How To Fix Cyberflix Not Working Issue?

Cyberflix not working again? We know that it has put a stop to your unlimited entertainment. But trust me!! It is quite easy to fix this issue.

Cyberflix has been popular for its free streaming for a very long time. It is compatible with Android devices as well. Unfortunately, there might be times when you encounter errors while watching your favorite shows. However, we have compiled some fixes on this blog post. So, let’s continue reading to get a better insight into these fixes.

Why Is Cyberflix Not Working?

Cyberflix is a stunning app. Well, not as compared to Netflix or Hulu. There are various issues that occur while using this app. The not working of Cyberflix occurs due to malfunctioning of the app because of overcrowding i.e. loads of streamer using this app at the same time.

Another reason can be the “no data” issue. Mainly the solution relies on using the updated version of the app. Or maybe you need a VPN to run the Cyberflix app smoothly. Hence, we can say that there might be several reasons for not working on the app. So, what can be the probable solution? Read the next section to learn about it.

How To Fix the “Cyberflix Not Working” issue?

Well, there are different ways to troubleshoot the issues encountered on Cyberflix. And we have mentioned all the fixes in this section. So, let’s go through them one by one in detail. You can then try out to check which works best for you.

1. Clear Cache Memory

Cache memory can be one of the issues for Cyberflix not working. When you use the app, it creates a cache on the storage. As a result, it takes up loads of space in the internal memory. Large cache memory can be the prime suspect of interfering in the smooth streaming of Cyberflix TV.

Hence, to avoid any buffering issue, it is necessary to clear cache memory on a frequent time interval. To clean the cache memory of your Android devices, you need to follow some steps.

  • Move to the Settings and open the Application.
  • Click on Cyberflix.
  • Next, go to Storage > Clear cache.

The steps explained above might be different for other devices. However, the outcome of clearing the cache is the same. Hence, it turns out to be more effective.

2. Try To Use A VPN

Have you tried using VPN or Virtual Private Network? Well, this might resolve the issues related to the not working of Cyberflix.

The “link cannot be resolved” issue comes into notice when you access the content without masking your IP address. Besides, hiding your IP address will give you access to the best streaming experience. Therefore, we recommend you use a VPN.

Several sites offer premium VPN as well as a free version. However, choose the reputed site only. And if you don’t have much knowledge about it, then try out the free versions first. Once installed, allow it to mask your network and keep a regular check whether the virtual network is active or not.

3. Check Your Network Connectivity

Sometimes the network connectivity can be the real culprit, yet you won’t know. So, we’d suggest you check your network. Try to use a highly signaled internet connection with a minimum speed of 3 Mbps. Also, check the devices connected to the router. You can even try to reboot your wifi router and try to connect again. 

It will resolve the not working issue. However, if the network connectivity is not an issue for you, proceed to the next section.

4. Update The App

The Cyberflix app receives updates frequently. And hence this is one of the important troubleshooting methods you need to apply. So, when you face Cyberflix not working issue, you need to cross-check any new update available. 

Updates mostly fix all the bugs that occurred internally or externally. Therefore, whenever there is an update, try to install it as soon as possible. And kick out all the bugs causing the not working of the app. 

5. Disable Adblockers

Sometimes, the issue can be caused due to Adblock extensions. If there are any active adblockers available on your device. The first thing you should do is disable them. Besides, Cyberflix does not have any ads on its app. So, you can remove all the AdBlock without any second thought.

6. Re-install Cyberflix App

If all the above methods didn’t work well for you, then don’t worry. You can still fix this issue. Even if you have downloaded the Cyberflix app from the official site, try to uninstall the app. And then reinstall it on your device.

To uninstall and re-install the app:-

  • Go to Settings and then Applications.

  • Now, select Manage Applications and scroll down to Cyberflix and click on Uninstall.
  • Once done, restart your device and reinstall the app.
  • Go through the Android Settings. Click on the Security option and turn on download from Unknown sources settings.

Once done, you can now enjoy your favorite shows on Cyberflix without any problem.

Final Words

With the increase in recent issues found on Cyberflix, you might be wondering how to solve the Cyberflix not working issue. But not anymore. Here, we have mentioned all the possible fixes available. Masking your IP address is always the best option to enjoy your favorite entertainment shows without any restriction. Also, we would advise you to keep your app updated to avoid any bugs.