How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83? [7 Ways]

One of the worst errors that you can encounter while you are using Disney Plus is Error Code 83. Lucky for you, you’re here. Most of us are movie maniacs and we could continuously sit in front of the screen for hours without even blinking. Nowadays many streaming OTT platforms have come up which offers a wide range of shows belonging to different genres. Be it horror, thriller, comedy, romantic or suspense, or in my case, fairy tales, Disney plus has got us all covered.

I am a huge absorber of Disney plus content and my day literally ends with ending a season. But recently I have been facing the Disney Plus error code 83 which is disturbing my movie experience. Like most users of Disney plus, I have been facing this issue, like a hundred times and it is annoying, right. Luckily, I just discovered the tips and tricks to fix this error that I will be sharing in this article.

What is Error Code 83 on Disney plus?

Error code 83 is the most prevalent issue that you will come across while using Disney plus. This error has basically do with your device. If you are getting error 83 that means the device with which you are trying to view Disney+ content is not compatible. Disney plus is not operating with your device and hence creating a hindrance to your streaming experience. This is the worst error that one may face while streaming on Disney Plus, but what exactly is this error.

It may not be misunderstood that using a certain kind of device leads to this error because almost every device can get affected by this error code 83. It affects smartphones, laptops, desktops, even Mac and Roku. So the device isn’t the problem. Moreover, if your device wasn’t compatible, how did you download it to your device in the first place. What makes this error worst is that error 83 completely blocks you from Disney Plus. Continue reading to know why we face this issue and how to deal with this issue.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?

The first step to resolve any issue is to know the cause of why is it happening in the first place. We have mentioned the points of why does it occur as well as its solution side by side.

1. Update your Firmware

This error code 83 mostly doesn’t impact new devices. This error usually occurs in old devices, so the old software, the old operating system might be the problem. Make sure that your device is always up to date.

Update your software. If you use an old operating system, Disney plus may reject your device, and hence, you may be facing this issue.

2. Server Timeout

If the servers are overload then Disney plus may be unable to connect quickly with the servers. In such a case, it may not pass a DRM/account check needed to connect with Disney plus. In such cases also you will see error 83 on your screen that will block you from using the app.

If there is a server issue, try again to reconnect. Refresh the page, refresh your browser, try closing and re-opening the app.

3. Check your Device’s Compatibility

The compatibility between your device and Disney Plus may be the reason behind the error code 83. The first thing you should do is to check the compatibility of your device’s software with the Disney Plus device.

The Disney plus doesn’t support Linux, no matter the browser you use.

4. Restart your Device

This should be announced as the national solution to every problem. Though it may look like the most cliched option, strangely it works. It does not always solve error 83 but it is always worth a try.

5. Update the Disney Plus App

If you are using the old version of the app, then also you may face this issue. When new versions are updates in any app, the older versions become absolute. Open the play store and check if there is a new software update available for the app. If yes, then update it and then try logging in once again.

6. Check your Internet Connection

If the speed of your internet is too low, then also you may face this issue. The Disney Plus app requires certain speed requirements, check through its requirements. Check your Internet connection and the speed using the different tools available to check the internet. The internet should have sufficient speed to be able to stream the videos.

7. Use a Different Account

Till now we have seen various steps which focussed on the software, but it may also happen that the problem is with your account. Sign in using a different account that is not facing such issues. If you can use Disney plus successfully afterward, the problem is with your account and not your device or the app. You can even contact Disney Plus support and issue your concerns.


Disney Plus error code 83 has been under scrutiny by its developers and they are continuously working to rectify it. Hope they do it soon. Until then use these tips and tricks to get rid of the issue, Hope this article helped you to find a solution to your problem.