Fake Discord Message Maker with Complete Guide

Discord is the number one option to communicate with each other while you are playing your favorite games. This application is specially designed for those who are totally involved in gaming and always in search of options for in-game communication with their fellow teammates. So, the question that has troubled the mind of most of the gamers, how to create a fake discord message, Is there any working fake discord message maker?

A fake discord message maker helps gamers to play pranks with their friends and fellow gamers. In this post, we are going to look at discount message makers and how they work. So, let’s get straight to it.

Create Fake Discord Messages Using Fake Discord Message Maker

First off, yes you can create fake discord messages. However, if you are wondering whether you can create a fake discord message using a message maker, the answer is, there’s no need to go with any specific fake discord messages maker. In fact, it’s just a cakewalk to make fake messages on Discord, you don’t require any specific tool, everything that you are looking for can be done by using the features of your Google Chrome browser.

Let’s dig into some of the best options to send fake discord messages using the built-in fake discord message maker of our system.

1. The Developer Tools

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser for PC. And if you have been using it for a long time, then you must be aware that it comes with the “developer tool” option. In fact, the developer tool option is present on almost all the browsers that you can name. To create a fake discord message using the developer tools, you just need to have an active internet connection and a discord account.

For this tutorial, we are going to use the developer tool option of Google Chrome. Note that, this method will not work with the official desktop app for PC, as it doesn’t come along with the free developer tools option.

Follow These Steps:

  • Visit Discord from your Google Chrome.

  • Once you have opened Discord on your browser, click on the three-dot present at the top right corner, and after that click on developer tools.
  • Now just find the message, use the text you want to replace, make the changes with the text, and replace it.

Just double click on the text element with the message that you have written, and modify everything that you want to completely delete or change.

If you want to be more creative, and looking to change someone users name, then you can try out the Inspect elements option. Just click on the username, make the changes with it. You can change almost everything using the Inspect element option.

2. Add Emojis

Want to add more spices to your fake messages? Then, try out adding emojis to them. However, this method requires you to have a bit of knowledge about HTML coding, as, without it, it would be difficult to add emojis to your text. Just paste them into the developer tools.

Here’s the HTML code for editing emojis.

<img src=” /assets/(image id).svg aria-label=”:emoji_name:” alt=”other_name” draggable=”false” class=”(emoji class)”>

It will be quite difficult for newbies to get around with this coding trick, but once you get used to it, you will be playing with different emojis in your text. Here’s the HTML code for smily emoji.

<img src=” /assets/assets/5c04ac2b97de83c767c22cb0028544ee.svg aria-label=”:smily:” alt=”:grinning:” draggable=”false” class=”emoji jumboable”>

3. Change Date

Another way to confuse your friends on discord is by modifying the date. In the developer tool option, select the text that contains the date, and replace it with a new one. Discord follows the  M/D/Y format to display the date.

Just modify the text starts after the string datetime= 0000000

To freak your friend, we recommend you try out a date from the future. You can even think of something of your own to surprise your friend.

4. Embed Editor

Embed Editor is everyone’s number one priority when compared with other fake discord message makers, developer tools, and inspect elements. It is an online free tool, that gives you the option of generating your own fake discount messages to surprise your friends. Comes with a very clean and easy-to-understand interface, the tool also provides a preview section to check out all the changes that you have made with your message.

However, to enjoy the services of Embed Editor to their fullest, you need to know the format used by discord, i.e. you must have good knowledge about coding. Click here to visit our official web page of Embed Editor.

Final Words

Well, that was all about how you can use fake discord message makers to create fake messages and surprise your friends with them. Make sure that your intentions are good behind your fake messages, and you are not trying to perform any kind of scam with your friends or any other gamer. Moreover, let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this post.