How to Fix MangaGo Not Working Issue?

MangaGo for the last few months has been facing server issues due to the servers getting down frequently. Most of the services from MangaGO have got suspended. Not only the website but the application is also facing several issues. The other main reason behind MangaGo not working is continuous reports of the website by original authors and artists as MangaGo uploads content illegally without prior permission. Until now it’s not sure if the site is temporarily down or it will be banned forever. However, there some other reasons too which result in the same issue. Here in this article today we are going to list out some methods to fix this issue. Let’s start:


What Is MangaGo?

MangaGo is a reader application that gives you the best reading experiences. MangaGo provides you best prominent features which are designed by developers for the users. You can use MangaGo without any limit. The platform provides you 22+ resources in its application.

They also include MangaFox, MangaTown, MangaHere. You can stream it in different types of libraries. And also edit and create libraries. You can use MangaGo without charges. If you want to download the MangaGo application then you can follow the given steps.

How To Get MangaoGo Application Apk Version?

Looking for a MangaGo mobile application. We got it covered for you. Follow these steps to download MangaGo Application on your device.:

  1. Visit this link and start downloading.
  2. Open the application once it is downloaded.
  3. If it shows you the pop that this file can harm your mobile then you have to choose ok there.
  4. You can enable this from the setting too.
  5. Now you have the millions of stories in your hand go through it the application installation is done.

How To Fix Mangago Not Working Issue?

If you are already a MangaGo user but you are facing any issues then I am going to provide you best tips to get your issue resolved. 

1. Refresh Your Browser

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use shortcut key F5 to force your browser for a full refresh. You can use this in some browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet explorer.
  2. Then check the version of your MangaGo that you are using the latest version or not if not then update it and also clear the cache and cookie of your browser.

If you don’t get a solution from this method then follow the next solution.

2. Fix Browser Related Problems

Again first you have to make a full refresh of the website. You can do it by using the shortcut key Ctrl+F5. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Application MangaGo. Then clear your history of the browser and clear the cache also.

3. You Have To Get Rid Of DNS Issue

To resolve this issue you should try clearing the local DNS cache so that the recent cache ISP can help you.

  1. Open the RUN window and type CMD to open the command prompt.
  2. After opening the command prompt, type command ipconfig/flushdns

This will flush your DNS resolver cache.

Best MangaGo Alternatives in 2023

In case you are still facing the MangaGo Not Working issue then you can check out some similar sites like MangaGo.

1. MangaFox

MangaFox is also considered one of the best sites for Manga gossips and interesting stories with multiple genres. Major categories include Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, etc. It has approx 11,000 daily readers. You can also download the app from the button given on the top.

2. KissManga


Kissmanga also comes with a huge collection of Manga stories with allotted chapters making them easier to find. Major genres include Action, Adult, Romantic, Fantasy, Harem, etc. Separate buttons for history and bookmarks are also given on top.

3. Mangapark


mangapark is another site with a huge collection of Manga stories in almost every genre. On average every piece of content on Mangapark has 20k views monthly. You can use filters to get your preferred comics or cartoon stories. All in all you


In this topic, we covered the issue of MangaGo not working which they are facing last month. And we also get the knowledge of MangaGo. It is very helpful to the readers or writer. MangaGo is also easily accessible. We also listed some issue and provide you its solution hope so it is helpful to you. We shared with you three types of issues that you can get resolve, if you facing any other issues then provide information about that in the chatbox we will definitely give you the solution.