6 Ways To Fix Youtube Black Screen Error?

Youtube black screen problems can arise at any time, due to various issues. The most common reason for Youtube black screen is that your web browser has a malfunctioning adblocker or might be an issue with your internet connection.

What Is The Reason For Youtube Black Screen:-

This playback error can be arises due to multiple reasons. Some of them are listed below:-

  1.  The unstable and poor network connection can also cause this error. So Whenever you encounter this error make sure that you’re connected to a reliable network.
  2. The outdated version of your browser can also cause trouble.
  3. If Adobe Flash Player and Javascript are outdated then your video will not load properly.

These were some possible reasons for the Youtube black screen problem. In our today’s post, we’re going to talk about all the possible solution you can apt to solve this error.

How To Solve The Youtube Black Screen Problem?

Here is the list of some common solutions:-

1. Sign-Out Youtube Account:-

Often this error occurs while watching videos on Youtube. If you’re also facing this error while watching videos on Youtube then you can fix this by logging out from youtube account. To sign out your account head to the account section of the youtube and click on the sign-out option. Once you’ve signed out from your Youtube account play your desired video and check you’re video is playing normally or not.

2. Disable Adblocker:-

Ad Blocker prevents ads from loading while we’re surfing, this is nothing more than browser plugins. These adblocker plugins can also block the ads which usually appear while watching. Many users claimed that after disabling the adblocker their video started playing normally. The process of disabling ad-blockers is varied because we all use different-different browsers. Here we’ve compiled some popular browser and how you can disable adblocker.

Disable Adblocker on Google Chrome:-

Here is how to disable adblocker on Google Chrome:-

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the extension section or you can type chrome://extensions into the search bar and this will head you to the extension section of Google Chrome.

  • On the next screen uncheck the Enable section available next to the adblocker.

Disable Adblocker on Firefox.

Here is how to disable adblocker on Mozilla Firefox:-

  • Go to the Menu button available in the upper right corner and choose Add-ons option.

  • Click on the Disable button available next to the adblocker.

once you’ve successfully disabled the adblocker check the video is playing normally or not. If still your problem not get solved then move to the next solution.

3. Clear Browser Data:-

With the continuous use of the browser, a lot of cache and history saved on our device. This browsing data can also cause Youtube black screen error. Once you’ve cleared your browsing data all your save credentials like password will automatically delete.

Clear browsing data on Google Chrome:-

Here is how to fix Youtube black screen Chrome:-

  • Head to the Google Chrome Menu section and tap on More Tools.
  • Click on Clear browsing data and choose the time range and check all the uncheck boxes to delete all browsing data. Click on Clear Data.

Clear browsing data on Mozilla Firefox:-

Here is how to fix the youtube black screen Firefox.

  • Head to the Privacy & Security section.
  • Scroll down to locate Cookies and site data.
  • Click on Clear data.
  • Choose Cached web content and tap on Clear.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration:-

Hardware acceleration used by computer hardware like GPU(Graphics Processing Unit).  Often sometimes hardware acceleration can also cause the Youtube black screen problem. To disable the hardware acceleration you need to go through the following steps:-

Disable hardware acceleration on Google Chrome:-

Here is how to disable hardware acceleration on Google Chrome:-

  • Click on the three dots and choose Settings.
  • Click on Show advanced setting option. Under the system section, uncheck the Use hardware acceleration when available option.

Disable hardware acceleration on Firefox:-

Here is how to disable hardware acceleration on Firefox:-

  • Head to the Menu button and choose Options.
  • Click on the Advanced available in the left sidebar. And uncheck the Use hardware acceleration when available.

once you’ve disabled the hardware acceleration on your browser. Restart your browser and check whether your issue got solved or not.

5. How To Fix Youtube Black Screen On Phone:-

If you get a black screen while watching videos using the Youtube app. Then here are some quick steps you can try to fix your problem.

If you’re using an Android device then clearing the Youtube app cache can help you to fix your problem. Go to the Settings and click on Apps. List of all the apps installed on your device will appear, scroll down, and choose Youtube. Click on Clear Cache.

If you facing Youtube black screen iPhone. Then you can get rid of this problem by reinstalling the Youtube app.

6. Use Another Browser

Sometimes you might need to change your browser. Perhaps the old browser you’re using may not be compatible with Youtube due to its configurations. You need to download and install different browsers on your computer. I would always suggest you download different browsers only from the official site.

Final Words:-

Youtube black screen error can arise due to multiple reasons. Don’t be afraid if you’re getting this error while enjoying videos on Youtube. I’ve mentioned some most common and easiest solutions you can apt to solve this problem.

So try them one by one and don’t forget to tell us which method has worked for you. If you still have any queries then feel free to ask. We would love to help you!