Free Clash Royale Gems Code & Generator 2020

Are you a huge fan of Clash Royale? Then you know the value of gems and gold it offers. But as the in-app purchase is too costly, you always wonder how to earn more Clash Royale Free Gems to upgrade your game.

Well, we have got your back. We will provide you some trouble-free ways to earn Clash Royale free gems along with detailed information about Working Clash Royale Gems Generator. Just stay connected and learn interesting ways with us.

Clash Royale has crazy followers since its release. This game has kept the gamers consumed with its fun and impressive features like clash of clan troops, spells, and defenses. Also, knock out the opponent King and win trophies, crowns, and much more.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a real-time video game developed and published by Supercell. The game offers multiplayer online battle arena, games for collectible cards, tower rush, and many more.

Clash Royale Gems is a premium currency in the game. This currency can be used to purchase gold and steadily unlock quests. Also, gems can help you buy different types of chests, attempt challenges, or get discounts.

But to perform all these activities, you need gems and you won’t get a huge quantity of gem for free. While various sites are claiming to generate you free gems for Clash Royale, it turns out to be a scam. So, let’s take a look at various guaranteed methods to earn free Clash Royale gems without getting ourselves fall into scams.

How to Get Free Clash Royale Gems

The following are the different ways to earn Clash Royale in-game currency for free.

1. Google Opinion

Google Opinion is a simple yet fascinating app that gives you credit for completing a survey. Earn Google Play credits and use it to purchase gems for free.

Complete simple surveys and give your opinion. Get rewards in terms of PayPal or Google Play credits for each survey you complete. Topics include various opinion polls, reviews, and many more. Google Opinion notifies you whenever a new survey comes up.

2. Open Chests

Keep unlocking chests by playing Clash Royale for a long time. This is the most basic and effective methods as the winning and earning more chests just depends on your gameplay. Start earning crown chest as well as some free chests to enable the possibility of earning more and more Clash Royale free gems.

3. FreeMyApps

Another credit-earning site that can help you get Clash royale free gems. Just Enroll in FreeMyApps, earn credit by downloading apps and games. The more apps you download, the more credit you make. After earning enough credit, redeem, and get gift cards.

4. Several Other Reward Program Sites

Several other reward program sites can offer you free Clash Royale gift cards. All these sites ask for is to join surveys, refer those apps or sites to friends, watch videos, attend daily quizzes, and many more simple tasks. So, go through these sites and start earning rewards. Some of these sites are

5. Complete Quests

Quest is a feature that allows the players to complete tasks to earn free rewards. At a time, you will get a maximum of 3 tasks. Complete these quests to earn free gems. Once you complete the quests, you can get a new one in the next 24 hours.

It is the best possibility to earn 10-20 gems throughout the day. Several tasks come under quests such as daily challenges, Tournaments, Clan wars, etc.

6. Attempt Various Challenges

Clash Royale is full of challenges and leagues. These leagues often come with huge rewards chests. So keep playing different leagues with every season reset and you can reach to 4600 trophies max.

Starting from challengers league to master league and then growing to the top of the League can let you earn gems in huge amounts.

7. Gem Rush

Gem Rush is a weekend event, it takes place over your Battle button. Every tower you destroy will lead you to bonus gems. You earn +5 gems for the first tower. Hence, the more towers you destroy the bonus gems increase. It’s +15 for the king’s tower. So, go destroy more towers and earn gems.

8. Cheat Codes

We all have used cheat codes while playing games like San Andreas. They always had exciting cheat codes when you wanted to spawn a car or wanted a high-level weapon. Anyway, in the case of Clash Royale, there is no such thing as cheat codes. You can only rely on completing challenges to earn gems. So, don’t fall into the trap of cheat codes for this game.

Clash Royale Gems Generator 2020 – Truth Revealed

When you look at earning Clash Royale free Gems online, you will be shown several sites that claim to do so through Gem Generators. To reveal the truth, these are 100% fake and the fraudster behind this site could hack your personal information for their profit.

For instance, the person behind the website may create an environment for you to fall into their trap, and once you get into it. The next thing you remember is that you lost your account details and worse your game server got hacked.

So, it is always recommended to stay away from such sites that claim to generate gems for free. Mind you, if it was that simple to earn unlimited gems everyone would be doing it.

Final Words

So, here we have discussed various ways to earn Clash Royale free gems. The above-mentioned ways are effective and secure. Hence, you can go through these methods to earn more gems. And become a master of the game. However, stay away from several Clash Royale Gem Generator sites as its a scam.