Facebook Dating Not Working or Showing? Fix it Here

Facebook has been the best partner of every individual for a long time. Be it interacting with your loved ones or finding a long-lost friend, Facebook has always been there for you. And the newly launched feature of Facebook Dating has already been popular among singles. However, there have been complaints from the users of Facebook dating not working lately. Are you too having trouble with the newly launched dating feature on Facebook?

There can be some common causes that might lead to Facebook dating is not working issue. So, let’s first learn about the reasons, and then we will give a list of possible troubleshoot to resolve this issue.

Causes of Facebook Dating Not Working?

Facebook dating has faced a bash of complaints from its users lately. Some of these reported problems include Facebook dating keeps crashing or Facebook dating can’t load, while other times the photos or notification doesn’t show up.

So, what can be the cause of such reported issues? Here are a few:

  • The Facebook app needs an update.
  • You might have accidentally blocked your notifications.
  • Facebook app is down for a while now.
  • Corrupted mobile cache data.
  • Poor Internet connectivity.

Problems may vary for every user and sometimes you have to wait for Facebook itself to tackle them. Meanwhile, there are few fixes in your hands that you can try too. So, let’s proceed to the next section to learn more about it.

How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Working Issue?

The Facebook dating feature is not working issues can also occur due to the age restrictions. Facebook dating doesn’t allow someone below 18 to create an account. Hence, if you are below that age then you cannot use the Facebook dating feature.

However, there are some other factors that can be the reason for the Facebook dating not working issue. And to resolve those features, here are some fixes available.

1. Update Your Facebook App

Did you check for the latest update available for Facebook on your device? Well, maybe this is the real cause of the Facebook dating app is not working issue. So, check for the updated version as per your desired mobile OS. For iOS go to App Store and for Andriod devices, go to Playstore.

And if you find an update available for Facebook, immediately get it installed on your device. Android users can also enable the automatic update feature on their devices.

2. Check The Internet Connectivity

There are times when in search of huge problems, we forget to check for the smallest problems taking place. And one such problem can be Internet connectivity. There is a possibility that Facebook dating is not working because of a low network connection.

Hence, try to troubleshoot the Internet by cross-checking the router connection if you are using the Wifi. Besides, mobile data users can simply try enabling the airplane mode and disable it after some time. Or just restart your device as it will refresh all the connections. Once done, try to open the Facebook dating again.

3. Facebook Down

If every other user is also facing the same problem as you with the Facebook dating app, it means the problem is from the Facebook server side. And all you can do is wait for the problem to be resolved. And then you can start the Facebook dating app again.

4. Enable Facebook App Notification

While attempting to fix the issue of Facebook dating is not working, you need to enable the Facebook app notification. Just exempt Facebook from the list of disabled notifications. To enable the push notification, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Facebook app and go to Menu by clicking on the Hamburger button.

  • Click on the Settings and Privacy drop-down menu.

  • Select Settings from the list.

  • Under the Notifications icon, you will find the Notification Settings.

  • Choose from the list of notifications you want to receive.

And once done, you can restart the Facebook dating app to check if it works.

5. Clean The Mobile Cache

The mobile device stores data so that the apps can run faster. However, at times the data gets corrupted. And this can create an obstacle in the path of the smooth running of Facebook dating services. Hence, it is viable to clean the cache from time to time as this may resolve the issue.

So, do clear the cache from your iOS and Android devices. Once done, you can check the functioning of Facebook dating again.

6. Reinstall The Facebook App

If all the above-mentioned methods have not worked for you, try to reinstall the Facebook app once. There is a possibility that few bugs are creating a problem in the application. As a result, the app takes time to load and sometimes even crashes.

So, uninstall the Facebook app and then go to the App Store or PlayStore and get it installed again.

7. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is another simple yet effective method that works wonders. So, restart your device and wait for it to start afresh. Once done, you can check the working of Facebook dating by launching the Facebook app again.

Final Words

Finally, we come to an end by providing you some useful tips to resolve the Facebook dating not working issue. Facebook dating has enabled the chances of the users to meet new people, maybe date or even get into a relationship with those who have common interests just like you. Hence, it is the best place to get involved with new people.

So, now if you ever face any issue while using the dating feature on Facebook, do try out these methods. You can even contact the Facebook center for support if the problem still persists.