Best Filelinked Codes List 2023 [Sports, Adult, Movies]

Did you lately get yourself an Amazon TV or a Fire TV Stick? Well, as you have a Firestick now, we should confide you in the beauty of android apps you can use on it. Although, you have the Amazon app store for that purpose. You can also try out some other apps that are not available on it. And filelinked is one of the best stores to install these apps from. But, you will need a filelinked code to find the apps and install them on your Amazon TV.

Well, maybe you have never heard about these codes. However, by the end of this blog post, you will be familiar with the filelinked app and how to use it. Also, as a bonus, get ready to lay your hands on some latest working codes available on the internet.

What Are Filelinked Codes?

Previously named DroidAdmin, Filelinked is an app that helps you discover some exceptional unofficial apps. You can access these apps by entering their respective codes. The codes are generally in a numerical format.

You can sideload apps on the firestick device. And for that, you will need to get the codes from the uploader. Enter this code on your filelinked app, and you can download the streaming files whenever you want. Besides, if you are the uploader, share the codes with the user so that they can access the files uploaded by you.

Filelinked also helps in sharing different sorts of files such as photos, videos, apk files, music, and much more. You can use this app as an uploader, a user, or in both ways. And it is compatible with firestick as well as Android devices.

So, let’s know how this works. For instance, you want to share some pictures and videos with only your friends and family. Upload the data to the app and then pass the respective codes to your friends. These codes are the only possible way to view those pictures and videos uploaded by you.

List Of Working Filelinked Codes 2023

So, here we come to a fascinating section of this topic that is specially made available for our readers. After researching for a long, we have compiled some best codes for your firestick device. So, below are the working Filelinked app codes you can use for your device. Some of these codes come along with the pins. 

  1. 22222222- Pin: 4754- By NewTechevolution. Access apps like Titanium TV, CyberFilx, Kodi Apk, BeeTV, and many more.
  2. 91195389- Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.
  3. 74238464- Bobbyv123, Several streaming apps, and more.
  4. 85810914- All Kodi related apps.
  5. 12345678- Access YouTube TV and Kodi Builds.
  6. 38069272- Joe’s Place, Mainly for Firestick APK’s.
  7. 14224735- Pin: 9876- It has a streaming app named RedBox, where you can enjoy the latest HD movies through this code.
  8. 96031172- Pin: 1234- Specifically for Terrarium TV fans out there.
  9. 53098718- FreeFlix HQ that has movies, IPTV, and much more.
  10. 13131313- Pin: 4545- It comprises of some useful apps, including ad-free apps as well.
  11. 14224735 – It has several streaming apps, including apps like Movies HD and HD Cinema for high-quality movies.
  12. 27352278- Pin: 4242- ModgodMal.
  13. 76115743- Consist of Various Apk files.
  14. 36260523- Lots of Kodi Forks/APKs, most with Built-in Wizards. Allows you to run several instances of Kodi at the same time
  15. 67817931- It’s for the official TeaTV Filelinked store. TeaTV is a Terrarium TV alternative for Android TV.
  16. 47603928- Also from Joe’s Place, this code is focused on Android Apps.
  17. 13131313- Pin 4545- It is from YouTuber Optimum Bliss, who once had the popular Selfless Kodi addon.
  18. 51829986- Various Apks from Balaji.
  19. 88897031- Trevor Smith, Retro Games.
  20. 57518849- Pin: 4480 The Juggernaut, YouTuber.
  21. 11867288- NoleDynasty.
  22. 35746417- TV Zion.
  23. 44427643- Peters YouTuber, It has several lists of Kodi wizards on it.
  24. 51829986- Various APKs.
  25. 17779393- Pin: 2222- It is a list of JO CAN that comprises of the largest lists of APK’s. All the apps are ad-free. Also, you may find some Latino APKs too.
  26. 46940058- Pin: 1966- Parkie6. Reptile apk.
  27. 46844890- Chaz Sullivan – Chaz’s apps.
  28. 73047734- Pin: 0572- James Evans, Enigma2Tv-Xtra. You can find all types of apps available on it.
  29. 96306226- Pin: 1001- A great collection of Modded Ad-Free versions.
  30. 27844165- Potato Streams recommended for Sports Live.
  31. 88897031 – My Emulator Zone – ROMs, Emulators, etc.
  32. 56001333 – Free Tech Youtuber.
  33. 23263755 – StreamDroid Repo.
  34. 11039868 – NxtLvlTech YouTuber, Great store you will find tons of Apps. Usually no PIN.
  35. 36201754 – PIN: 2222.
  36. 20417585 – Electrical M.D YouTuber, Kodi Super Store.

How To Use These Codes?

To make use of these filelinked app codes, you need to download and install filelinked. And to do so on your firestick, you need access to a tool named, Downloader. So, let’s get started with the process. Once you successfully install it on your device, the next step is to add codes. 

  • The first and foremost step is to enable the installation of the app through unknown sources. To do so, go to the main menu on the Fire TV. Open Settings and select the Device option.

  • Go to the Developer option.

  • Enable the Apps for Unknown Source.

  • Here, a warning screen will appear to confirm the process. Hence, click on Turn on.

  • Now, get to the main menu again and search the Downloader through the search bar. Here, from the Apps and Games segment, choose Downloader. Download the file onto your device and then install it. Once done, run the Downloader on your fire TV. 

  • Now, on the home screen, search for the filelinked site. To do so, type and click on go. This process will download the installer on the device.

  • Once Downloader, run the program file and continue with the installation process by clicking on install.

  • Now, that you have downloaded the filelinked installer successfully on your device. You are free to use the codes on it.

  • To use the codes, you need to open the filelinked on your Fire TV. Type the codes on the screen.

So, now you can install and use all the latest filelinked apps by just entering the codes on the installer. Also, you can find almost any app you want using the wide range of app codes mentioned above.

Final Words

Hence, to summarise this article. Filelinked is one popular way to share data among friends and family. Also, you can use it to sideload the streaming content for your firestick device. Now that you know how to use these codes on your device, enjoy the exceptional Amazon TV experience with these streaming files and apps.