Beaks Aim Training – 1624-1148-8943
  • Teadoh: Tons of All-Around Options to Practice – 3847-4226-5095
  • Raider’s Box Fight Practice – 7562-1598-0199
  • Pine City: Afterlife – 8974-6823-3966
  • Halloween Story – 9312-2909-8471
  • Mongraal Classic Edit/Aim Simulator – 7269-0152-0094
  • Geerzy’s Realistic 1v1 Simulator Map – 7285-5234-5699
  • Paranoia Tantrum 2: Genesis – 1520-4763-6403
  • Deathrun Adventures – 1763-3666-6604
  • Trick or Treat Royale 2 – 9247-2717-7806

  • Scalit’s 1v1 Map – 1687-2442-0829
  • Cizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0 – 2778-3253-4171
  • Rainbow Deathrun – 1621-5269-0418
  • Slide Nation Deathrun – 7901-8789-8064
  • The Underworld Gun Game – 5719-7469-6732

  • The 100 Level Default Fun Run! – 8192-7272-0900
  • Food Fight Tycoon – 9557-8579-6544
  • Big Box PVP – 5311-5797-7900
  • Call of Duty Zombies: Nacht der Untoten – 3685-4019-1094
  • Dumb Ways to Die in Fortnite – 8630-3127-5260
  • Krampus: Shadow of Winter – 9498-1346-0121

How To Use Creative Codes To Play Custom Maps?

There are always some new custom maps available online. And we know your curiosity level will make you try these codes for sure. Hence, we have managed to provide you the steps required to use or redeem these codes in the gameplay.

And in this section, we will give you step by step information on how to use these creative codes to play custom maps. So, all the newbies, focus, and follow these steps carefully.

  • Open the game and select the Creative mode from the Choose Game Mode list.
  • Now, click on the accept button and then go to create.

  • Here, you will walk over four featured island rifts (Do not walk into them). Once, you find the portal, select the Enter Island Code option.
  • On the new window, enter your 12-digit island code. Every player gets their unique code for their island. Hence, the creative code is quite essential to enter your desired island.

  • Once done with entering the code, click on the accept. The island will appear on the screen list. So, click on Select Island from the list and wait for it to load.

  • Wait for a while to complete the loading process. Now, open the menu and start your game.

After completing all the process, now you can enjoy your game with the unique codes given in the list. And drift into the adventurous journey on Fortnite.

Final Words

Fortnite creative codes are the best way to chill yourself after intense gameplay. Or you can go for a less competitive zone to brush up your skills. Our list had codes for Parkour, Deathrun, 1v1, maze gun game, zone wars and all other available types.

So, just go on and give them and try. And we are sure you will love it.